Nearly 400,000 US Deaths from Kill Shots

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about kill shots — designed to irreparably destroy health and greatly shorten lifespans.

Taking them — wittingly or unwittingly — is suicidal.

Blessed are the courageous medical and scientific experts who’ve risked their careers, reputations, and personal safety to set the record straight on this most cutting-edge issue of all time.

The same goes for other analysts, activists and ordinary people who understand what’s going on and refuse to be silent — spreading ugly truths to others.

It’s because the stakes are too great to remain on the sidelines when all-out resistance is needed against the most diabolical scheme ever conceived by the darkest of dark forces.

They’re headquartered in Washington with branch offices in European capitals, Tel Aviv and elsewhere.

Vaccines for alleged protection against a range of diseases — and flu/covid jabs — are hazardous to health.

They’re not beneficial as US/Western anti-public health agency officials, Pharma, MSM and complicit sources falsely claim.

UK-based Dr. Vernon Coleman is one of my heroes in setting the record straight about all things flu/covid — especially kill shots.

He’s “been researching and writing about vaccines for 50 years.”

He’s “lectured doctors and nurses on the subject.”

He minced no words, saying that “(a)nyone who tells you vaccines (and kill shots) are safe and effective is lying.”

Flu/covid jabs far exceed the hazards of what’s inoculated into the bodies of countless millions for alleged protection from other diseases not gotten.

In October, analysis by Early Treatment Fund’s director Steve Kirsch found that toxic flu/covid jabs killed over 200,000 Americans alone since last December.

They’re responsible as well for around 300,000 cases of permanent disability, and up to about five million adverse reactions.

On December 14, Kirsch updated his analysis, explaining the following:

His estimate of (Pharma-controlled) “VAERS under-reporting…was based on anaphylaxis rates reported” in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). 

His analysis was conducted with Jessica Rose, PhD, MSc, BSc and data analyst Albert Benavides. Kirsch saying:

“(O)ur new best estimate of the number of ‘excess deaths’ caused by (flu/covid jabs) is 388,000 (among) formerly heathy Americans.”

In Pfizer’s trial, evidence showed that deaths were from toxic jabs, not a placebo — what its management concealed from the public.

Countless numbers of jabbed children developed myocarditis and/or other harm to health.

“Half of them could die in five years,” Kirsch stressed, including from any one or more major diseases.

The same goes for everyone jabbed in all age groups.

MSM suppress truth and full disclosure on the most important issue of all time.

Nearly all members of the US/Western political class are complicit with what’s going on by actively supporting or staying silent on what’s crucial to explain.

The HHS, FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID et al are controlled by Pharma.

Nothing their officials say can be taken at face value.

Most of what they say, especially about kill shots, is all about support for destroying health and backing unrestrained Pharma profiteering.

Kirsch stressed that he, Rose and Benevides used CDC VAERS and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) data in conducting their analysis, adding:

Using their methodology, “there were no math errors.”

Pharma-connected FDA and CDC officials won’t talk to Kirsch, Rose or Benevides “on the record” about their analysis.

It’s because it destroys their fabricated official narrative.

Pfizer, Moderna, J & J and AstraZeneca kill shots were designed to destroy health.

A year after mass-jabbing began in the US/West and elsewhere, they’re performing as intended by causing countless millions of casualties — the opposite of what’s falsely reported.

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  1. The French were pushing their Malware ..polio vaccines

    On the poor Cambodians.

    Daily, I see ten or twelve

    Cambodians who had their bodies Destroyed by the French polio Vax.

    My Landlord..
    About 40-45 is one of them.

    So sad.
    Man’s Greed.

    I weep for Humanity.


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