Upcoming Russia/US Security Talks

Talking is better than confrontation even though the chance for something positive from Russian/US negotiations is virtually nil.

On Wednesday, Sergey Lavrov said talks between Russia and the US will take place in January.

His announcement came a day after interventionist Blinken falsely accused Russia and China of “seek(ing) to undermine the international system (sic).”

Once again, he defied reality by claiming a Russian buildup around Ukraine that doesn’t exist.

He lied saying that “we’ve seen plans that Russia has to commit renewed acts of aggression against Ukraine that it could implement on very short order (sic).”

No such “plans” exist — not now or earlier.

Saying hegemon USA is “committed to engaging in (diplomacy) if Russia is too” defied how its both wings of its war party operate on the world stage.

Claiming that the Biden regime is “prepared to engage diplomatically (with Russia) through multiple channels,” he added:

“(Y)ou’ll see relatively early in the new year engagements…to see if we can advance differences diplomatically.”  

“Russia said…it has grievances, demands, concerns.”

“(S)o does the US and our European partners about Russia’s conduct (sic), the actions it’s taken (sic).”  

“All of that will be on the table.”

“There are some very obvious nonstarters in things that the Russians have put on the table (sic)” — like peace over war, stability over US-generated heightened tensions, and strict compliance with the rule of law.   

Lavrov indicated that “relatively early in the new year, engagements (will take place between Russia and the US) to see if we can advance differences diplomatically,” adding:

Vladimir Putin spoke to his German and French counterparts about “bring(ing) the issue of security guarantees to the platform of the OSCE as well” — besides direct Russian/US negotiations.

Moscow wants peace, not war. It wants its security guaranteed by the US-dominated West.

It wants no further NATO encroachment toward its borders, including no hostile military bases in former Soviet republics.

“We were regularly deceived, starting with verbal promises to political commitments that were written in the NATO-Russia Founding Act,” Lavrov explained.

“We warned (anti-Russia) hotheads. 

“Ukraine is full of them.”

So is the US and other Western countries.

Actions by Washington and its key NATO partners are fueling “aggressive sentiment in Ukraine.”

In protecting its security and sovereignty, Moscow will “react toughly to unfriendly steps.”

On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin stressed that Russia will respond as needed to unacceptable hostile actions by the US/West, adding:

“(W)e have every right to do so. We have every right to take actions designed to ensure the security and sovereignty of Russia.”

He called for a “clear and comprehensive” response to its security proposals.

On Wednesday, Russia’s US embassy responded to a Big Lie by Blinken’s spokesman Price.

Falsely blaming Moscow for escalated tensions — stoked by Biden regime hardliners — it slammed the state department’s “distort(ion) (of) reality,” adding:

“For the sake of de-escalation, the US should not create anti-Russian military sites near our borders.” 

“In particular, Washington shall undertake to prevent further eastward expansion of NATO, deny accession to the alliance to the states of the former USSR, not use their infrastructure for any military activities, and not develop bilateral military cooperation with them.”

On Tuesday, a fake news Politico report asked: “Will Putin Invade” Ukraine (sic)?

It falsely claimed that Russia maintains a “tight hold…over the lives of (Donbass residents) accustomed to living with war (sic).”

It repeated the endlessly repeated Big Lie claim about Russian forces massed along Ukraine’s border that don’t exist — with “imminent invasion” in mind (sic).

“(T)he world (is not) trying to guess whether Russia would or would not invade Ukraine…again (sic).”

Taking on a life of their own by endless repetition of rubbish, MSM never stop pushing what they know is untrue — but report it anyway to mind-manipulate readers and viewers.

The all-yellow-journalism all the time on big issues Daily Beast was way over-the-top claiming that “Russian citizens are now being prepped for nuclear war (sic).”

Ignored was that throughout the post-WW II period, no ruling authorities anywhere wanted things to go this far.

Clearly not Russia today. Even Biden regime hardliners consider war with WMDs a red line not to be crossed — even though both sides know the unthinkable is possible by accident or design.

If Russian/US negotiations take place in the new year, chance for anything positive is zero — no matter how either or both sides spin them.

Hegemon USA is implacably hostile toward Russia and other countries free from its control.

No evidence suggests a shift in what’s been hard-wired policy for well over a century.

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