More Omicron Fear-Mongering Fake News

MSM agents of mass deception convinced most people to believe the biggest Big Lies about all things flu/covid — especially about kill shots designed to destroy health.

The above reality applies to the more scariant than variant omicron.

What should be a nonissue was reinvented to appear andromeda-strain like by the power of fake news over the real thing — repeated with disturbing regularity.

According to NYT fear-mongering disinformation, New York state reported its highest single-day number of flu/covid infections.

The fake news is based on false positive PCR test results.

The vast majority of reported flu/covid infected New Yorkers are asymptomatic and healthy, not ill.

Yet on Friday, Radio City Music Hall cancelled remaining holiday season performances that feature the Rockettes.

As a young boy with my dad on a business trip to New York in the early 1940s, he took me to see them combined with a first-run film.

Seated close to the stage not conducive for film-viewing was wonderful for seeing them perform close-up.

Even at a young age, I was dazzled by their precision routine I recall vividly to this day.

New Yorkers and visitors to the city won’t see Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular.

Multiple daily performances — scheduled to run through January — were cancelled over nothing.

According to a non-peer-reviewed Pharma-funded fake news study with no validity, omicron is over five-times more infectious than delta (sic).

Notably, the so-called study was based on 24 patients hospitalized with suspected omicron.

Claiming it to be a major threat to public health is fake news rubbish.

According to fake news published by The Atlantic:

“We know enough about omicron to know that we’re in trouble (sic).”

“A big omicron wave is coming, on top of an already substantial delta wave (sic).”

The Atlantic admitted that lots of breakthrough infections are occurring.

Left unexplained by MSM across the board is they increase proportionately to numbers of people jabbed and multi-jabbed.

“How severe are omicron infections,” Pharma-connected Nature magazine asked?

Many cases of seasonal flu occur annually worldwide.

Nature falsely claimed that omicron cases are occurring in individuals previously infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus that doesn’t exist.

Falsely claiming jabs protect but omicron may be “able to evade (jab) induced immunity (sic)” ignored that they harm, don’t protect, and destroy health when taken as directed.

WaPo quoted fake news by Biden regime flu-covid coordinator Jeff Zients, falsely claiming the following:

“For the (unjabbed), you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm (sic).”

The above reality applies to jabbed individuals throughout the year, not profoundly safer jab-free ones.

CNN fake news cited what it called US experts — not named — saying “Americans must prepare for difficult times ahead.”

Indeed so for the jabbed, especially the multi-jabbed.

Fraudster Fauci was cited, falsely comparing flu/covid to WW II combat (sic).

Virtually all his remarks are bald-faced Big Lies with pushing maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm.

He lied calling what’s going on “unprecedented in the history of public health in our country (sic).”

What’s “unprecedented” is state-sponsored/MSM supported war on public health and fundamental freedoms with intent to destroy both.

Left unreported is information about the diabolical alliance between co-monsters Fauci and Bill Gates with mass-extermination by toxic kill shots their aim.

That’s what mass-jabbing is all about in the US/West and worldwide.

It’s polar opposite what public health as it should be is all about.

A virtual MSM blackout on this and related information is rigidly adhered to.

The dominant 4th estate, anti-public health fraudsters like Fauci, and their money-men funders like Gates should have been held accountable for their high crimes against humanity long ago.

Instead, they’re actively supported by US/Western and complicit regimes.

They’re permitted and encouraged to continue their reign of terror against humanity unimpeded.

3 thoughts on “More Omicron Fear-Mongering Fake News

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    Only in the first inning and I’m already sick of all Scam Lies!

    Which means..
    America’s sick of it.

    I’m ba walking Barometer of America

    They said that of your boy
    HL Mencken was a lightning rod

    A transmission belt from the Working Class to Newspaper

    Blowing up
    Magnifying A sub culture

    And back again.

    Hellenistic back to the
    Hellenic World

    so to speak.

    After starting out about me


    I’VE Nothing to say
    So I’ll sing a little song

    ” Fool’s Rush in
    Where wise men fear to tread..”

    I’ve got two more stanzas
    But wanna Expedite my exit to hit the other jewels.




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