Hegemon USA’s Forever War on Humanity

No nation more greatly threatens world peace, stability, the sovereign rights of all nations, and vast majority of its own people as hegemon USA.

An unparalleled global menace, its rage for imposing its will on the world stage menaces everyone everywhere.

Top world hot spots shift depending on its geopolitical priorities at any moment in time.

From the mid-60s to mid-70s, it was Southeast Asia, in the 80s Central America.

In the 90s, it was raping and destroying the former Yugoslavia.

After the mother of all state-sponsored false flags to that time, multiple hot spots were created by hegemon USA’s rage to smash one nonbelligerent, nonthreatening country after another in waging permanent wars on humanity for unchallenged dominance.

US-colonized/Nazi-infested Ukraine is currently the world’s top hot spot with waging forever war on Russia by other means that risks turning hot by pushing things too far.

On Sunday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova accused the Biden regime of “sending militants to Ukraine under the guise of military instructors,” adding:

“The region, in particular Ukraine, is being pumped up with (US/NATO) weapons.” 

“I am speaking about direct supplies, contracts for future, multimillion, multibillion contracts.”

At her press briefing last week, Zakharova stressed that US-colonized Ukraine has been waging war on Donbass since spring 2014 — backed by its “Western handlers.”

Since that time, “the Kiev regime and the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been shooting, blowing up, conducting acts of sabotage and blockading” Donbass. 

“This truth is not very desirable, and it does not fit into the overall Western” narrative of falsely blaming others for its own hostile to peace actions.

Allied with the US, NATO regimes “share responsibility” for endless war on Donbass as well against other invented enemies.

They backed the Obama/Biden regime’s 2014 coup in Kiev, replacing democratic rule with Nazi-infested tyranny.

They turn a blind eye to the worst of Kiev’s lawlessness internally and by aggression on Donbass.

Moscow is falsely “accused of conducting aggressive actions against neighboring countries.” 

Ignored is that no Russian forces operate outside their own territory.

None within its borders threaten other nations.

In stark contrast, US-dominated NATO expanded to Russian borders.

It “holds military exercises in our border areas and beefs up military contingents in neighboring countries.”

It “constantly makes aggressive statements, (falsely) calling Russia an enemy, a threat.” 

NATO is an aggressor, not nonbelligerent Russia.

Hegemon USA time and again illegally interferes in the internal affairs of other countries, notably Russia and others free from its control.

Separately, a Russian Foreign Ministry statement said the following:

“Escalating a confrontation with our country is absolutely unacceptable.”

“(T)he (US-dominated) West is using the situation in Ukraine, where it embarked on encouraging Russophobia and justifying the actions of the Kiev regime to undermine the Minsk agreements and prepare for (an escalated) military scenario in Donbass.”

“Instead of reigning in their Ukrainian proteges, NATO (regimes) are pushing Kiev towards aggressive steps.” 

“There can be no alternative interpretation of the increasing number of unplanned exercises by the US and its allies in the Black Sea.” 

“NATO members’ aircraft, including strategic bombers, regularly make provocative flights and dangerous maneuver close to Russia’s borders.”  

“The militarization of Ukraine’s territory and pumping it with weapons are ongoing.” 

“The course has been chosen of drawing Ukraine into NATO, which is fraught with the deployment of strike missile systems there with a minimal flight time to Central Russia, and other destabilizing weapons.” 

“Such irresponsible behavior creates grave military risks for all parties involved, up to and including a large-scale conflict in Europe.”

“At the same time, statements are made that the issue of Ukraine’s hypothetical NATO membership concerns exclusively Kiev and the alliance, and that nobody should interfere in this process.”

In 1999, the Charter for European Security was adopted at the OSCE Istanbul summit. 

It stressed that participating states “will not strengthen their security at the expense of the security of other states.” 

OSCE member states — that include all NATO ones — signed the agreement.

History shows that US/Western pledges are systematically breached.

US-dominated NATO moved eastward toward and near Russia’s borders — what its Foreign Ministry called a “frenzied anti-Russia charge.”

With what’s gone on since the 1990s and continues, Vladimir Putin called for legally binding guarantees to exclude further “NATO advancement to the east and deployment of weapons on Russia’s western borders which are a threat to Russia.” 

“This must be done within a specific timeframe and on the basis of the principle of comprehensive and indivisible security.”

Moscow “insist(s) on the adoption of a legally binding agreement regarding the US and other NATO member countries’ non-deployment of strike weapons systems which threaten the territory of the Russian Federation on the territories of adjacent countries, both members and non-members of NATO.”

It seeks a concrete NATO response on the following Russian proposals to deescalate tensions in central Europe, including:

“Coordination of the closest approach point of combat ships and aircraft to prevent dangerous military activities, primarily in the Baltic and Black Sea regions,” and

“Renewal of regular dialogue between the defense ministries in the Russia-US and Russia-NATO formats.”

Moscow called on hegemon USA-dominated NATO join “Russia’s unilateral moratorium on the deployment of surface short-and intermediate-range missiles in Europe, to agree on and introduce measures for the verification of reciprocal obligations.”

Russia is preparing “international legal documents” on this issue.

It’ll submit “a comprehensive proposal on legal security guarantees as part of preparations for the next round of Russia-US dialogue on strategic stability.”

Moscow’s priority concerns for peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other countries is polar opposite how hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates.

A Final Comment

Like other MSM, the NYT supports Washington’s war on humanity internally and abroad.

On Sunday, it repeated the Big Lie about hordes of Russian forces positioned menacingly along Ukraine’s border.

It called Russia’s security related opposition against Ukraine and Georgia joining NATO “goals that seem impossible to meet (sic).”

It refused to debunk the phony claim about a Russian threat to invade Ukraine in the coming weeks that doesn’t exist.

It cited fake intelligence about a nonexistent plan.

According to results of a German-Russian Chamber of Commerce poll, more than half of German companies in Russia favor lifting of sanctions, Interfax reported.

Over one-third urged lifting them immediately.

“Most respondents said the new German government should focus on moving towards the mutual lifting of sanctions as well as visa facilitation.”

“The poll was conducted in November among 86 German companies in Russia with more than 50,000 employees.”

There’s virtually no prospect of US/NATO easing of tensions their ruling regimes bear full responsibility for heightening.

Chances are far more likely of heightening them more than already.

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