Incestuous Ties Between Pharma and Big Government

Washington is Pharma-occupied territory.

Companies comprising the trillion dollar industry spend more on buying influence than any other industry group.

According to — based on data compiled by the Senate Office of Public Records — the industry spent nearly $5 billion dollars buying influence over the past 23 years.

In 2020, its worldwide revenues exceeded $1.25 trillion.

With multi-billion government handouts to Pharma for hazardous-to-health flu/covid drugs, the QuintilesIMS Institute estimated its 2021 global revenue at around $1.5 trillion.

Last month, noted that Pharma and medical device firms have more power and make far money in the US than anywhere else.

At the same time, “they’ve spent billions on fines, settlements and jury verdicts” for harm to health and well-being caused by their products.

Polls show that only about a fourth of Americans view Pharma favorably.

Along with oil, gas, chemical, and tobacco industries, Pharma is most hated by US consumers.

The industry’s history is pockmarked by health-destroying drugs, fraud, bribery and related scandals.

According to BigPharma’sBest, the Trump regime was infested with revolving door Pharma officials.

At least 40 of its officials had — and likely still have — Pharma ties.

At least 60 Pharma firms and lobbying groups influenced its health-related policies.

At least two dozen of its officials provided Pharma with legal services.

At least nine of its officials worked as Pharma lobbyists.

Key Trump regime Pharma-connected officials included:

Christopher Liddell, deputy White House chief of staff

Ben Carson, HUD secretary

Alex Azar, HHS secretary

Scott Gottlieb, FDA commissioner

Numerous others maintained incestuous ties to Pharma.

For time immemorial, Pharma and other industry groups have bought influence and control policymaking in Washington — by officials in key government positions and billions of dollars spent on lobbying.

Key Biden regime officials have Pharma ties, including interventionist Blinken, Susan Rice, and Eric Lander, among others.

They include officials connected to Pfizer and other kill shot producers.

Because of Pharma control over healthcare related policymaking, Americans spend more than double the amount for prescription drugs than what they cost in other developed countries.

Yet nearly half of Americans have one or more chronic diseases that are responsible for around 70% of US deaths annually.

Disabling, destroying the quality of life and shortening lifespans, all age groups are affected.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) called “the chronic disease epidemic” affecting US children “the greatest crisis” the nation faces.

Over half of US children suffer from one or more chronic diseases.

They’ve never been sicker from preventable chronic illnesses than now.

They include autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), asthma, allergies, pediatric autoimmune conditions and others.

When I was growing up long ago, things were far different from today.

Long ago more normal conditions are gone because of increased use of heavy metals, pesticides, fluoridated water, herbicides, toxic drugs, air pollutants, artificial food additives, hazardous to health GMO foods and ingredients, and other environmental toxins that risk the health and well-being of everyone.

Vaccines cause diseases they’re supposed to protect against but don’t. 

Kill shots designed to destroy health are most hazardous of all. 

In the 1950s, the US had one of the world’s highest life expectancy rates.

Today it’s one of the lowest among developed nations.

Despite US federal law requiring that FDA approved drugs must be “safe and effective,” Public Citizen’s Health Research Group revealed otherwise in three earlier books titled:

“Pills That Don’t Work”

“Over the Counter Pills That Don’t Work”

“Worst Pills, Best Pills: A Consumer’s Guide to Avoiding Drug-Induced Death or Illness”

Virtually all drugs have labels that warn of potential side effects that can be hazardous to health.

Time and again, the FDA approves use of drugs prematurely. 

Kill shots aside, over 100,000 American die annually from the toxic side effects of prescription drugs.

Deaths from prescription drugs far exceed numbers from global hot wars.

A previous article cited an estimate of nearly 400,000 US deaths from kill shots in the past year.

Everyone jabbed was irreparably harmed, especially multi-jabbed individuals.

US healthcare is misnamed.

It’s a sickness industry, especially since garden variety seasonal flu was renamed covid with diabolical aims in mind.

On Wednesday, Trump disgraced himself by calling health-destroying kill shots “one of the greatest achievements of mankind (sic).”

He lied saying they “work.”

He lied claiming what destroys health and kills “protect(s) (sic).”

He lied saying that “(p)eople aren’t dying when they take” them.

He lied claiming that individuals “get(ting) very sick and…hospital(ized) are the ones that don’t take the” the jabs (sic).

He lied claiming that without them the US would have seen a repetition of the century-earlier Spanish flu epidemic.

As a previous article explained, quoting Dr. Gary Kohls and Kevin Barry:

“During WW1, the Rockefeller Institute…sent its experimental anti-meningococcal serum to England, France, Belgium, Italy and other countries, helping spread the epidemic worldwide.”

“The Rockefeller Institute and its experimental bacterial meningococcal vaccine, contrary to the accepted mythology, may have killed 50-100 million people in 1918-1919.”

“According to a 2008 National Institute of Health paper, bacterial pneumonia was the killer in a minimum of 92.7% of the 1918-19 pandemic autopsies reviewed.”

“Clean water, sanitation, flushing toilets, refrigerated foods and healthy diets have done and still do far more to protect humanity from infectious diseases than any vaccine program.”

“Newly analyzed documents reveal that the ‘Spanish Flu’ may have been a military vaccine experiment gone awry” — unrelated to the viral illness.

Trump not only is a congenital liar, at times he shows profound ignorance.

Pushing kill shots is a crime against humanity.

He and his regime share guilt with the current one and its rogue’s gallery of scoundrels.

All things flu/covid — especially kill shots — are all about producing mass casualties on the phony pretext of protecting health.

Shunning them is crucial.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Great Article.

    Trump fuxed up..

    Tacking to the Center

    He thinks it’ll make him
    more electible.

    He’ll lose my 33% of his base.

    Terrible Decision.

    Anti Vaxers Now,
    don’t have a Nationally recognized Spokesperson

    BTW.. I’m falling asleep
    Gotta do the back nine
    When I wake up in about 5 hours.

    Merry Christmas
    Mr Lendman.

    Bahhh Humbug..!



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