Mayo Clinic Betrayal of the Public Trust on Flu/Covid

According to a ranking of “America’s Best Hospitals” by US News, Rochester MN-based Mayo Clinic is “ranked No. 1.”

Left unexplained by US News is Mayo’s advocacy for flu/covid kill shots.

It also debunks use of known safe and effective protocols for treating and curing the illness in a few days — most often with no need of hospitalization.

Mayo fake news over the real thing falsely claimed that “(n)o cure is available for” flu/covid — a bald-faced Big Lie.

Ignoring Pharma control over the HHS, FDA, CDC, NIH, NIAID and other US public health agencies, Mayo said the “antiviral drug remdesivir” alone was approved to treat hospitalized flu/covid adults and children aged-12 and older.

It also named other drugs used on these patients, including paxlovid, molnupiravir, the rheumatoid arthritis drug baricitinib and others. 

Unexplained by Mayo was remdesivir’s approval by the FDA despite no evidence of its safety or effectiveness.

Indisputable evidence revealed its harm when taken as directed for flu/covid, especially together with intubation. 

As discussed in a separate article, around 25% of hospitalized flu/covid patients administered remdesivir died.

For these patients, there’s nothing remotely safe and effective about a drug to be shunned, not used to treat them.

Ivermectin, an HCQ/zinc/zithmomax combination, and other known safe and effective protocols to treat and cure flu/covid safely and effectively.

These remedies are unapproved because they work — in stark contrast to health-destroying jabs.

What Mayo should have explained, it suppressed — instead falsely saying the following:

“Ivermectin isn’t a drug for treating viruses and the FDA hasn’t approved use of this drug to treat or prevent” flu/covid (sic). 

“Don’t use medications intended for animals on yourself (sic).”

“Hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine…were authorized for emergency use by the FDA” earlier.

It “withdrew authorization when data analysis showed that the drugs are not effective for treating” flu/covid (sic). 

“They can also cause serious heart problems (sic).”

Ignoring peer-reviewed science, the above fake news is all about harming health instead of explaining what obliterates flu/covid when used as directed.

Last week, Mayo asked: “Are (flu/covid jabs) safe?”

Ignoring their experimental nature, rushed development, and hazards to health, Mayo defied peer-reviewed science, saying:

“The safety of these (jabs) has been studied extensively (sic).” 

“(T)he incidence of adverse effects is very, very low (sic).”

Jabs “were fast-tracked, but the parts that were fast-tracked were the paperwork (sic).” 

“Because these (jabs) have such great interest (sic), the time it took to enroll patients was very, very fast (sic).”

“We now have months of data on patients who received the (jab) or placebo, and we’ve compared the incidence of side effects between (both groups) and incidence of side effects, other than injection site reaction, is no different (sic).”

“The side effects…are very mild (sic).” 

“In a very, very small subset of patients — those patients who’ve had prior allergic reactions — some patients can experience allergic reaction to the (jabs).”

“(W)e believe that number is exceedingly low (sic).”

“Data must show that a (flu/covid jab) is safe and effective before the FDA can give emergency use authorization or approval (sic).” 

“The safety of (flu/covid jabs) is closely monitored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and FDA (sic).”

“FDA…data found (jabs it approved to be) safe and effective (sic).”

Mayo knows that Pharma controls the FDA and other so-called US public health agencies.

It knows about millions of adverse events, serious cases and many thousands deaths reported by CDC VAERS data and what’s covered by the European Medicines Agency.

Based on officially reported Western data, including from Britain, it knows that countless millions were harmed and many tens of thousands died from mass-jabbing.

It knows what it suppressed on its website. 

It knows that toxic jabs irreparably harm health, don’t protect and shorten the life span of inoculated individuals.

It knows that the more jabs gotten, the greater the harm to these people.

It knows that jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

It should know that there’s nothing safe and effective about remdesivir for flu/covid patients.

It knows that in most cases, intubation doesn’t help them and risks death.

It knows that virtually everything officially reported about all things flu/covid and proliferated by MSM is false.

It knows what’s safe and effective in treating flu/covid v. what harms and risks death.

It knows what it failed to explain.

It knows that what’s published on its website about flu/covid is false and misleading.

It knows that hospitals like its own in Rochester MN and elsewhere are complicit with the Biden regime’s aim to mass-exterminate maximum numbers of unwanted people.

It knows that US hospitals like its own are incentivized by federal payments (bribes) to artificially inflate numbers of flu/covid patients.

It knows that they’re paid extra to intubate flu/covid patients — no matter the risk of more greatly harming or killing them.

It knows that hospitals get higher payments if flu/covid is designated the cause of admittance and death even when not so.

It knows that hospitals can earn an extra $100,000 or more per patient by calling their illness flu/covid.

It knows that what benefits complying hospitals financially destroys the health of patients — notably by withholding known safe and effective meds in favor of protocols that harm.

It knows that — like the vast majority of US hospitals — Mayo sold it soul to a higher power in Washington for big bucks gotten by artificially diagnosing maximum numbers of patients ill from flu/covid and treating them according to a federally pushed/harmful to health protocol. 

If the top-rated US hospital operates as explained above, it’s clear that hospitalization for — real or misdiagnosed — flu/covid risks harm to include possible death by shunning use of known safe and effective protocols in favor of harmful ones. 

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Gimme a Truthburger with everything… hold the Mayo.

    What’s the big deal..

    So what.. Ivermectin is a dewormer ..

    They were creating a drug for angina..

    When they discovered Viagra made your cock hard.


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