Pushing Toxins Over What’s Safe and Effective

Virtually everything pushed by US/Western dark forces, their anti-public health handmaidens and MSM press agents are all about destroying heath on the phony pretext of protecting it.

The proof of the pudding is shown by catastrophic levels of adverse events and deaths — countless millions harmed or dead in the US alone.

Yet the daily drumbeat of flu/covid related fake news drowns out what’s vital for everyone to know.

Flu/covid drugs in jabs or pill form destroy public health.

The same goes for remdesivir.

Despite no evidence suggesting that the Gilead Science’s drug is effective in treating flu/covid, the drug is being administered for this purpose — because it harms and doesn’t protect.

On Thursday, WaPo fake news cited a Gilead-funded study designed to conceal remdesivir’s harm while pretending it works.

Defying science, it falsely claimed that the drug “reduced hospitalization and death by 87 percent when given soon after diagnosis” to the unjabbed (sic).

No longer a reliable source of truth-telling on all things health related, the New England Journal of Medicine published the fake news study results claim. 

No evidence shows that remdesivir significantly reduces the risk of hospitalization in high-risk patients diagnosed with flu/covid.

Lead study researcher 

Robert L. Gottlieb, with ties to Pharma, falsely compared flu/covid kill shots to a primary parachute needed for jumping out of planes, adding:

Remdesivir is a “secondary chute (sic).”

Ignored was when either or both are taken as directed, they harm health and risk death.

Yet the Pharma-controlled FDA authorized redemsivir’s use for emergency treatment of flu/covid patients — despite no evidence of its safety or effectiveness at a time when no emergency exists.

According to a “double-blind, placebo-controlled, multicenter, randomized” trial of remdesivir administered to 236 patients infected with flu/covid — published by the The Lancet — findings were “inconclusive,” adding:

“The study has not shown a statistically significant finding that confirms a remdesivir treatment benefit of at least the minimally clinically important difference, nor has it ruled such a benefit out.”

While more extensive tests may show the drug to be effective, it “might actually do harm.”

Results of the study reported by the Lancet showed use of remdesivir failed to improve the overall condition of flu/covid patients.

Nor did it reduce the presence of pathogens in their bloodstream.

Independent medical experts warned that the drug may be highly toxic and dangerous.

According to a lawsuit filed last summer — based on a whistleblower’s “sworn declaration” — around 25% of hospitalized patients administered remdesivir died.

Gilead-funded study results otherwise defrauded the public by falsely claiming the drug to be effective.

Doctors prescribing it for hospitalized patients are guilty of malpractice.

With known safe and effective protocols able to treat and cure flu/covid when taken as directed — notably ivermectin, an HCQ/zinc/zithmomax combination and others — toxic mass-jabbing and use of harmful to health remdesivir are inexcusable.

In the US-dominated West and elsewhere, profits are prioritized — including for what harms health and doesn’t protect.

No peer-reviewed evidence indicates that remdesivir is safe and effective in treating and curing flu/covid patients.

Based on science, indisputable evidence shows that the drug harms these patients and risks death.


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  1. Mr Lendman

    Very Serious shit.

    But on my meds now..
    All that I can say,

    Joey and Blinken are a
    Double Blind Placebo.

    Member Flip Wilson as Geraldine..
    “. Devil made me say that..!”


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