MSM Fake News War on Russia

The world community of nations knows that Russia is a good neighbor.

It’s a reliable ally that prioritizes peace and cooperative relations with other countries.

It seeks confrontation with none, but as international law permits, it’ll defend its security and sovereignty as required.

US/Western MSM pretend otherwise.

Virtually everything reported about Russia — and other invented enemies — is fake news, truth and full disclosure suppressed.

According to NYT managed news misinformation and disinformation, “the Kremlin is militarizing Russian society (sic).”

Left unexplained by the Times is that hegemon USA spends as much or more on all things military related — with all categories included — than the rest of the world community combined.

In stark contrast, Russia spends less than 10% on defense compared to Washington’s bloated military budget.

According to NYT fake news — based on Biden regime/Pentagon/CIA-supplied talking points — Russia “promote(s) the idea that (it’s) surrounded by enemies (sic)…”

It “raised the possibility that the country might again have to defend itself as it did against the Nazis in World War II (sic).”

It “mass(ed) troops on the Ukrainian border (sic).”

According to satellite images, they’re over 1,000 kilometers from the neighboring country’s border in their own territory — threatening no one.

Alleged “fears of an impending invasion” are Russia-bashing fake news.

No “steady militarization of Russian society under Vladimir Putin” exists, no threat against other countries.

No “selling the idea of war” by Russia is going on.

Putin indeed said that Moscow will respond to Western aggression if occurs with “military-technical measures” as permitted by international law in self-defense.

No signs of Putin spoiling for a fight exist.

Throughout the Russian Federation’s existence over the past 30 years, it never attacked or threatened another country — prioritizing peace and cooperative relations instead.

At the same time, Russians — especially ones old enough to remember the Great Patriotic War in defense of the nation against Nazi Germany’s invasion — have great cause for concern about the menace that US-dominated NATO poses to the country today.

Longstanding US plans for transforming Russia and other sovereign independent countries into vassal states reflect how the scourge of imperialism operates.

While Russia prioritizes peace and stability, its super-weapons — superior to the best in the West — made the nation the world’s dominant superpower.

Developed at a small fraction of what the US spends on weapons development, production and all things military overall, Russia’s military capabilities are solely for defense, not aggression against invented enemies the way Washington operates.

Putin earlier stressed that Russia will not engage in an arms race. 

It’ll use its resources effectively and efficiently for protection it needs against foreign threats.

He also stressed that, unlike the US and NATO, Russia abides by its treaty obligations and rule of law in all respects.

Russia needs state-of-the-art weapons for defense because the world is threatened Washington’s permanent war policy against nations free from its control, its contempt for international law and agreements, its militarized encroachment near Moscow’s borders, its aim to militarize space, and other hostile actions that threaten world peace.

Russia, China, Iran, and other nations free from US control prioritize the world at peace over forever wars.

US-dominate NATO, apartheid Israel, and nations subservient to their interests are mortal enemies of virtually everything just societies hold most dear.

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