US-Installed NATO Puppet in Brussels

Like his predecessors, when US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg speaks, he recites or paraphrases remarks scripted for him by hegemon USA.

On Thursday, he ignored former US Secretary of State Jim Baker’s 1990 pledge.

Saying US-led NATO will not move “one inch” east toward Russia’s borders, he called the pledge an “ironclad guarantee.”

Following Soviet Russia’s dissolution in 1991, most of its republics and Warsaw Pact countries were incorporated into NATO.

Controlled as a virtual Pentagon extension, the alliance is a killing machine for offense, not defense, at a time when its only enemies are invented ones.

Notably, Bush/Cheney, Obama/Biden, and Trump Nuclear Posture (NPR) Reviews asserted the preemptive right to use first-strike nuclear weapons against (invented) adversaries, nuclear armed or not.

According to, the Biden regime’s nuclear posture review is set for release in January.

US war department spokesman John Kirby said it’ll “continue to consider and include a wide range of” options, nothing left off the table.

Weeks earlier, Dem Senator Ed Markey expressed concern about an NPR that continues to “reflect (an) over-reliance on nuclear weapons (rather than) reduc(ing)” the risk of using these WMDs.

According to the Financial Times weeks earlier, Britain, France, Germany, Japan and other countries are pushing the Biden regime to maintain US policy on fir-strike use of nukes at its discretion.

Earlier as vice president, Biden said “the sole purpose of our nuclear arsenal is to deter and, if necessary, retaliate for a nuclear attack against the United States and its allies.”

Early next year, Russian and US representatives will hold further Strategic Stability Dialogue arms control talks.

In September, both countries agreed to continue them in the new year.

At the time, Biden regime Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman said discussion will include “dig(ging) into the details on a wide range of issues of importance to the two delegations.”

In early December, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said “we have been working on their agenda in the most intensive way,” adding:

Both countries “have many discords, disagreements, and contradictory views on things, and only a few points of convergence.” 

In October, he said “there are no unbridgeable gaps” as long as “political will and readiness for creative diplomacy prevail on both sides.”

US plans call for spending over $1 trillion in upgrading its nuclear arsenal, likely double or more this amount instead of responsibly stepping back from the brink of possible nuclear armageddon.

Putin earlier stressed that Russia is “not threatening anyone.”

It’s “not going to attack anyone, or take anything from anyone by threat of arms.”

“Russia’s growing military power is a solid guarantee of global peace, as it preserves and will continue to preserve strategic parity and the balance of forces in the world, which, as is well-known, has been and remains a key factor of international security after WWII and up to the present day,” adding:

Russia won’t ever use nuclear weapons unless preemptively attacked with these WMDs.

In stark contrast, US-dominated NATO operates belligerently on the world stage against invented enemies.

On Thursday, US-installed NATO puppet head Stoltenberg lied, saying:

“NATO never promised not to expand (sic).” 

“Even in the founding agreement of our organization it is written that every European state can become a member of the alliance.”

“Each state can freely determine its own destiny.” 

“This is the fundamental principle of European security, which Russia has subscribed to.”

According to the letter and spirit of international law and world peace, the rights of nation-states exclude what interferes with and/or threatens other countries.

For Russia, nuclear-capable missiles in nations near its borders are unacceptable.

The issue is nonnegotiable.

Putin stressed that Moscow will not tolerate this threat to its security, saying on Tuesday:

“We are highly concerned over the deployment of the US ABM systems near Russia(’s)” borders.

“If this infrastructure advances, if the US and NATO missile systems appear in Ukraine,” Russia will take adequate military-technical measures” in response.

It’ll “respond toughly” to the hostile step. 

“What they are doing on the territory of Ukraine now, or trying to do and going to do…this is at the doorstep of our home” and will not be tolerated.

Days earlier, a fake news Stoltenberg’s NATO press release invented a fantasy concern about a “Russian military build-up on the borders of Ukraine” that doesn’t exist.

It called on Moscow to “de-escalate” what it didn’t escalate.

Saying “NATO will take all necessary measures to ensure the security and defense of” its member-states and partners ignored that global threats of concern were made-in-the-USA — not Moscow by other nations free from its control.

Time and again, hegemon USA, its European vassal states and puppet NATO head falsely accuse Russia of “aggression (sic).” 

It’s a longstanding Western specialty against invented enemies, not how Moscow operates.

Ignoring reality like many times before, Stoltenberg turned truth on its head as follows, saying:

“NATO is a defensive alliance (sic)…” 

It “strive(s) for peace, security, and stability in the whole of the Euro-Atlantic area” and elsewhere — while waging forever direct and proxy wars by hot and other means on nations threatening no one.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    And yet..

    The $64,000 Question:

    Gorby Gorbeshev didn’t get it in Writing..?

    Here’s all that the Slogan Dept has..

    “Zircon, Zircon
    Whatta think, Sir Kahn

    We know the Gangsters are desperate..

    But let’s hope the Motherfuxers aren’t. __?___”

    Slogan Dept fuxed up on
    Egg nog today.


    Merry Christmas!


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