Fake News Tidal Wave of Omicron Infections Ahead

Brainwashed Americans are the most over-entertained, over-distracted by bread and circuses, uninformed people worldwide.

They’re the most ignorant about issues crucial to their health, well-being and rights.

No matter how often their ruling regimes betray them, they’re easy marks to be misinformed, disinformed, bamboozled, scammed, and hoodwinked time and again.

There’s nothing greatly scariant about seasonal flu now deceptively called covid.

Compared to countless numbers of serious diseases that gravely affect health, flu/covid is relatively benign.

For the vast majority of individuals who contract it, full recovery exceeds 99%, usually in a few days.

For children, adolescents, and young adults, recovery is nearly 100%.

Most virally-infected individuals who perish, passed away from complications related to other health issues. 

Instead of informing the public accurately about flu/covid, US dark forces, Pharma profiteers and their MSM press agents consistently and repeatedly lie and mass deceive with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.

On Wednesday, screaming MSM headlines falsely claimed that more scariant than variant omicron is spreading dangerously like wildfire across the US.

The Pharma-controlled CDC led the mass deception assault on gullible Americans ready to believe almost anything no matter how untrue.

According to a mysterious agency model, it sees two possible scenarios, both contrived, not real.

It calls one a tidal wave of omicron and delta infections arriving in January (sic) — and/or more of the same next spring of smaller scale.

Left unexplained is that omicron and delta are virtually identical to other flu/covid strains, none more scariant than others, none justifying fear-mongering intended to generate mass-hysteria over what’s a tempest in a teapot.

Pharma-connected Association of Public Health Laboratories CEO Scott Becker dubiously warned of “waves coming (sic).”

Since last year, the vast majority of flu//covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths were invented — based on meaningless PCR test results that when positive are nearly always false because of how administered to produce what doesn’t exist.

Pharma-connected WHO head Tedros Ghebreyesus dubiously claimed that “omicron is spreading at a rate we have not seen with any previous variant (sic)” — citing no evidence because none backs his perversion of reality with maximum mass-jabbing of toxins into the bodies of unwitting people in mind.

With winter arriving next week, US/Western anti-public health officials are pushing hard to get more people multi-jabbed with what everyone should shun to prevent self-inflicting harm from toxins through syringes.

They maintain the myth about a SARS-Cov-2 virus that doesn’t exist.

Based on officially reported US/Western casualties from jabs, over five million people were harmed, the number at most 1% of the true toll over the past year.

Hundreds of thousands died, individuals in all age groups.

All of the above from health-destroying jabs, not flu/covid, not the alleged virus that doesn’t exist.

From day one when seasonal flu underwent a name change, we’ve been lied to and scammed about all things flu/covid, especially about kill shots designed with mass-extermination in mind.

Pandemics of the jabbed and what created mass hysteria alone exist.

The health and well-being of unjabbed individuals are no more jeopardized now than in pre-2020 years.

MSM-proliferated claims otherwise reflect state-approved fake news that seeks mass casualties.

Along with following good health practices, the best way to protect what’s too precious to lose is by rejecting everything pushed about flu/covid, especially kill shots.

It’s also the best way to obliterate and halt the most diabolical scheme ever conceived against public health and fundamental freedoms — wanting them destroyed.

That’s the ugly truth about all things flu/covid.

Everything pushed is harmful. Nothing protects as falsely claimed.


2 thoughts on “Fake News Tidal Wave of Omicron Infections Ahead

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  1. Franz Krafka would recognize this dystopian World.

    Like Sinclair Lewis’s
    “it Could Happen here”

    One small anecdote:

    Here in Kampot, periodically
    I met people from Belarus

    I ask them where they’re from
    The answer Russia

    I ask, “what part of Russia?”

    They reply, “Minsk”

    I say, that’s Belarus..
    They’re literally fuxing shocked I know that..

    Then they ask
    “are you American?”

    Furthermore, they tell me
    “You’re the first American I ever met who knew that..

    I’m amazed!”


    Mericans, the dumbest Motherfuxers on Planet Earth

    Made and kept that way



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