China Bashing by Blinken in Jakarta

In Jakarta on his Southeast Asia tour, interventionist Blinken bashed China in a Tuesday University of Indonesia address.

Calling for a “free and open Indo-Pacific” was code language for hegemon USA’s longstanding aim to dominate a part of the world not its own.

With regional and global dominance in mind, he fooled no one saying that the US “will always be an Indo-Pacific nation (sic).”

“(D)fending (Washington’s indefensible) rules-based order” failed that explain that it’s all about imposing its rules on other nations in defiance of binding UN Charter and other international laws.

Ignoring US war on humanity at home and abroad, Blinken falsely accused nonbelligerent, nonthreatening China of “aggressive actions” that don’t exist.

He lied claiming that Washington supports a “peaceful and prosperous” world (sic) — at a time of bullying, threatening, and smashing other nations to bend to its will.

He lied accusing Beijing of “threaten(ing) the movement of more than US$3 trillion worth of commerce every year” in the South China Sea (sic).

He lied claiming that Washington has “an abiding interest in peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait (sic).”

He lied saying that hegemon USA seeks to avoid conflicts (sic).

He lied claiming that Washington prioritizes diplomacy over confrontation (sic).

Ignoring forever cold war on nonbelligerent, nonthreatening North Korea since end of US aggression on the nation and its people in the early 1950s, he lied saying that the Biden regime “seek(s) serious and sustained diplomacy with the DPRK (sic).”

He failed to explain that Washington’s goal of denuclearizing the Korean peninsula is all about rendering Pyongyang defenseless against renewed US aggression against the nation at its discretion if things turn out this way.

It has nothing to do with seeking to turn a page for improved bilateral relations, what hasn’t existed for nearly three-fourths of a century with no US intention of going another way ahead.

Washington’s aim to “forge stronger connections” with Indo/Pacific nations is all about seeking unchallenged regional dominance, along with wanting China  marginalized, weakened, contained, and isolated.

Its foolhardy agenda shoots itself in the foot time and again in multiple parts of the world — forging short-term ruler/vassal state alliances at the expense of cooperative longterm ones.

Its aim to dominate other nations is in stark contrast to China’s pursuit of cooperative relations with regional and world community nations.

It’s the same agenda followed by Russia, Iran and other nations free from US control.

Claiming that Washington promotes regional and global democracy ignored its hard-wired opposition to governance of, by and for everyone equitably at home and abroad — tolerating it nowhere.

Along with pressuring Indonesia, Blinken will pursue US regional hegemonic aims in Malaysia and Thailand this week before heading home.

His engagement with other nations is all about Washington’s aim to dominate them as vassal states — worlds apart what bilateral relations should be all about.

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