Russia Bashing: A US, Western, MSM Obsession

No ambiguity about Russia’s geopolitical agenda exists.

Abhorring war, related violence, and instability, it prioritizes peace and cooperative relations with other nations according to the rule of law.

Chances of Russia invading or otherwise attacking Ukraine or other nations is virtually zero — except in self-defense if attacked by a hostile regime, the right of all nations according to the UN Charter.

Yet hegemon USA, its subservient Western states and MSM press agents pretend that what’s indisputably clear is otherwise.

With no evidence of a Russian cross-border threat, they invented one to push their Russophobic agenda that reflects Moscow’s independence from US/Western control.

According to NYT fake news, Ukraine’s (US-installed puppet) seeks security guarantees from NATO, citing “a building threat from Russia” that doesn’t exist.

Like other MSM, the Times knows that no Russian threat exists against any nations.

Yet pretending otherwise is featured in regular anti-Russia propaganda reports.

Ignoring US-Western heavy weapons pouring into Ukraine, the Times claimed that its ruling regime has been “pleading for weaponry they say (is) need(ed) to deter or…defend” against the nonexistent threat of a Russian invasion nowhere in sight.

The Times falsely claimed that Moscow “indicated that (it’s) prepared to use force to stop” Ukraine from joining NATO (sic).

No such threat was made. 

Russia indicated that it’ll take appropriate self-defense measures that include the installation of nuclear-capable missiles in the country’s west if Ukraine and/or Georgia join the US-dominated war-making alliance against invented enemies.

Citing fake news by “Western and Ukrainian officials,” the Times falsely accused Russia of mobilizing “(m)ore than 100,000 Russian troops…to regions…north, east and south of Ukraine, together with heavy artillery and tank units, as well as rocket forces armed with missiles capable of striking deep within Ukraine (sic).”

The above rubbish, what preceded and followed it, didn’t rise to the level of bad fiction.

Russia bashing is bad enough. Worse still is knowing no Russian threat exists while pretending otherwise in cahoots with US/Western war on the country by other means that risks turning hot if things are pushed too far.

If all nations operated like Russia, China, Iran and other countries free from US control, peace would break out all over in stark contrast to forever wars by US/NATO and regimes like Ukraine they support.

Its agenda includes state terror internally against unwanted segments of its society, cross border forever war on Donbass, and an invented Russian threat that doesn’t exist.

All of the above follows orders from its higher power in Washington.

Vassal state Ukraine is subservient to its imperial aims.

Instead of explaining reality, the Times and other MSM invent their own — knowing its fake news, not the real thing.

Other mid-week Russophobic fake news headlines included the following:

WaPo: “Kiev keeping calm and carrying on even as Kremlin boosts pressure on Ukraine” — despite none in sight.

WSJ: “Energy Crisis in Europe Intensifies With Russian Troops on Ukraine Border” — that no one spotted because they’re not there.

Reuters: “Ukraine sees no sign of Russia withdrawing troops from border” — because they’re nowhere in sight.

AP News: “Ukraine’s leader seeks Russia sanctions before it’s too late”

The US-installed puppet reads lines scripted for him to recite on command by his master in Washington.

Separately, AP News dubiously claimed that Ukrainians “fear that a big war will start” by Donbass or Russia — that prioritize peace over the unacceptable alternative.

CNBC exceeded other screaming headlines, its own defying reality by falsely claiming that “Russia could invade (Ukraine) ‘in the blink of an eye.’ ”

It cited fake news by Kiev’s so-called foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba.

A notorious Russophobe, he’s been caught lying red-handed time and again.

Nothing he says about Moscow relates to reality.

The same applies to the US-dominated West and MSM co-conspirators.

2 thoughts on “Russia Bashing: A US, Western, MSM Obsession

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  1. Mr Lendman

    Russia wanting to attack the Ukraine

    Is as preposterous as

    Poland wanting to Attack Nazi Germany on Sept 1, 1939..!

    Relying on Kuleba for truthful information..

    Is like having Jeffery Dahmer as a character witness for the Boston Strangler..

    ( For Boston Blackie…that Fux..)


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