Is the Biden Regime Pushing Russia for Conflict with Ukraine?

Hard-wired US policy calls for the transformation of all nations free from its control into subservient vassal states.

Its megalomaniacal aim notably applies to Russia, China and Iran.

Is global war 3.0 inevitable one day?

US political scientist Graham Allison coined the “Thucydides trap” term.

It refers to a nation like the US launching war on a rival state it fears may threaten its hegemonic aims.

With China, Russia, and Iran rising on the world stage at a time of US decline, will the latter’s dark forces wage unthinkable war on one or more of the above nations to try maintaining its unmaintainable world dominance status?

Evolutionary biologist Ernst Mayr (1904- 2005) once noted that human intelligence doesn’t assure survival.

He warned of possible self-destruction by nuclear war or environmental disaster.

Noting that species on average survive about 100,000 years, he said humanity has been around about that long.

Given its current disturbing path, humans may the first species ever to self-destruct — and take all others with it at the same time.

US-colonized Ukraine is a festering sore in Europe’s heartland.

Its installed regime is used by dominant US hardliners to wage forever war on bordering Donbass with no end of it in prospect.

Washington and complicit NATO regimes keep pouring heavy weapons into the country for war-making, not defense at a time when its only enemies are invented, not real.

The US-dominated West know that 

nonbelligerent/nonthreatening Russia has no intention of invading or otherwise attacking Ukraine or other countries preemptively.

Yet their ruling authorities pretend otherwise.

Last week, Biden regime national security advisor Jake Sullivan said the US “continue(s) to provide” weapons to Kiev — on the phony pretext aiding its defense.

He left unexplained that US/Western weapons supplied to its puppet regime are all about offense, not defense.

Since Obama/Biden transformed democratic Ukraine into a Nazi-infested fascist dictatorship/US vassal state, Washington provided the country with over $2.5 billion in weapons and related aid, according to the White House last September 1.

Nearly three months later, much more of the same was sent by hegemon USA and other NATO countries with maintaining a perpetual state of war along Russia’s border.

That’s what the so-called “US-Ukraine strategic partnership” is all about.

So-called “global challenges” claimed by the Biden regime were made-in-the-USA and capitals of its subservient European states.

Their relationship with Ukraine’s coup d’etat regime has nothing to do with its security, sovereignty, fantasy democracy, human rights or regional peace.

It’s all about waging forever war on Russia by other means that risks turning hot by accident or design.

In recent weeks, US-dominated NATO supplied Ukraine with javelin anti-tank missiles, command launchers, patrol boats, electronics and related aid for perpetual war-making.

Congressional hawks reportedly want the Biden regime to supply Kiev with around $450 million more military aid next year.

Its war minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, called on US-dominated NATO for more heavy weapons and related military aid to defend the nation against Russian threats that don’t exist.

Last week, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) head Richard Haass falsely accused Russia of “position(ing) a large and capable military force along its border with Ukraine (sic),” adding:

“(W)e do not know…if Russian President Vladimir Putin has decided on a course of action (sic).”

Distinguished Harvard historian/social critic Arthur Schlesinger Jr. (1917 – 2007) once called CFR a “front organization (for) the heart of the American Establishment” — notably its dark side.

Defying reality, Haass falsely called Vladimir Putin an autocrat.

Haass claiming that hegemon USA was “right to push back against Russia” ignored that no threat by Moscow to Ukraine exists — not now, earlier or in prospect.

Like countless other Russophobes in the US-dominated West, Haass falsely pretended otherwise.

According to WaPo, the Biden regime is weighing whether and how to “support an anti-Russian insurgency inside Ukraine if President Vladimir Putin invades that country and seizes substantial territory (sic).”

What WaPo knows but won’t say is that the likelihood of Russian aggression against Ukraine is zero.

Yet it reported that (dominant Biden regime hardliners) may provide Kiev with more weapons than already and “logistical support to insurgent groups (for) guerrilla war” against invading Russian forces — nowhere in sight or planned ahead.

Citing an unnamed “knowledgeable official,” is what WaPo reported a possible US plot to try drawing Russia into cross-border conflict with Ukraine as a pretext for tougher-than-ever sanctions war that aims to marginalize, weaken, contain and isolate the country on the world stage.

A similar US plot exists against China, Iran and other nations from from hegemonic US control.

What hasn’t worked throughout the post-WW II period is highly likely to fail ahead — while pushing imperial USA further toward history’s dustbin where it’s heading and belongs.

What Dickens long ago called the best and worst of times in his Tale of Two Cities historical novel about before and during the late 18th century French Revolution is the worst of times alone today.

Dominant US dark forces are at war on ordinary people at home and worldwide with extermination of unwanted segments of society in mind — along with seeking to abolish what remains of free and open societies worldwide.

By pushing things menacingly against Russia, China, Iran and other nations on its target list for regime change, it risks unthinkable global war by accident or design.

It’s the worst of times because hegemon USA represents an unparalleled menace to world peace and ordinary people everywhere.

Its aim for unchallenged global dominance risks destruction of planet planet earth because of its rage to own it.

That’s why halting its doomsday machine is crucial before it dooms us.

2 thoughts on “Is the Biden Regime Pushing Russia for Conflict with Ukraine?

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Just a beautiful piece.
    Brilliant in Construction.

    Comprised of all the key elements.


    You’re the Chronicler of the Age of Distortion.

    Interesting what
    Ernst Mayr said…



    Jefferson in the Virginia Notes
    He’s quit Washington DC
    Over Adam’s Sedition Laws

    Jefferson is in Montebello writing the Constitution for the new State of Kentucky

    Jefferson tells his Swiss neighbor
    He expects the Country to last
    200 -220 yrs..


    Do the Math..
    It’s simple.


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