Preview of Fake Biden’s Tuesday Address

Ahead of the White House imposter’s fear-mongering mass deception Tuesday address, press secretary Psaki previewed it on Monday, saying the following:

“(H)e’ll talk about what to expect as we head into the winter months and detail additional steps that he — we will be taking.”

He’ll “restate” fake news about the more scariant than variant omicron.

He’ll defy science by falsely claiming that “you are 14 times more likely to die of” flu/covid if unjabbed (sic).

He’ll push toxic boosters for greater destruction of public health, along with masks that don’t protect and risk respiratory harm from inhalation of bacteria, fungi and viral droplets in concentrated form.

He’ll repeat the Big Lie claim that unjabbed individuals “continue to drive hospitalizations and deaths.”

There’s no ambiguity that it’s the other way around.

Jabbing destroys health. The more jabs gotten, the greater the irreversible damage done.

Staying jab-free is crucial to protect and preserve health.

Claims otherwise are bald-faced Big Lies.

So are phony claims about the number of Americans jabbed, double-and-booster-jabbed.

True numbers are far less that what’s officially reported and proliferated by MSM fake news.

The fake Biden “will announce additional steps” to be implemented by his regime ahead.

He continue pushing fake news about a nonexistent pandemic — except for the jabbed, along with an unparalleled pandemic of daily proliferated fake news on all things flu/covid.

He’ll push “increase(d) (PCR) testing” that when positive is nearly always false because they’re administered at cycles higher than below 30 to turn out this way.

Psaki lied claiming that the White House imposter “is regularly tested (sic).”

She lied claiming that “we know (masks) are effective and work (sic).”

She lied about everything flu/covid related.

On Ukraine, she quoted a fake news state department claim, warning “US citizens…that Russia is planning for significant military action against Ukraine” — knowing no such plan exists.

Virtually everything she and other Biden regime officials claim about major domestic and geopolitical issues are bald-faced Big Lies.

What’s said is all about mass deceiving the public over explaining what everyone needs to know.

Ahead of the fake Biden’s address on Monday, fraudster Fauci recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies about more scariant than variant omicron, saying:

It’s more “troublesome” than delta (sic).

It’s “dominating in Africa, has taken over in England. And right now,” it’s spreading across the US (sic).

It’s “extraordinary (sic).”

Fact: It’s one of multi-labeled garden variety seasonal flu strains.

Virtually identical to each other, they’re deceptively called covid.

No “stark warning” of an ominous winter ahead is warranted.

No viral pandemic exists that will worsen ahead.

Everything flu/covid related should be challenged and halted — especially health-destroying kill shots.

On Monday, Pharma-controlled CDC fake news falsely claimed that omicron comprises nearly three-fourths of flu/covid outbreaks, according to fraudster Walensky.

Where I’ve lived since the late 1960s, the Chicago Tribune reported a “surge (of) chaos and closures across (the city’s) hospitality industry, including more than two dozen bars and restaurants…temporarily shuttered in recent days” — over nothing.

On Monday, the NHL suspended play, saying the following:

“With no games currently scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 22, because of (flu/covid)-related postponements, the NHL and Players Association agreed to postpone five games…to begin the collectively-bargained holiday break effective with the conclusion of games (on) Dec. 21.”

Games scheduled for Dec. 22, 23, 24, and 25 (Christmas Day) “shall be off days…”

“Players will report back to their clubs on Dec. 26, which shall be used for testing, practice and/or travel only.” 

Following the holiday break, “no individual(s) in the team’s traveling party shall enter (its facilities) other than for testing purposes until” permitted when play resumes. 

“(R)egular season (games) will resume on Monday, Dec. 27” unless they’re suspensed longer that what was announced.

All of the above is over nothing.

The same goes for other organized sports, including unnecessarily rescheduled NFL games.

Symptoms indicate flu/covid illness, not meaningless PCR tests that when positive are nearly always false.

The mother of all state-sponsored, MSM proliferated scams continues unabated with intent to multi-jab maximum numbers of people worldwide with health-destroying toxins.

Defeating the diabolical scheme requires mass opposition.

If millions of Americans and their counterparts abroad hold firmly against what no one should accept, it’ll crumble and end — largely with a whimper and nary a bang.

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