Russia’s Straight Talk v. US/Western Mass Deception

Commenting on hostile remarks by interventionist Blinken about Russia, Sergey Lavrov noted how his country is time and again falsely blamed for things it had nothing to do with.

Regarding no end to years of war by Ukraine on Donbass, he slammed what he called the “tethering” of Minsk conflict resolution agreements “to Russia’s actions and conduct,” ignoring its efforts to resolve things diplomatically.

Because of unacceptable criticism of Moscow, Lavrov said Minsk I and II texts were distributed to participants of an OSCE meeting.

Approved by Security Council resolution made them binding international law.

What Russia and Donbass comply with was breached by US vassal state Ukraine since adopted.

Unacceptable US/Western policy aims to contain Russia, Lavrov stressed, adding:

“For over two years, (US-dominated NATO) refused to discuss the proposals submitted by the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces…to deescalate tensions.”

“Refusal to discuss them lays bare empty talk about alleged Russian refusal to cooperate with NATO and to coordinate confidence-building measures.” 

“We will continue trying to make our voice heard. Our main goal is our security.” 

“If NATO countries avoid discussions on this issue and refuse to discuss the ideas put forth by President Putin, we will take measures to ensure that our security, sovereignty and territorial integrity do not depend on anyone.”

Russia seeks guarantees of mutual security, not its own alone.

It seeks peace and stability to avoid more devastating wars than already.

US-dominated NATO has other ideas.

They “lost the culture of dialogue and diplomatic negotiations,” said Lavrov.

They fail to seek “consensus and a balance of interests.” 

They’re trigger-happy about imposing sanctions against Russia and other invented enemies that refuse to bow to their will.

Where no will exists for improved relations assures no way to resolve differences. 

Russia seeks cooperative relations, but will respond appropriately in defending its interests, according to the rule of law.

Threatening Russia with more sanctions and other hostile actions “is a path to nowhere,” said Lavrov.

The US never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity to shift from a war footing to cooperative relations with Russia and other nations free from its control.

On Wednesday after discussing issues of mutual concern with the fake Biden by video link-up, Putin expressed legitimate concern about positioning of heavy weapons along its border by US-dominated NATO regimes, adding:

“(I)t would be criminal inaction on our side to spinelessly watch all that’s taking place” without reacting with protecting national security in mind.

“Russia conducts peace-loving foreign policy, but we have a right to provide for our own safety.”

Following talks with the White House imposter at a time of more dismal Russian relations with the US-dominated West than ever since WW II ended, Putin put positive spin on them despite nothing suggesting it’s warranted.

At the same time, he called the phony accusation about a Russian threat to invade Ukraine “provocative,” adding:

“We are, of course, concerned about the potential membership of Ukraine in NATO, because that would result in military bases and troops being placed” along Russia’s border.

Moscow threatens no one.

US-dominated NATO “ma(de) dangerous attempts to conquer Ukrainian territory.”

It’s “building up military potential at our borders.”

Russia is forced to react defensively to protect against the threat posed by the West.

In Sino/Russia-bashing mode, the NYT once again provocatively and irresponsibly accused what it called the threat of “authoritarian powers” against Taiwan and Ukraine respectively — citing no evidence because none exists.

More bald-faced Big Lies followed, notably claiming:

“Foreign aggression often gives political leaders a chance to rally nationalistic support at home, especially as a distraction from domestic problems.”

What applies to hegemon USA and subservient NATO vassal states is not how Russia and China operate.

At peace on the world stage, their geopolitical agenda is polar opposite US/NATO’s war on humanity at home and worldwide.

What reports by the Times should explain, it consistently conceals.

It long ago lost credibility for substituting managed news misinformation and disinformation for all the news that’s fit to print — consistently banned in its daily editions.

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  1. USA never misses an opportunity to miss an opportunity

    To Tell another Lie.

    In fact, similar to the Zionists

    Uncle Sam likes to run around the block to tell a lie.

    A pathological liar.


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