SCOTUS to Hear Arguments on Two Illegal Biden Regime Mandates

In response to unconstitutional Biden regime flu/covid related mandates, numerous US states, private businesses and groups called on the Supremes to address what’s unacceptably going on.

Following numerous appeals, Justice Brett Kavanaugh asked the Biden regime to respond by December 30 — days before businesses with 100 or more employees are mandated to be jabbed with health-destroying toxins and be masked, or required to be regularly tested.

Although it was just a matter of time before the Supremes agreed to hear arguments on the above mandate and one or more related ones, hold the cheers.

From August through mid-

December, the High Court breached the international and constitutional right of voluntary and informed consent on all things health related five times.

It refused to rule against toxic jabs designed to destroy bodily organs vital to sustain life.

On January 7, the Supremes agreed to hear arguments on two unlawful Biden regime mandates: 

Whether businesses with 100 or more employees must assure they’re fully-jabbed or regularly tested, and:

Whether to uphold or overturn the White House mandate for healthcare staff at facilities receiving Medicare and Medicaid funding to be fully-jabbed.

In October, the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit overturned a temporary restraining order that upheld the right of New York state healthcare workers to be exempt from toxic jabs for religious reasons.

A US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit three-judge panel ruled in favor of the Biden regime’s illegal mandate for employees of US firms with 100 or more on staff to be fully-jabbed.

The ruling defied international and US constitutional law that require voluntary and informed consent on all things health related.

It also reversed a 5th Circuit Court of Appeals restraining order that upheld the rule of law.

Tens of millions of US refuseniks are unwilling to sacrifice their health as a condition of employment or for free access to public places.

Mandated restrictions in US states and cities have nothing to do with protecting health and well-being.

They’re all about pushing maximum numbers of people to self-inflict harm from kill shots, along with sacrificing freedoms to tyrannical rule.

Protecting health from jabs designed to destroy it requires shunning them.

CDC data and what’s reported by its counterpart agencies in Europe and Israel show that jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of flu/covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

More scariant than variant omicron is more tempest in a teapot than threat to public health.

Early in the new year most likely, the Supremes will rule on two unconstitutional Biden regime mandates.

If past is prologue, it may uphold use of kill shots a 6th time.

If surprises by going the other way, it may not matter.

With kill shots and destruction of freedoms supported Dems in control Congress and the White House, legislation could be passed and enacted into law that overrides the High Court.

Protecting health and what remains of a free and open US society won’t come legislatively or judicially.

It’ll be by mass resistance against what no one should tolerate — the only way to turn things around.

Nothing less will work at a time when dominant US dark forces are mortal enemies of ordinary people at home and worldwide.


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