Flu/Covid Fake News v. The Real Thing

Most Americans, their Western counterparts, and physicians know little or nothing about the mother of all health related state-sponsored scams.

It’s because of a daily blitzkrieg of mind-manipulating official and MSM-proliferated fake news on all things flu/covid — especially about toxic jabs designed to irreversibly harm health, not protect it as falsely claimed.

Pharma-linked Arnold Monto MD is chair of the industry-controlled FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee.

It’s tasked with assuring that what Pharma wants, it gets, that industry profits are prioritized no matter the cost to health.

On Christmas day, London Guardian fake news reported the following:

As Monto monitored development of flu/covid kill shots, he defied science by falsely claiming that “(w)e never expected (them) to be so good (sic), so effective (sic).’ ”

Like other fraudsters, Monto ignored indisputable evidence of countless millions harmed, including hundreds of thousands of deaths from jabs with these aims in mind.

In November, his fake news New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) maintained the myth of a SARS-CoV-2 virus — instead of explaining that it doesn’t exist.

He falsely called DNA-altering mRNA jabs “highly effective at preventing…infection (and) transmission” of the virus that exists in name only, not in nature.

Interviewed by the Guardian, he dubiously said that he and others linked to monitoring and evaluating development of flu/covid jabs are “incredulous about people not wanting to get” them (sic).

Pushing forever jabbing in less than so many words, he ignored highly protective natural immunity and devastating harm to millions of jabbed individuals.

He dubiously claimed waning immunity as a pretext for rejabbing.

He lied calling flu/covid outbreaks a “pandemic of the un(jabbed)” when indisputably it’s the other way around based on science.

He lied saying that “data are clear. This is a safe” jab (sic).

“The data are clear that (garden variety flu now called covid) is a dangerous infection to get (sic) because the outcomes are unpredictable (sic).”

He ignored what he should know but suppressed.

Virtually all children, adolescents and young adults who contract flu/covid recover fully.

For individuals under age-70, 99.9% regain full health.

For others over age-70, full recovery is 95%.

All of the above age groups recover with no meds or use known safe and effective ones that exclude toxic jabs.

Monto, as well as other physicians and scientists linked to Pharma endorse what irreparably harms health, not what protects, effectively treats and cures flu/covid— with maximum profiteering in mind.

In stark contrast to his fake news,  president and chief medical officer of the Front-Line (Flu/Covid) Critical Care Alliance Pierre Kory MD urges use of ivermectin or  hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) — combined with either azithromycin or doxycycline and zinc.

When taken as directed, these and other known safe and effective protocols obliterate flu/covid in a few days.

In mid-December, Kory’s article in the the Federalist explained the following:

“Since the summer of 2020, US public health agencies have continually shut down the use or even discussion of generic treatments that are minimally profitable.” 

“The National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded 20 large research studies of patented pharmaceutical industry drugs before only recently (and slowly) agreeing to study repurposed generic medicines.”

“The (Pharma-controlled) FDA and Centers for Disease Control recommended next to none.” 

The Biden regime exclusively pushes toxic mass-jabbing in cahoots with Pharma.

Knowing that jabs cause the great majority of outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths is why they’re relentlessly promoted — notably by complicit MSM press agents.

Shunning support for known safe and effective protocols is why public information about them is suppressed or demeaned.

“Doctors who don’t toe the line are subjected to censorship and threatened with the loss of their livelihood, regardless of their clinical experience” — regardless of the safety and effective of protocols they recommend and use, Kory explained, adding:

Since last year, “political and public health authorities talked often of trusting science to guide an effective response to (flu/covid), but their actions (are) dictated by tribalism and greed.”


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