Russia Threatening to Invade Ukraine?

The farcical claim would be laughable if things at stake on the world stage weren’t threatening to world peace and stability because of hegemon USA’s permanent war policy on invented enemies.

In unison with each other — based on US talking points — MSM push a steady drumbeat of fake news about Russian barbarians at Ukraine’s gate, mobilized to invade on command.

According to the New Yorker, the publication features “political and cultural commentary, fiction, poetry, and humor,” adding:

In print and online, it “stands apart for its commitment to truth and accuracy, for the quality of its prose, and for its insistence on exciting and moving every reader.”

On all things geopolitical — especially on what relates to invented US enemies — the publication supports Washington’s hegemonic agenda, warts and all.

On Wednesday, it asked “why (is) Russia threatening to invade Ukraine” — knowing no such threat exists.

No “war in Ukraine” looms unless launched by US-dominated NATO and/or by proxy Kiev forces — beyond their ongoing Pentagon/CIA directed war on Donbass.

No Russian forces are “amassed…at (Ukraine’s) border (with) a looming invasion” in mind.

No Vladimir Putin aim exists to use Ukraine as “an opportunity for Russia…to reassert its geopolitical relevance (sic)” and/or enlarge its territory.

What the New Yorker called 2014 street protests in Kiev “that toppled Ukraine’s (democratically elected) President Viktor Yanukovych” ignored the Obama/Biden regime’s coup to install Nazi-infested fascist rule in a country bordering Russia.

Nor was there a Russian cross-border “incursion” into Donbass.

Years of war were orchestrated and directed by hegemon USA, not Moscow, with no end of conflict in prospect because both right wings of the US war party prioritize forever war along Russia’s border.

The above and more of the same Russophobic rubbish is worlds apart from what the New Yorker calls “its commitment to truth and accuracy (sic).”

Far removed from truth and full disclosure, the above and what followed reads like bad fiction.

Falsely blaming Russia for US proxy war on Donbass, accusing the country of “intransigence,” breaching Minsk agreements, and mobilizing forces to invade Ukraine is far removed from journalism as it should be.

The NYT has been militantly hostile toward Russia since its 1917 revolution ended centuries of tyrannical czarist rule.

Despite no evidence of hostile Russian intensions toward any nations, Times Russophobia never quits.

What it falsely called “a dubious (2014 Crimea) referendum” was democracy as it should be in action.

Left unexplained was that Crimean and Sevastopol parliamentarians adopted legitimate declarations of independence.

Days later, their people voted overwhelmingly to correct a historic mistake by rejoining Russia.

Reunification was supported by nearly 97% of Crimeans, over 83% of eligible voters turning out to have their say.

In Sevastopol, a near-96% majority supported the same thing, turnout at nearly 90%.

At the time, Crimea’s Supreme Council called ousting Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych a coup, putschists replacing him illegitimate.

The Russian reunification referendum was held in response to what Crimeans justifiably rejected, refusing to be ruled by Nazi-infested fascists.

Putin obliged them, signing a decree affirming their wishes. 

Russia’s parliament overwhelmingly approved it. 

So did its Constitutional Court.

A document signed in the Kremlin said reunification was “based on the free and voluntary expression of will by the peoples of Crimea at a nationwide referendum, held in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol on March 16, 2014, during which the people of Crimea made the decision to reunite with Russia.”

Two new Russian constituent territories were formed – the Republic of Crimea and Federal City of Sevastopol, given “special autonomous status.”

Crimea’s land border with Ukraine became Russia’s state border. 

Crimeans automatically became Russian citizens. 

Those wishing to retain Ukrainian citizenship were free to do so.

The Times and other MSM suppressed the above information in 2014.

To this day, they continue to falsely claim that Russia annexed the Crimean Peninsula — knowing no annexation took place.

They currently invented a phony scenario of Russian forces mobilized along Ukraine’s border with intent to invade ahead — once again knowing that the claim is Russia-bashing rubbish.

Dubiously repeating the above reinvention of reality in its latest edition, Times fake news claimed the following:

“Another failure to deter Mr. Putin (sic), Biden (regime) officials and their critics agree (sic), would deal a severe blow to an international system of rules and borders (sic).”

“(S)evere blow(s)” to world peace, stability and the rule of law are made-in-the-USA and other NATO capitals, clearly not in Moscow or capitals of other nations free from hegemonic US control.

What the Times and other MSM should explain, they suppress.

What they report is fiction against invented US enemies, based on Washington’s talking points.

The Times quoted retired former NATO commander James Stavridis’ bald-faced Big Lie claim that “Putin invaded two democratic neighbors (sic) in just over a decade (sic).”

A state of undeclared war by other means exists by hegemon USA-dominated NATO against Russia and other sovereign states free from US control.

A state of direct and/or proxy US hot war continues against Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and intermittently against other invented enemies.

All of the above — and all-out Biden regime war on ordinary Americans with mass-extermination and abolition of remaining freedoms in mind — is supported by the Times and other MSM.

Pretending to be 4th estate members, they operate as agents of mass deception in support of hegemon USA’s war on humanity at home and worldwide.

2 thoughts on “Russia Threatening to Invade Ukraine?

Add yours

    Superb short Summary.

    Question that confounds me,:

    Why doesn’t Putin rejoin the two Republics of the Donbass with Russia..

    Because the Gangsters will tell lies about it,?

    The Gangsters are going to tell lies anyway..

    What difference would it make.

    PCR had that position essentially

    I’ve been barking like a dog for 3 yrs
    Can’t understand

    After Putin was Johnny on the spot in Crimea.

    What’s really different,,,?


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