Pandemic of Flu/Covid Fake News

For the past two years, US/Western regimes, their anti-public health handmaidens and MSM co-conspirators have assaulted the public in unprecedented fashion by a never-ending blitzkrieg of fake news on all things flu/covid.

What’s crucial to explain is systematically suppressed.

The self-styled newspaper of record in its own mind NYT is the lead offender in print.

Its daily editions are infested with fake news over the real thing — based on state-approved talking points to deceive, not inform. See below.

All Greek-lettered flu/covid strains are virtually alike.

None are more scariant, infectious contagious, or otherwise harmful.

Yet in cahoots with US dark forces, sporting events are being cancelled or postponed over nothing.

Athletes testing positive for flu/covid  are largely or entirely asymptomatic because they’re healthy, not sick.

Lyrics to Irving Berlin’s “no business like show business” no longer apply.

“(L)et’s go on with the show” was suspended on Broadway, performances cancelled over nothing.

Reportedly one or more members of seven Broadway shows tested positive for flu/covid.

Left unexplained is that nearly all positive test results are incorrect.

It’s because PCRs are run at high cycles above 30 with intent to produce false positives.

The NFL, NBA and NHL postponed games over false positive PCR tests results to large numbers of perfectly healthy players.

Jabs don’t protect. They increase flu/covid outbreaks by shedding and spreading toxins to others they’re in close contact with, what’s true of all professional sports.

As multi-jabbing increases to greater numbers of individuals, including professional athletes, so will greater numbers of flu/covid outbreaks. 

Increasing numbers of PCR false positives are also highly likely ahead.

If professional leagues and teams postpone or cancel games, numbers of contests affected will likely increase in proportion to increased mass-jabbing of athletes and the general population they come in contact with.

If things turn out this way, professional sports may never be the same again as long as what’s going on continues unchecked.

The same goes for Broadway and other public events.

According to Times fear-mongering, “doctors and nurses are in crisis as (alleged flu/covid cases) fill hospitals (sic).”

The Times and other MSM never explain that jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of flu/covid outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

The unjabbed and individuals with natural immunity are profoundly safer.

Staying jab-free is crucial to remaining healthy.

Going the other way is asking for trouble sure to come sooner or later. It’s virtually guaranteed. 

There’s nothing more scariant or contagious about omicron and delta as compared to other flu/covid strains.

In cahoots with US dark forces and Pharma, the Times lied claiming otherwise.

It lied claiming that “about 1,300 Americans are dying (daily) from the (SARS-CoV-2) coronavirus” — that doesn’t exist.

Saying “positive tests are growing” failed to explain that the vast majority are false.

Saying “coronavirus hospitalizations increas(ed) 20 percent nationally over the last two weeks” is fake news, adding:

“(D)octors and nurses are…pleading with people to get” jabbed.

The above applies only to medical professionals unaware of what’s going on.

Others knowledgeable about the made-in-the-USA mother of all scams warned against toxic mass-jabbing.

They’re successfully treating flu/covid patients with known safe and effective non-jabbing protocols.

This approach restores them to full health in a few days, mostly with no need of hospitalization by initiating treatment straightaway after observing symptoms.

Omicron hype by the Times and other MSM is all about scaring greater numbers of people to self-inflict harm from kill shots designed for this purpose.

Shun them to protect health. Ignore phony MSM fear-mongering claims otherwise.

Final Comments

On Friday, the Pharma-controlled WHO granted emergency use authorization — when no emergency exists — for health-destroying Novavax jabs to be used for depopulation in underdeveloped countries.

The company earlier said it’ll produce 1.1 billion Covax doses for use in third-world countries.

Outbreaks notably have been significantly lower in African nations where the great majority of their citizens and residents are unjabbed.

Hopefully they’re wise enough to stay this way.

Separately, a US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit three-judge panel ruled in favor of the Biden regime’s illegal mandate for US firms with 100 or more employees to order them jabbed.

The ruling flies in the face of international and US constitutional law otherwise, along with a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that upheld the rule of law.

All things health related require voluntary consent. Anything mandated is illegal.

The 6th Circuit ruling has nothing to do with protecting workers — just the opposite in cahoots with the Biden regime’s mass-extermination scheme.

Staying healthy requires resistance against what aims to destroy it — no matter what’s ordered legislatively, judicially or by Biden regime diktats.

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  1. Mr Lendman..


    Straightforward as a can of corn.

    Perfect guide thru the Universe.

    Every Freshman would see the light after reading this.

    You’re the perfect


    “No one does it Better”



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