MSM Response to Sino/Russia Ties that Bind

MSM press agents for diabolical US aims never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity to bash its invented enemies — notably China and Russia.

According to press agent for wealth, power, privilege and US hegemonic aims NYT, Wednesday’s discussion between Xi and Putin by video link “show(ed) solidarity between two autocrats (sic).”

Ignoring hegemon USA’s aim to undermine China politically, economically, financially, technologically and militarily, the Times falsely claimed the following:

“For Xi, the summit was a chance to deflect mounting criticism (sic) over China’s actions in crushing the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong (sic), in menacing Taiwan (sic) and in repressing Muslim minority groups in western China (sic), and over a host of lower profile issues (sic).”

Ignored as well is that China, Russia and other nations free from US control are rising on the world stage.

It’s in stark contrast to US/Western decline.

The above nations threaten no others.

US-dominated NATO regimes threaten world peace, stability and humanity’s survival.

According to the Times, the Sino/Russia alliance “looks like a bloc (sic) against American influence as both countries’ confrontations with the US deepen (sic).”

Confrontation is how hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates in stark contrast to higher standards adhered to by Moscow and Beijing in compliance with the rule of law.

The Times quoted US international relations professor Sergey Radchenko’s reinvented reality claim about a Russian threat to invade Ukraine and similar threat by China against Taiwan — ignoring that neither threat exists, dubiously adding:

Moscow and Beijing show “benevolent neutrality toward the other (sic).”

Their growing ties that bind are a key deterrent to US rage for global dominance — forever wars by hot and/or other means its favored strategies against invented enemies.

No real ones existed throughout the post-WW II period.

So they’re invented to unjustifiably justify forever wars that aim to advance US imperial aims by smashing one nation after another.

According to WaPo’s fake news, “Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s borders (that doesn’t exist) has NATO leaders alarmed (sic) that Putin may be planning a major attack (sic).” 

The Biden regime “threatened (to) isolate Russia’s financial system and hurt its economy in the event of Russian military escalation” that’s clearly not forthcoming by Moscow against any nation.

“(A)gainst (this) backdrop…Putin extolled the ‘deep historical traditions of friendship and mutual understanding between the Russian and Chinese people.’ ” 

Expressing concern about “increased” Sino/Russia “military cooperation,” WaPo ignored that both countries prioritize peace.

They threaten no others in stark contrast to how US-dominated NATO operates — prioritizing forever wars, abhorring peace and stability.

Inventing its own reality in contrast to the real thing, WaPo falsely claimed that “Europe is facing the prospect of its biggest war since 1945 (sic).”

Referring to the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine that doesn’t exist, WaPo called for supplying the US-installed puppet regime in Kiev with more heavy weapons than already.

It urged what it called “Ukrainian patriots (in the Nazi-infested country) to fight as guerrillas against Russian occupiers” that don’t exist.

It falsely accused Putin of seeking “to enlarge the Russian sphere of control in eastern Ukraine (sic).”

It urged the US-controlled Kiev regime to “start distributing weapons” to its people.

And with US and other Western help, train its people “to carry out guerrilla warfare.”

It called Ukrainian neo-Nazis “freedom fighters,” adding:

The US-dominated “West need(s) to make Putin think twice (about) launch(ing) aggression” on Ukraine.

Preemptive wars on invented enemies reflect how US-dominated NATO operate.

The Russian Federation never attacked another nation, threatening none now.

WaPo and other MSM press agents for US forever wars pretend otherwise — knowing no threats to other countries exist by Russia and other nations free from Washington’s control.

WSJ editors falsely accused China and Russia of “shar(ing) a goal of undermin(ing) the US-led global order (sic),” adding:

“(B)oth (nations) see regional advantages from rolling back American power and prosperity (sic).”

A “Putin…generated…military crisis…over Ukraine” doesn’t exist.

Nor is there a threat of “China start(ing) a shooting war in Asia.”

Neither country seeks “territorial expansion.”

All of the above reflect how hegemon USA-dominated NATO operates.

No Sino/Russia alliance threatens US/Western interests.

No need exists for Washington “to shore up its…alliances while…moving more quickly…to build military and cyber defenses that can meet…dangerous world” challenges that don’t exist — other than US invented ones to push its hostile to peace agenda.

The Journal and other MSM support what’s hostile to peace and rights of ordinary people at home and abroad.

They operate as guardians of wealth, power, privilege and US hegemonic aims at the expense of the general welfare worldwide.

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