Selling Health-Destroying Poison on Sunday Talk Shows

Like clockwork, fraudsters are given a platform on opiate of the masses television to lie and mass deceive viewers.

Notably on all things flu/covid, members of the US criminal class always show up on Sundays — along with all other days of the week.

Even on holiday weekends like Christmas, their presence ruins the “most wonderful time of the year” by pushing poison over what the spirit of Christmastime should be all about.

Longtime enemy of public health — Pharma’s main man in Washington — Fauci showed up again to push kill shots with mass-extermination and more greatly enriching producers than already.

On more scariant than variant omicron — a flu/covid strain virtually identical to others — fear-mongering mass deception defined his remarks.

Falsely calling it “extraordinarily contagious (sic)” was all about more greatly pushing the unwary to get multi-jabbed with forever-jabbing in the wings.

It’ll most likely be rolled out in the new year, perhaps after another more scariant than variant is invented with more intensive fear-mongering mass deception in mind.

Numbers of weekly outbreaks Fauci hyped — saying they’ll “likely go much higher” — are based on PCR tests that when positive are nearly always false because of how administered to turn out this way.

Saying “testing is…very important” ignored the above reality.

So did falsely claiming that “protect(ion) (depends on being jabbed) and boosted” with more greatly destroying public health in mind.

Protecting and preserving health depends on being jab-free, not the other way around that virtually guarantees harm to health and shorter lifespans.

Sure enough, it didn’t take more monster than man Fauci to falsely claim that the unjabbed are “most vulnerable” to becoming ill from flu/covid.

According to science he long ago abandoned, it’s the other way around.

According to facts, not fiction, jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of outbreaks, serious cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

Staying unjabbed is crucial to protect what’s too precious to lose.

Fauci and likeminded members of the US criminal class want maximum numbers of unwanted segments of society irreparably harmed and eliminated at home and worldwide.

That’s what seasonal flu-renamed covid is all about — polar opposite of what’s vital to protect heath and well-being.

Separately, fraudster surgeon general Vivek Murthy showed up again on Sunday to fear-monger and push snake oil.

There’s nothing merry about selling a plandemic that’s masquerading as a pandemic that doesn’t exist, about pushing kill shots for maximum harm to maximum numbers of unwanted people.

Murthy lied claiming that more than 1,000 people dying every day from flu/covid.

Along with artificially inflating the death toll, he failed to explain that the vast majority of people passing on died from kill shots — not renamed garden variety flu.

Once again he falsely claimed that “(i)f you’re (jabbed) and boosted,  your risk of having a bad outcome with (flu/covid) is much, much lower (sic).”

Based on science in stark contrast to Big Lies and mass deception, it’s the other way around.

Throughout the US/West, television is the main platform for mind-manipulating people with managed news misinformation and disinformation over what’s most important for everyone to know.

The above reality was indisputable — even on Christmas weekend.

Grinches Fauci, Murthy and likeminded fraudsters showed up on multiple issues to obliterate what the holiday spirit should be all about.

A Final Comment

Ahead of the holiday weekend, fraudster Fauci sought to ruin it for millions of US families.

Defying science — his modus operandi on all things flu/covid — he urged jabbed family members to shun contact with unjabbed ones, saying:

“It’s the best thing for you and your family (sic), but also your societal responsibility (sic), to not allow yourself to be a vehicle for (spreading flu/covid) to someone else who might be very vulnerable (sic).”

He also urged everyone to avoid large gatherings (sic).

Capacity crowds of sports fans filling stadiums and arenas over the weekend and earlier ones had other ideas.

There were no reported mass flu/covid outbreaks among attendees in the aftermath of games played.

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