Hard-Wired US/Western Hostility Toward Iran

JCPOA talks in Vienna going nowhere reflect longstanding US/Western hostility toward Iran.

Their ruling regimes demand everything, offering nothing in return but hollow promises to be broken.

It’s been this say since Iran’s 1979 revolution, freeing the nation and its people from hegemon USA control.

Both right wings of its war party want to regain what was lost.

They want control of Iran’s vast oil and gas reserves.

They want ordinary Iranians exploited to serve US interests.

They’ve waged decades of war on Iran by other means.

The Obama/Biden regime breached the JCPOA nearly straightaway after its adoption.

Hardliners controlling the imposter in the White House have no intention of observing what’s mandated by Security Council Res. 2231 — ignoring that its binding international and US constitutional law under its Supremacy Clause.

Whatever comes out of Vienna talks won’t change Washington’s longstanding aim for regime change in Iran.

While war on the Islamic Republic is unlikely, it’s possible by accident or design because hegemon USA pushes things too far time and again.

On Friday, a draft resolution on human rights in Iran was adopted by a UN General Assembly vote of 78 nations in favor, 31 against and 69 abstentions.

Nations supporting the unacceptable measure were pressured, bullied, threatened and/or bribed by the Biden regime to go along with what they know is untrue.

Commenting on the measure, Iran’s deputy UN envoy Zahra Ershadi denounced the politicized measure, saying the following:

“An examination of the list of the draft resolution’s main sponsors – namely Canada, the US, the child-killer Israeli regime and certain Western countries – exposes the fact that the main proponents of racism, occupation, and those behind the abhorrent murder of indigenous peoples have come together to lecture others on human rights.”

Noting discovered graves of around 1,200 indigenous children in Canada, Ershadi added:

“The West may choose silence over Canada’s horrendous crimes, but history will never forget that in the so-called land of the free, thousands of indigenous children were sexually abused, killed and dumped in mass graves.”

Scores of UN member states rejected the Iran-bashing resolution for good reason.

Separately on Friday, Iran’s deputy judiciary chief for international affairs and High Council for Human Rights secretary, Kazem Gharibabadi, said the anti-Iran resolution was drafted by “one of the biggest human rights violators.”

Its text is “filled with claims that have no basis and are far from the realities on the ground.”

“(H)uman rights are politicized and used as a means to achieve foreign policy goals of countries.”

Iran will not be “influenced by political measures and mechanisms adopted by other countries.” 

“(W)e will continue to call out the self-proclaimed human rights advocates for their dual standards and politically-motivated approaches, reminding them (that)  human rights is not a political issue for them to use for dual purposes or as an instrument against some other countries but keep silent in the case of other countries or violations of their own people’s rights.”

Along with the highest of high crimes committed by hegemon USA and apartheid Israel — including major human rights abuses — US vassal state Canada mistreats 400,000 Iranian nationals in the country as invented fifth column threats.

Last month, Gharibabadi slammed the UN’s special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran, Javaid Rehman, for ignoring how illegally imposed US sanctions on Iran harm its people, adding:

He supports hostile US actions against Iran, “takes part in rallies held by terrorist groups and bases his reports on partial and distorted information…”

At the same time, he turns a blind eye to “violations of Iranians’ rights.”

His actions “prove beyond any doubt that (his) mission (was) formulated on the basis of political criteria and must end.”

Separately on Friday, the hawkish pro-Israeli Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) published an unacceptable statement by former US officials hostile toward Iran, including: 

Former CIA chiefs Leon Panetta and David Petraeus

Former US under secretary of war for policy Michele Flournoy

Former state department director of policy planning Dennis Ross

Former undemocratic Dem House foreign relations committee chairman Howard Berman

Former House member Jane Harman, and

WINEP head Robert Satloff

Like most other current and past US officials, they stressed the importance of preventing Iran from developing nukes (sic).

Like always when this issue is fraudulently raised, longstanding common knowledge in Washington, the West and Israel is ignored that Iran abhors these weapons, calling for their elimination before they eliminate us.

It’s also well known that Iran’s legitimate nuclear program has no military component.

In stark contrast to nuclear armed and dangerous USA and Israel, Iran complies fully with NPT provisions.

It’s at peace with its neighbors and hasn’t attacked another country in centuries.

It threatens none now except in self-defense if attacked, the UN Charter right of all nations.

The above anti-Iran gang-of-seven recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about Iran.

They lied accusing Iranian representatives in Vienna of making new maximal demands while retracting previous concessions (sic).”

They lied saying “its scientists are crossing dangerous enrichment thresholds (sic).”

They lied accusing Iran of using Vienna talks as “cover for…mov(ing) toward achieving a threshold nuclear weapons capability (sic).”

They lied saying that Iran “not only wants to preserve a nuclear weapons option but is actively moving toward developing that capability (sic).”

They falsely accused Iran of preventing “success of diplomacy” in Vienna.

They ignored that hegemon USA and subservient E3 regimes bear full responsibility for illegally abandoning the landmark agreement.

Instead of returning to compliance as international law demands, they killed the deal and want it kept dead, not restored.

At the same time, the gang-of-seven lied, claiming “urgent challenges of Russia’s threats to Ukraine and an increasingly aggressive China” that don’t exist.

Suggesting support for US-led aggression against nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Iran, they called for “restor(ing) (its) fear (of) use of force against it by the US.”

Do they have humanity-destroying WW III in mind, including against Russia and China?

No “dangerous advance of” Iran’s legitimate nuclear program exists.

All steps it took since Trump illegally abandoned the JCPOA comply fully with Security Council Res. 2231.

It’s in stark contrast to breaching its provisions by the Trump and Biden regimes, their E3 counterparts going the same way.

No ambiguity about Iran’s legitimate nuclear program exists.

The same goes for its geopolitical agenda.

It prioritizes peace and cooperative relations with other countries, threatening none.

The US gang-of-seven pretended otherwise.

Presenting no evidence supportive of their claims about Iran revealed their bald-faced Big Lies about the nation and its actions on the world stage.

They, hegemon USA-dominated NATO, apartheid Israel, and nations subservient to their will pose real threats to sovereign independent nations like Iran, world peace and ordinary people everywhere.

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  1. Mr Lendman..

    For your eyes only.

    Actually, I figured out Israel’s Quantum Missile Defense.

    I’ve never.mentioned it publically

    Or told anyone.
    My rational being

    If so can do it
    From criteria I studied 50 yrs ago
    Materials Physics

    Certainly the Iranians.hsvr

    Assumptions, the dearth of Science.

    Life.. strangers than weird

    I should say something

    All the components must be in Public Domain by now.

    Strange comment, I presume.


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