Is Omicron Real or Invented?

Assigning Greek letter names to flu/covid strains is hokum.

It facilitates state-sponsored/MSM-pushed fear-mongering mass deception about the most diabolical plot against public health and fundamental freedoms ever conceived. 

Left unexplained is that the so-called SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist.

Nor are any flu/covid variants more scariant than others.

All virtually alike, minor differences among them are too insignificant to matter.

Phony claims otherwise about delta and now omicron are all about scaring maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm from maximum numbers of kill shots designed for this purpose.

Omicron is more myth than reality.

The same goes for an invented pandemic when none exists — except for the jabbed and a concurrent one generated by fear-mongering mass deception about all things flu/covid.

Virtually everything about what I call the mother of all scams that’s officially claimed and pushed by MSM is fake news.

Reality is consistently suppressed because when revealed and backed by indisputable science, it destroys the fabricated official narrative.

To counter resistance against all things flu/covid among many in the West, new more scariant than variants like delta and omicron are invented and rolled out.

Their aim is all about generating greater mass hysteria from state-approved, MSM-proliferated fear-mongering mass deception to convince increased numbers of people to self-inflict harm from kill shots, masks that risk respiratory harm, and related policies designed to destroy freedoms too precious to lose.

Left unexplained is that when tens of thousands pack venues to watch sporting events cheek by jowl unmasked or largely so, no mass flu/covid outbreaks follow.

Nor does this happen among public transportation commuters to and from work in rush hours crowds.

Individuals jabbed with toxins designed to destroy health comprise the vast majority of flu/covid outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

Individuals with natural immunity and everyone unjabbed are profoundly safer.

Virtually everything officially mandated and urged is with inflicting maximum harm on maximum numbers of people in mind — polar opposite what public health should be all about.

It’s been turned on its head in the West and elsewhere to mass-exterminate maximum numbers of unwanted people.

Truth-telling medical and scientific experts are considered public enemies.

The unjabbed are at risk of being banned from public places, quarantined, fined, even imprisoned for the “crime” of protecting their health from toxins designed to destroy it.

According to Moderna’s chief medical officer Paul Burton’s Big Lie with pushing the company’s kill shots in mind:

“I do not think omicron is a milder, less severe version of the current virus (sic),” adding:

“The idea it will push delta out of the way and take over may occur in the future (sic).”

“(I)n the coming months, these two (more scariant than variants) are going to co-exist (sic).” 

“Omicron…is…a severe disease (sic).” 

“(I)ndividuals will become co-infected” with omicron and delta (sic).”

They’ll “further evolve and mutate which is a concerning and worrying situation (sic).” 

“We…many tools at our disposal (sic)” — referring to kill shots.

Calling “omicron…a real threat” is all about destroying health with toxic jabs over protecting and preserving it.

At a December 10 Doctors for (Flu/Covid) Ethics symposium, Drs. Sucharit Bhakdi and Arne Burkhardt debunked the fabricated official narrative.

Commenting on 15 patients who died in days, weeks or months after getting kill shots, they explained that harm to their heart, lungs and other organs revealed “clear evidence of (jabs)-induced autoimmune-like pathology.”

Simply put, jabs killed them, the evidence clear and indisputable.

Countless hundreds of thousands perished in similar fashion from jabs over the past year.

Everyone jabbed was harmed. The more jabs gotten, the greater amount of destruction to bodily organs.

On Tuesday, Cornell University said “97% (of its) on-campus population was jabbed for flu/covid.

Yet it reported that over 900 outbreaks occurred on campus from December 7 – 13, adding:

A “very high percentage” of them are (more scariant than variant) omicron cases.”

“Virtually every case of…omicron…to date has been found in fully (jabbed) students, a portion of whom…also received a booster shot.”

In response to the above, a letter from Cornell president Martha Pollack said the following:

“(T)he university is moving to Alert Level Red” — based on PCR tests that when positive are nearly always false.

“All final exams will move to an online format as of noon, Tuesday, December 14.”

“All university activities involving undergraduates (including events and social gatherings) and all university-sponsored events (including winter celebrations) are canceled.”

“Students utilizing Cornell Dining are strongly encouraged to “grab-and-go.”

“If you must eat near others, please do so at a distance.”

“Libraries are closed to students.”

“Athletics competitions on Sunday are canceled.” 

“Fitness centers and gyms are closed to students.”

All of the above and other restrictions were imposed over nothing.

Cornell’s president is guilty of promoting mass hysteria over how academic life should operate.

All forms of public activities were turned on their head since last year, normality obliterated and gone.

The only solution is staying jab-free, no longer tolerating what’s going on.

The official narrative’s objective is maximum casualties and loss of freedom.

Going along assures dark forces win and everything just societies hold most dear is lost.

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  1. Wow..
    What a Brilliant Piece.
    How so..
    It’s Particular Brilliance

    Is you’re making it so simple

    As Einstein said
    When you can put it on a napkin.. that’s when you really understand it.

    Such an important Article
    Especially for Incoming Freshmen

    Entry level to Grad School

    Let us never forget


    we’ve got a Battle Coming
    Battle Royale

    Now I forgot what I was gonna say..



    But I can assure you,
    It was clever.


    I’ll reread your Doc
    And bore you later with it.

    FAB Piece..Mr Lendman


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