Putin Threatens Military Action?

In stark contrast to hegemon USA’s forever wars on humanity by hot and/or other means at home and abroad, the Russian Federation never attacked another country,

It threatens none now.

Despite no ambiguity about its geopolitical priorities for peace and cooperative relations with the world community of nations, screaming headlines falsely claimed otherwise.

According to NYT fake news, Vladimir “Putin(’s) threats (are) keeping the West on edge (sic),” falsely adding:

“(H)e…refused to take the threat of war against Ukraine off the table (sic).”

He’s “keep(ing) the West guessing (about) his true intentions (sic).”

Wanting talks on security with hegemon USA aims “to buy time for possible military action (sic).”

His nonexistent military buildup near Ukraine’s border “means (that he’ll) need to make a decision soon (sic).”

He “laid out a (possible) justification for use of force (sic).”

According to WaPo fake news, “Russia plan(s) (a) massive military offensive against Ukraine (sic).”

It called “Kiev’s westward turn…an urgent security threat…that could justify military action (sic).”

WSJ fake news falsely accused Russia of “build(ing) up its forces for possible military action against its neighbor (Ukraine) (sic).”

Britain’s owned, controlled and operated BBC propaganda — masquerading as news — falsely claimed that Putin “threatened military measures” against Ukraine (sic).

The London Guardian falsely said Putin “warn(ed) (of) a military response if Russia feels threatened by NATO (sic),” adding:

It’s “a sign that he is not ready to de-escalate tensions over a potential invasion of Ukraine (sic).”

According to Bloomberg (fake) News, “Putin threatened a military response to counter NATO expansion toward Russia’s borders (sic).”

AP (fake) News falsely claimed that “Russia (is) planning (a) Ukraine offensive (sic)” — citing “US intelligence” fake news.

Yahoo fake news falsely said that “Putin threatens military action if NATO rejects Russia(’s) ultimatum (sic).”

Similar rubbish reported by other MSM reflect longstanding Russia bashing.

It has nothing to do with a threat posed by its leadership that doesn’t exist.

It’s all about Russia’s independence, its freedom from hegemon USA’s control.

It’s also about its threat of a good example on the world stage by seeking cooperative relations with other nations and compliance with rule of law principles.

Putin stressed that security guarantees he seeks isn’t to “blackball or stop something, in the context of this diplomatic process, but to achieve a diplomatic negotiations result that is legally set, as I said already, within the framework of the documents that we proposed.”

“And we will work toward it specifically.”

On Monday, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said the following:

“The possibility of Ukraine joining NATO is as important — and possibly more important — to us than it is to Ukraine.”

“The significance of these factors and their fundamental importance for our self-awareness, let alone geopolitical positioning are indisputable.”

US-dominated Western officials who are hellbent on teaching Russia a lesson underestimate its resolve on what relates to protecting its security.

“They…lost the sense of reality and common sense…but I hope that they have not lost the sense of self-preservation,” Ryabkov stressed.

Calling Nord Stream 2 an “expected” US/Brussels “bargaining chip,” he added:

Their dominant hardliners “do not care at all about the price for gas in Europe, the prospects of gas spot contracts, and…stand ready to go till the end no matter what as long as they could spite Moscow out of principle, even contrary to their own interests and the interests of their allies.”

“They derive satisfaction when they ruin or hamper something.” 

“They are ready to pay from their own pockets, demonstrating their Atlantic solidarity in deterring Moscow.” 

“It is sad, but this is a new generation of zealots who have found the meaning of their existence in counteracting Russia.”

A Final Comment

On Sunday, Putin said he’ll consider a range of options if hegemon USA fails to provide Russia with security guarantees that include no further eastward expansion of NATO towards its borders.

His proposals seek “to reach a legally binding outcome of diplomatic talks.”

“That’s what we will strive for,” he explained.

Talks between Russia and the US will take place next month in Geneva.

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