The Scourge of Propaganda TV

It’s an every day thing in the US, including always on Sunday.

The airwaves are polluted by state-approved fake news taking points on domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

Nary a kernel of truth and full disclosure creeps through — notably not on all things related to invented US enemies and seasonal flu-now deceptively called covid.

Showing up on multiple Sunday morning propaganda TV talk shows, fraudster Fauci did his thing again yesterday like always on air.

Big Lies and mass deception are his stock and trade, truth-telling nowhere in sight.

On ABC, NBC and CNN, he recited his customary rubbish.

Yesterday it was notably on more scariant than variant omicron.

Ignoring what’s virtually no different from other flu/covid strains, he lied claiming omicron and other variants are “very unpredictable (sic).”

He lied about numbers of outbreaks, falsely calling their numbers “unprecedented (sic).”

What’s “unprecedented” is state-sponsored/MSM-proliferated fear-mongering mass deception on all things flu/covid since last year — especially about kill shots designed to destroy health.

He lied claiming that omicron “has an extraordinary capability of transmitting efficiently from person to person (sic).”

He lied saying that it’s “overtaking all the other (scariants), including delta, with a doubling time of about two to three days, which means that this is really something to be reckoned with (sic).”

He lied claiming that it’s rapidly spreading throughout the world and certainly in our own country (sic).”

Virtually all his public statements are bald-faced Big Lies.

On all things flu/covid related, his top priority is pushing health-destroying jabs, double-jabbing, and boosters — with forever-jabbing once or twice annually in the wings to be rolled out in the new year.

Omicron is one of multiple flu/covid strain labels.

Left unexplained by Fauci, his co-conspirators and MSM press agents is that they’re virtually all alike — none more scariant than others.

Left unexplained as well is that jabs not only don’t protect against flu/covid, they greatly increase the chance of contracting it — especially if multi-jabbed.

Far worse is that jabbed individuals are highly vulnerable to contracting one or more potentially deadly diseases, including the following ones:

Guillain-Barre syndrome

Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis

Transverse myelitis













Acute myocardial infarction (heart attack)



Autoimmune disease

Harm to pregnant women and fetuses

Acute demyelinating diseases

Non-anaphylactic allergy reactions


Disseminated intravascular coagulation

Venous thromboembolism



Joint pain

Kawasaki disease

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children

Vaccine enhanced disease

There’s nothing remotely safe and effective about kill shots. Just the opposite is true, based on science.

Taking them is playing Russian roulette with health on a wheel rigged to cause irreversible harm and premature death.

That’s the aim behind what monster Fauci and his co-conspirators are pushing.

They want your health destroyed, your lives lost.

Virtually all their public remarks are lies, damn lies, and whoppers with intent to inflict maximum harm on maximum numbers of people.

Jabs guarantee irreversible harm sooner or later.

Masks risk respiratory harm from inhalation of bacteria, fungi and/or viral droplets in concentrated form.

Social distancing destroys human interactions as they’re meant to be.

PCR tests — nearly always false when positive —  provided a foundation for artificially inflating numbers of outbreaks to scare people into being jabbed with health-destroying toxins.

Protecting and preserving health requires following guidelines that are polar opposite what Fauci et al push.

Above all, stay jab-free.

If erred by getting jabbed, take no more.

Know that if PCR-tested, results are meaningless.

If positive yet you’re asymptomatic and feeling normal, you’re healthy, not ill from flu/covid.

Big lies take on a life of their own.

MSM share guilt with US/Western dark forces by pushing kill shots and all else flu/covid related designed to destroy public health and well-being.

Guidelines vital to follow are clear and unequivocal.

Do the right things, shun the wrong ones, stay well, and defeat the mother of all state-sponsored scams that aim to destroy health and what remains of free and open societies.

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