The New Abnormal on US College Campuses

Last year, throughout 2021 as the new year approaches, medical tyranny replaced free and open campus life I enjoyed as an undergrad and grad student in the 1950s.

The vast majority of US colleges and universities mandated draconian rules because of an invented viral threat that doesn’t exist.

They made education on campus hazardous to health instead of what it’s supposed to be.

Kill shots harm and don’t protect. 

Mandating them flagrantly breaches the international and constitutional law right of voluntary and informed consent on all things health related.

My esteemed alma mater Harvard is like most other institutions of higher learning.

Students, faculty and staff are required to be fully-jabbed — a moving mandate as things head toward forever-jabbing in the US nationwide.

It’s most likely coming in the new year, boosters to become a forever thing once or twice annually.

Ignored is that the more gotten, the greater the harm to health, the sooner life will end.

So-called Keep Harvard Healthy rules inflict harm and don’t protect.

Left unaddressed is that jabbed individuals on campus shed and spread toxins injected into their bodies to others — increasing them instead of protecting against them.

Claiming that “(c)ampus-wide (mass-jabbing) is the best defense against” flu/covid defies science.

Even students and staff working remotely must be fully-jabbed and present proof to Harvard University Health Services (HUHS).

Mandating them breaches the rule of law.

For spring semester 2022, Harvard requires boosters for students, faculty and staff.

More information on booster deadlines and processes will be published in January.

University authorities falsely called “regular testing” a key part of keeping Harvard healthy (sic).

It falsely claimed that testing “will reduce the spread of the virus (that doesn’t exist), limit further mutation, and ensure that the safety protocols we’ve established are meeting their intended goals (sic).”

It’ll accomplish none of the above objectives.

Nor are masks “highly effective at limiting spread of the coronavirus (sic).”

Providing no protection indoors or outside, they risk respiratory harm from inhalation of bacteria, fungi and other infectious agents, especially when worn longterm. 

Indoors, everyone is required to wear a mask on campus, regardless of jabbing and booster status.

The Harvard community was told to “review resources for masks, (jabs), boosters, testing, contact tracing, symptom reporting, and socializing thoughtfully.”

On November 29, “guidance” on boosters was published, as follows:

If jabbed and double-jabbed with Moderna or Pfizer mRNA kill shots, “adults age 18+ may get a booster 6 months after the second” jab.

If jabbed with J &J’s kill shot, boosters are offered 2 months later, adding:

“We recommend that your booster be Moderna or Pfizer (sic).”

With protecting health in mind, shunning Pharma jabs is crucial — regardless of keeping Harvard healthy rules that harm and don’t protect as falsely claimed.

Like most other US colleges and universities, Harvard officials are complicit with the diabolical aim of US dark forces to mass-exterminate maximum numbers of unwanted people at home and abroad in all age groups, including students unwitting about what’s going on.

Harvard said “the university is closely monitoring developments from the (more scariant than variant) omicron.

It failed to explain that it’s no more scariant than other flu/covid strains.

Nor did it explain that seasonal flu-now renamed covid is relatively benign, especially to young university students.

Ones contracting the seasonal illness are nearly 100% sure of recovering fully in a few days with an added benefit.

Natural immunity gained is most effective in preventing reinfection.

Kill shots work in opposite fashion.

Individuals getting them are greatly vulnerable to infection, as well as at risk of contracting any one or more major, potentially life-threatening, diseases.

Keeping Harvard healthy rules risk polar opposite results.

They promote illness instead of protecting against it.

The same applies to other institutions of higher learning and everywhere else where mass-jabbing is mandated in the US and worldwide.

We’re on our own to protect what’s too precious to lose because public and private officials push policies destructive of health instead of protecting it.

A Final Comment

On Saturday, a Harvard announcement said it’s shifting to remote operations during the first three weeks of January, adding:

At this time, plans are for “a return to more robust on-campus activities later in January, public health conditions permitting.” 

“We will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates on these plans as soon as we are able.”

Separately, Harvard president Lawrence Bacow dubiously said the policy change is prompted by the rapid rise in (flu/covid) cases locally and across the country (sic), as well as the growing presence of the highly transmissible omicron variant (sic).”

During the first three weeks of January, faculty, staff and researchers will work remotely.

Students wishing to remain on campus during this period must get university authorization to stay.

Ignored by Harvard, as well as virtually all other public and private entities in the US/West and elsewhere, is that all things flu/covid related reflect politicized anti-science.

Mandates, restrictions, and other policies instituted are over nothing.

Nothing public health related justifies what’s going on unjustifiably.

Everyone adversely affected in all walks of life, in all age groups, should rise up against war on public health and hardening tyranny.

They should refuse to tolerate it any more.

The longer its continues, the more harm it’ll cause to greater countless millions of people than already.

The time to stop it is now.

One thought on “The New Abnormal on US College Campuses

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  1. VE RI TAS..
    My ass.

    So sad.
    So terribly sad,

    Mr Lendman..

    What will become of the World

    I can close my eyes
    It’s the late 60s

    On the Campus of Uni of Texas

    Hundreds of students staff faculty on the Mall..

    Those were the days
    We thought they’d never end

    Bang Bang
    Bang Bang

    CIA like Gunman

    The Whole World took a detour

    Fux.. I’m only 73
    I got another 27 yrs to go..
    Like you.. you’ve got 33.

    You’ll break some reason for Thoroughbreds..

    Spelling could be furcockta.


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