Nary a Day Without Fear-Mongering Mass Deception

Big Lies about more scariant than variants need endless repetition to assure that brainwashed individuals remember the message.

Daily mind-manipulating messaging reinforces it.

No matter how contrary to science and common sense, most people believe almost anything repeated often enough — especially when truth and full disclosure is concealed.

According to NYT fake news, a (nonexistent) flu/covid pandemic suggests another (invented) one may follow.

Citing a so-called SARS-Cov-2 virus never discovered by scientists because it doesn’t exist, Times fear-mongered about “emerging and re-emerging…pathogens…waiting for their moment to take off (sic).”

“We cannot fight what we cannot see, and preventing the next (nonexistent) pandemic begins with detecting and tracking the pathogens that threaten us (sic).”

Left unexplained by the Times and other MSM is that nothing is more threatening than what’s shown up annually before garden variety flu was renamed covid with fear-mongering mass deception planned. 

“The first link (in the virus) surveillance chain” has nothing to do with PCR “testing” that’s all about manufacturing illnesses that don’t exist, not detecting real ones.

The same goes for the manufactured pandemic that exists among the jabbed alone, along with public hysteria generated by state-sponsored, MSM-proliferated fear-mongering.

The true number of daily flu/covid outbreaks is little more than about 5% of the artificially inflated official total.

Nearly all reported cases based on PCR test results are incorrect because they’re administered to produce false positives over real outbreaks.

Flu/covid jabs are designed to destroy health, not protect and preserve it as falsely claimed.

The same goes for Pfizer and Merck jabs in pill form.

A Pharma-funded “study” — cited by the Times — that claims Pfizer’s (flu/covid) pill helps stave off severe disease has no validity.

A statement by the company’s CEO, Albert Bourla, expressing “confiden(ce)” in its so-called antiviral pill being “a critical tool to help quell the (nonexistent) pandemic” is no more valid than similar claims about the company’s kill shots.

Pharma drugs for flu/covid irreparably harm health over the other way around.

Protecting and preserving what’s too precious to lose requires shunning them in all forms.

On Tuesday, WaPo fake news falsely claimed that over “50 million (flu/covid) cases (caused) nearly 800,000 deaths (sic).”

Left unexplained is that the vast majority of reported cases are based on false positive PCR test test results.

The lion’s share of deaths is from kill shots, not the relatively benign virus.

Virtually everything officially reported and MSM-proliferated about flu/covid is fake news, especially about jabs that irreversibly harm health and don’t protect.

As for omicron as explained before, it’s virtually identical to other flu/covid strains.

Differences among them all are too insignificant to matter.

Like the Times and other MSM, WaPo falsely claimed that more scariant than variant omicron “is more resistant to” jabs (sic) — citing no peer-reviewed scientific evidence because none exists.

It’s just a matter of time before a variant more scariant than currently named ones is rolled out — accompanied by MSM-generated fear-mongering mass deception to push greater toxic mass-jabbing than already.

The hinted at but undeclared aim is what was planned all along — forever-jabbing one or more times annually to pump maximum amounts of toxins into the bodies of unwitting people to finish them off once and for all.

3 thoughts on “Nary a Day Without Fear-Mongering Mass Deception

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  1. Exactly,!

    To me , one sentence is the CHILI DOG.

    “Only a matter bog time
    Before the Gangsters bring out a real killer.

    And accompanying Jab.

    “Who knows what darkness
    Lurks in the hearts of Man”


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