Sergey Lavrov’s Yearend Remarks on Key Issues

Sergey Lavrov’s Yearend Remarks on Key Issues

by Stephen Lendman

Hegemon USA’s failure to respect Russia’s security and sovereign rights, according to international law, is the “most important” geopolitical issue for Moscow, said Lavrov.

US-installed NATO puppet Stoltenberg’s intention move on when his term expires at yearend is good news.

Bad news is that no matter who succeeds him, policies of the US-dominated war-making alliance won’t change.

Lavrov slammed Stoltenberg for “arrogantly and pompously” saying that NATO membership is open to all nations.

Referring to a Euro-Atlantic document that “includes the principle of indivisible security,” NATO’s puppet head ignored that alliance rights don’t apply to what interferes with the security and rights of non-alliance member-states.

Unofficially and informally, Biden regime hardliners said they’re “ready to discuss some of the concerns we have put on paper, that our other concerns are unacceptable to them, and that they have their own concerns as well,” said Lavrov, adding:

“We are ready to discuss them, but they have not yet presented them.” 

“After we coordinate organizational matters, there will be a lot of hard work on the essence.” 

“But as President Putin said, it cannot last forever, because the situation around us has been going from bad to worse in recent decades.” 

“NATO’s military infrastructure is approaching our border.” 

“We were deceived at every turn, starting with verbal promises and ending with the political commitments set down in the Russia-NATO Founding Act.” 

“This time, we want legally binding guarantees.” 

“Even though we know that the West can easily violate legally binding guarantees and pull out of these (them), as happened (with) the ABM Treaty, the INF Treaty and the Open Skies Treaty.”  

Lavrov could have added that US history from inception shows that its word in any form is not its bond.

It consistently breaches treaties and other agreements at its discretion. 

It’s proof positive that its ruling regimes can never be trusted.

If Russian/US talks result in anything agreed on, it won’t be worth the paper it’s written on.

Good faith efforts by Russia are virtually certain not to be reciprocated by hegemon USA.

Like virtually always before, whatever it may agree on will be breached by its hardliners or their successors.

Efforts by Russia will be a colossal waste of time like the aftermath of earlier agreements with the US.

It’s just a question of when, not if, they’ll be breached by Washington for invented reasons.

It’s virtually guaranteed.

Lavrov also addressed how Russian journalists are discriminated against abroad unfairly and illegally.

What he called “outrageous” has been ongoing for many years.

Russia erred by failing to respond in kind.

Its patience has limits, said Lavrov, adding:

Looking ahead, Moscow has “no other choice but to respond.”

On relations with other world community nations, Russia “promote(s) friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation…instead of working with specific governments depending on their political preferences.”

Unlike hegemon USA, Moscow respects the sovereign rights of all nations, according to the rule of law.

“We work with all countries without exception,” Lavrov stressed.

On bringing the US and E3 nations (Britain, France and Germany) back into JCPOA compliance, Lavrov believes that there’s a good chance of achieving this result.

It’s a view I don’t share. Despite his wide-ranging knowledge on all things geopolitical, he failed to note that the Obama/Biden regime breached the JCPOA shortly after it was implemented.

It was prelude for abandoning it altogether in May 2018 by the Trump regime and E3.

The Biden regime has done nothing for nearly a year to comply with what it pledged to do straightaway.

No evidence suggests a change of policy.

Nothing indicates that it’ll return to complying with SC Res. 2231 that’s binding international and constitutional law.

Nothing suggests that it’ll lift illegally imposed sanctions.

Without taking these steps, the landmark agreement is dead.

Even if these steps are taken, it’s virtually certain that the Biden regime or a successor will again breach what was agreed on.

On phony accusations about Russian forces mobilized along Ukraine’s border that aren’t there, Lavrov stressed that they operate only on their own territory — threatening no one, adding:

“We asked what the Americans, Canadians. British and their offensive military systems and strike aviation are doing on the border with Russia.”

“We asked what their warships are doing in the Black Sea in violation of the principles of the Montreux Convention.” 

“They have not provided any reasonable explanation, only more threats.” 

“Instead of making threats for no reason…European (regimes) would be better to get down to their own direct responsibilities.”

No Russian threats exist against any nations. 

Lavrov’s hope for hegemon USA and its NATO vassal states to “end sabotage efforts and scandalous agitations by the Kiev regime” is little more than wishful thinking.

He knows that things won’t turn out this way because it’s how hegemon USA and its European vassal states consistently operate.

NATO expanding further east is a separate issue that Moscow won’t tolerate and will take steps to counter if things move in this direction.

As for Russia’s relations with the US-dominated West, they’re far more likely to worsen ahead than improve, and make no mistake.

Moscow will be falsely blamed for things it had nothing to do with like countless times before.

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