Russia Responds to Hostile US/Western Actions

A state of undeclared war by other means exists against Russia and other invented US/Western enemies.

Instead of stepping back from the risk of confrontation, their ruling regimes keep pushing things closer to clashes that risk unthinkable war.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed US-controlled EU regimes as follows, saying:

They continue to impose illegal sanctions and other illegitimate actions on Russia, its organizations and nationals that are contrary to international law.

“(H)ysteria in the West” is made-in-the-USA and mimicked in European capitals.

Repeatedly breaching the rule of law by policies hostile to Russia’s interests, EU regimes defy Moscow’s “sovereign right to pursue an independent domestic and foreign policy” that strictly complies with international law.

Sanctioning Russia — notably for invented reasons — flagrantly breaches it.

“We call on…EU (regimes and their higher power in Washington) to (cease) interfer(ing) in the internal affairs of sovereign UN member states, start building interaction with all members of the international community on the basis of equality and mutual respect and, finally, to stop imposing unilateral restrictive measures outside the framework of international law.”

“Russia reserves the right to respond to unfriendly (US/Western) moves.”

On Monday — as encouraged by hegemon USA — Brussels imposed illegal sanctions on eight Russian nationals and three companies for invented reasons.

No evidence was cited because nothing justified the unjustifiable action.

The latest anti-Russia move was all about continuing war on the country by other means because it remains free from US/Western control.

Separately on Monday, Vladimir Putin told Britain’s Boris Johnson that East/West agreements must be reached that prohibit further US-dominated NATO’s eastward expansion toward Russia’s borders.

Putin also expressed strong opposition against deployment of heavy weapons “that threaten Russia in neighboring states, especially in Ukraine.”

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov slammed the Biden regime’s statement about possibly sending Pentagon forces to Eastern European countries — calling the move if taken a “provocative signal” Moscow would counter in self-defense. 

Separately, he said “the Americans are inexplicably fixated on the idea that there is a threat of a ‘Russian invasion’ of Ukraine.”

“This is not the case and cannot be.”

“(W)hat we are doing on our territory simply does not concern them.”

“They have neither the moral nor political right to raise the issue” — a nonissue artificially reinvented into a major one to continue waging war on Russia by other means.

On Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov stressed the need “to switch (from) negative (East/West) confrontation (to) dialogue,” adding:

Growing multi-world polarity cannot be ignored.

China’s “rise” toward becoming the world’s leading economy “is not far off.”

Asia/Pacific development heads toward surpassing longstanding Euro/Atlantic preeminence on the world stage.

Growing numbers of nations seek their own sovereign “identity and self-awareness.”

Hegemon USA and subservient European regimes are out of step with an unstoppable trend.

Last year, Vladimir Putin called for leaders of the five permanent Security Council member states to meet and discuss global stability and security issues.

According to Sergey Lavrov, these nations “bear special responsibility for maintaining international peace and security.” 

“The(ir) leaders…can elaborate recommendations for the rest of the world community, and I think such recommendations will be welcome.”

Hostile US/Western actions undermine what Putin proposed.

In defending its sovereign rights under international law, Russia reserves the right to respond appropriately to unlawful US/Western actions.

The same goes for China, Iran and other nations free from US control.

A Final Comment

On Tuesday, Russia’s deputy UN envoy Dmitry Polyanskiy addressed ongoing JCPOA talks in Vienna going nowhere, saying the following:

Hegemon USA abandoned the landmark agreement, followed by E3 countries Britain, France and Germany — not Iran that remains in compliance with its obligations.

“(L)et us be objective and not forget that it is (US/Western) policy, and not the policy of Iran that stands at the core of all today’s problems.” 

The Biden regime and its E3 counterparts “claim (they’re) ready to get back to observing the JCPOA.” 

“But so far, those are just (empty) words (not) backed by real action.”

Maintaining maximum pressure on Iran, including by piling on more illegal sanctions, undermines progress toward reaching agreement among P5+1 countries.

Claims by the US and E3 that “the  JCPOA (is) outdated and…need(s) updates, extensions, etc. are perilous and irresponsible.” 

“The deal features a carefully-calibrated balance of interests.” 

“It must be implemented (as) adopted in 2015, without extracting or adding anything.” 

At this time, “there is no alternative to the JCPOA” in its SC Res. 2231-implemented form.

US/Western regimes that “believe there can be a ‘world without “JCPOA’ (fail to) recognize that this would be another world, far less predictable and more dangerous.”

Flagrant US/Western breaches of the landmark agreement “must be corrected.”

Talks begun last April achieved virtually nothing toward bringing the US and E3 back into compliance with what SC Res. 2231 mandates.

Imposing new illegal sanctions on Iran for invented reasons shows that the Biden regime — and subservient E3 states — have no intention of complying with the JCPOA to save the landmark agreement.

Killing it is their intention instead.

It’s evident from what Iran’s chief negotiator Ali Baqeri Kani said on Tuesday:

“When it comes to points of difference (between Iran and US-dominated E3), we have so far received no proposal and initiative from the opposite side.”

Stalemate going nowhere defines the status of talks.

No evidence suggests a change of US/E3 policy in a positive direction ahead.

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