What MSM Won’t Tell You

Followers of alternative media know they’re the only reliable 4th estate source of truth-telling news, information and commentaries.

MSM operate by worlds apart standards.

Sticking exclusively to the fabricated official narrative, their reports on major domestic and geopolitical issues are based on state-approved fake news talking points.

Lies, Big Lies and mass deception are their stock and trade.

Notably on major issues mattering most, truth and full disclosure is consistently banned.

Relying on them to stay informed assures being brainwashed to know only what powerful interests want reported. 

Active from 1935 to his death in 1963, journalist AJ Liebling once said that “(t)he press is free only to those who one one.” 

Before television became popular, he warned that “(p)eople everywhere confuse what they read in newspapers (and magazines) with news.”

On television, it’s worst of all. 

Consisting of all rubbish all the time on what’s most important for everyone to know, what’s available censors reporting on major issues — truth-telling news and views banned. 

Not ever would MSM report what infectious diseases expert Dr. Christian Perronne explained, saying:

“Un(jabbed) people are not dangerous.”

Jabbed “people are dangerous for others.” 

“It’s proven” scientifically beyond dispute.

Perronne “is in contact with many physicians in Israel” and elsewhere.

“They’re having big problems,” he said.

“Severe cases in hospitals are among jabbed people, and in the UK also, you have the larger (mass-jabbing) program and also there are problems.”

According to Israeli Dr. Kobi Haviv,“95% of seriously ill patients are” jabbed for flu/covid protection not gotten, just the opposite.

“Fully (jabbed) people account for 85-90% of hospitalizations. We are opening more and more (flu/covid) branches.”

Israeli MSM are as bad as US/Western ones.

Failing to explain what’s going on and diabolical aims behind it, they push kill shots, masks and social distancing et al in cahoots with ruling authorities.

Because individuals jabbed one or more times shed and spread kill shot toxins to others they come in close contact with, they “should be put in quarantine (and) isolated from the society” because they’re spreading infections to others, said Perronne.

Hell will freeze over before US/Western MSM would report the above to readers and viewers — featuring polar opposite rubbish instead.

Nor would they feature Dr. Marty Makary’s views expressed in Tuesday testimony before the House Select Committee on the (fake) Coronavirus Crisis, saying:

Accusing US (anti) public health officials of “modern-day McCarthyism,” he said so-called studies they put out don’t rise to the level of “a 7th grade science experiment.”

Not based on “clinical data…is this  this what we’ve come to,” Makary asked? 

“Pharma tells us what to do, and the CDC just falls in line.”

“Many lives are being destroyed” by government failure to protect public health, letting it be destroyed instead.

Kill shots are weapons of mass infection, my words, not Makary’s.

According to virologist Penny Moore, “omicron…exhibit(s)  immune escape from antibodies.”

Jabs don’t protect against it. J & J’s kill shot was least effective among ones available, she found.

Instead of protecting against viral infections, they spread them to others.

As explained in other articles, omicron is virtually identical to other flu/covid strains.

The so-called SARS-CoV- 2 virus doesn’t exist. 

US/Western media suppress the above information instead of featuring it responsibly.

Instead rubbish is reported, including fake news claims about “omicron threaten(ing) red America (sic), according to the NYT’s reinvention of reality.

Defying science on all things flu/covid related, it falsely reported that (more scariant than variant) omicron “placed (so-called US red states) in grave danger (sic),” adding:

“It is so contagious that it may quickly sweep the country (sic).”

“Un(jabbed) Americans…are now in even more danger than a few weeks ago (sic).”

Rubbish like the above and lots more like it is featured daily in NYT and other fake news MSM reports, the real thing nowhere in sight.

Almost anything repeated often enough has impact, no matter how untrue.

It’s especially so when truth and full disclosure is banned in the mainstream.

So when ordinary people rely on MSM for news and views as most people do, they’re mind-manipulated to believe what’s harmful, not beneficial to health and well-being.

That’s the disturbing reality on all things flu/covid — and all other major domestic and geopolitical issues.

A Final Comment

According to an InfoWars report on December 14, a measure introduced before the New York State Assembly calls for forcibly detaining anyone considered a public health threat.

If enacted into law, targeted individuals will be denied their (5th and 14th Amendments) constitutional right of due process.

It prohibits arbitrary deprivation of “life, liberty, or property without due process of law.”

Bill A.416 authorizes NY’s “governor or appropriate health official to order the removal and detention of any person afflicted with a communicable disease in the event that there is a state of health emergency declared by the governor in relation to such disease.”

Nearly everyone testing positive for flu/covid from administered PCR tests are healthy, not ill.

If A.416 is enacted into law, and PCR test results are the standard of distinguishing between viral illness or lack thereof, detaining targeted individuals will be flagrantly unconstitutional.

At a time of growing tyranny in the US/West, rule of law protections have been sustaining one body blow after another toward eliminating them altogether.

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    It’s the “Covid Scam For Dummies”


    Even I could follow it and lear.


    Anyway.. everyday proves us right..

    More correct tomorrow.

    Small typo,
    AJ Liebling said,

    ” unless you won one?”


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