Hegemon USA’s Relations with Russia at an All-Time Low

Chances for improved Russian/US relations under either wing of the latter’s war party are zero, nada, zilch!

Hegemon USA’s longstanding aim to transform Russia into a vassal state risks unthinkable war between nations able turn cities and other targets into smoldering rubble.

Upcoming talks between Russian and Biden regime officials in January on Moscow’s sought security guarantees and assurance of no further NATO eastward expansion are virtually certain to achieve nothing binding and durable.

Whatever may be agreed on, if anything, won’t be worth the paper it’s written.

Russia knows that US-dominated NATO can never be trusted, that the alliance’s word is never its bond, that negotiations are a colossal waste of time — unless enforced with toughness.

It knows that European nations are virtual US vassal states.

Wherever Washington goes — no matter how destructive and illegal — their ruling regimes follow like lemmings, even when detrimental to their own interests.

On Monday, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin said the following:

US-dominated NATO consistently “ignore(s) Russia’s interests and avoid(s) an equal discussion of” key issues.

In September 2017, Russia’s armed forces Chief of General Staff presented NATO with proposals for normalizing relations in vain.

One proposal called for maintaining high-level contacts.

From 2016 to the present time, US-dominated NATO rejected relations with Russia on a level playing field to pursue peace and stability over the risk of war.

At a Monday briefing of 105 foreign military attaches, including from 14 NATO countries, Fomin minced no words saying:

The US-controlled bloc’s military construction has been completely reorientated toward preparing for a large-scale, high-intensity armed conflict with Russia,” adding:

Defying reality, NATO documents unjustifiably call Moscow “the main source of threats to alliance security” — at a time when alleged threats to the bloc are invented, not real.

US-dominated NATO regimes represent an unparalleled threat to peace, stability, and humanity worldwide.

Bloc countries conduct “major drills featuring…military operations against Russia” annually, said Fomin, adding:

“Within the framework of combat training activities, special attention is paid to the creation of strike groups near the borders of our country.” 

“In May and June of this year, (NATO regimes) held a series of drills known as Defender Europe-21…”

They “involved the transfer of up to 40,000 troops from the US and Western Europe toward the alliance’s ‘eastern flank.’ ”

Thousands of troops from nations allied with NATO are deployed menacingly near Russia’s borders.

They’ve heavily armed with hundreds of tanks, armored vehicles, “heavy guns and at least 30 (war)planes and (assault) helicopters.”

What’s gone on and continues provocatively poses “a high risk of escalating into an armed confrontation” by accident or design.

Over the past year, US-led Black Sea reconnaissance flights increased by 60%.

They included strategic bombers that flew flu up to 15 kilometers from Crimean airspace 92 times this year, along with 15 Black Sea military exercises close to Russian waters.

In the Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania Baltic region, US-led NATO countries conducted over 1,200 military flights.

They included more than 50 naval reconnaissance missions and over 20 operational/combat related sorties.

What’s been going on with no end of it in prospect pushes things menacingly toward possible East/West war.

Since the 1990s, US-led NATO countries moved menacingly over 1,000 kilometers eastward toward Russia’s borders.

Flight time from US vassal state Estonia to St. Petersburg is a few minutes.

US/Western regimes supplied former Warsaw Pact countries Albania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania with heavy weapons for war-making.

Baltic nations have been heavily armed the same way.

Russia “affirmed its readiness to (cooperate) in all areas (to assure) European security,” Fomin explained, adding: 

“There were no challenges facing the alliance which required expansion, although after the reunification of Germany in 1990, the entire united country, including the former GDR, became a member of the alliance.” 

“Thus, the first step toward expansion was made. Later, new waves of NATO enlargement followed” increasingly closer to Russia’s borders.

US-dominated NATO bears full responsibility for stoking regional crises and heightening East/West tensions.

Hegemon USA “consistently ignore(s) Russian interests.”

Its ruling regimes refuse to conduct “equitable discussion(s) of existing problems” with Moscow.

Promises made are consistently hollow — to be breached at its discretion at times of its choosing for invented reasons because no legitimate ones exist.

Saying Russia wishes to engage Biden regime officials in a “serious, constructive conversation” next month, Fomin and others in Moscow know that diplomatic outreach to the US and West is a colossal waste of time.

Russia’s only chance for enhancing its security is by toughness in dealings with hegemon USA.

Nothing less can work.

A Final Comment

On Monday, Sergey Lavrov said talks with Biden regime officials on Russia’s security proposals will begin after January 9.

Tass said they’ll begin in Geneva on January 10, adding:

“According to the (Biden regime’s national security council) spokesman, a Russia-NATO Council meeting may take place on January 12, while Russia and OSCE representatives may meet on January 13.

Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Moscow is “committed to raising the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons.” 

“An opposite trend has been seen in the US…” 

“(N)uclear destruction (is) perceived more and more as a battlefield weapon.” 

What’s unacceptable is madness if hegemon USA goes this way.

Separately, Russian lower house State Duma official Mikhail Delyagin believes that Ukraine may preemptively strike Russian territory in the coming weeks, saying:

“There is a real threat of an attack on Russia. They are being prepared for it.”

“Things are hard enough for them to keep people in line. The only way is war.”

Delyagin believes an attack on Crimea, as well as Rostov-on-Don, Belgorod, or Bryansk near Ukraine’s border could happen in February or March.

He thinks that the Biden and other Western regimes are pushing Kiev to go this far because dire conditions in Ukraine reflect “absolute hopelessness.”

One thought on “Hegemon USA’s Relations with Russia at an All-Time Low

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    I agree with the Russians.
    They agree with me.

    The Ukis are desperate.

    The Gangsters are flailing away
    No.real planning.

    Pushing pawns

    I don’t think
    The Gangsters won’t be ready in 2 or 3 months

    Or 2 or3 yrs

    They’re bluffing.

    Time for Putin to pop their bubble.

    Need to give the Gangsters an exit door

    Some face saving way to Retract and Retreat.

    After Russia maybe bitch slaps them.


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