Hyperbolic MSM Remarks on Thursday Evening Putin/Fake Biden Talks

MSM remarks about invented US enemies read like State Department, Pentagon and CIA press release handouts.

Commenting on upcoming Thursday evening talks between Vladimir Putin and the White House imposter, NYT fake news hyperventilated about “the threat of a possible (Russian) invasion of Ukraine” that doesn’t exist.

National security advisor Jake Sullivan was quoted saying that “meaningful progress at the negotiating table, of course, will have to take place in the context of de-escalation, not escalation (sic).”

The Times failed to explain that “escalation” is how US-dominated NATO operates.

Nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia prioritizes deescalation in pursuit of cooperative relations with other countries.

Like countless times before, the self-styled newspaper of record defied reality by falsely accusing Russia of aggression against Ukraine and annexing Crimea (sic).

It cited a nonexistent Russian threat about “seiz(ing) parts of Ukraine (by) send(ing) its troops across the border (sic).” 

It falsely claimed that it’s unknown whether Russia/US talks next month will be “a serious effort by Russia” over its security concerns “or a feint intended to provide justification for military action (sic).”

On all things Russia, the Times conveniently ignores that under Putin and his predecessor over the past 30 years, it never attacked another nation.

Nor does it threaten any now — except in self-defense, the UN Charter right of all nations.

In stark contrast, don’t ever expect the Times or other MSM to explain the unprecedented threat posed by hegemon USA against humanity at home and worldwide.

The Times lied claiming that “Putin’s ultimate goal is to destabilize Ukraine’s (US-installed regime) and put in place a leader who will not turn to the West for support (sic).”

It cited no corroborating evidence in support of the above claim because there is none.

All reports on Russia and other invented US enemies by the Times and other MSM feature state-approved propaganda all the time.

Truth and full disclosure is consistently banned.

WaPo falsely claimed that upcoming Putin/fake Biden talks “come with fears that (Russia) may invade Ukraine (sic), amid a military buildup near (its) border (sic)” that doesn’t exist, adding: 

“Some analysts (sic) say Russia’s insistence that a complex security deal be negotiated in such a short time could be a pretext for military action (sic).”

Like other MSM, WaPo never lets truth-telling interfere with its reinvented reality.

The same applies to National Pentagon Radio (NPR) fake news.

Defying reality, it falsely claimed that Putin and the fake Biden will speak on Thursday at a time of “Russia(’s) ramp(ed) up presence on Ukraine’s border” — that doesn’t exist.

WSJ fake news said Putin and (the White House imposter) will talk on Thursday at a “ ‘moment of crisis’ (according to an unnamed US official) over Russia’s (nonexistent) buildup near Ukraine (sic).”

CNN reported similar fake news.

It included a quote by an unnamed Biden regime official, saying it’s “prepared” to impose harsh sanctions “if Russia advances with a further invasion of Ukraine (sic).”

Left unexplained was that no invasion of Ukraine occurred throughout the post-WW II period.

Claiming otherwise, notably by falsely pointing fingers at Russia, is a typical MSM bald-faced Big Lie.

On all things Russia and other invented US enemies, nary a kernel of truth-telling is included in MSM propaganda reports.

According to Nielsen data, viewership of US cable and broadcast news programs are way down over the past year.

Millions of Americans are tuning out.

Hopefully it’s because all rubbish all the time turned them off.

In 2021, CNN fared worse, its prime time viewership dropping 38% over the previous year.

Readership of print media is also way down.

WaPo was especially hard hit with unique visitors to its site down 44% in November. The NYT was down 34% last month.

AP News quoted a Los Angeles Times headline, saying “How Much More Can We Take?”

Referring to flu/covid, AP said “it could easily be applied to the news appetite in general.”

Since January, over 100 local newspapers ceased operating for lack of enough revenue from too few readers.

Alternative media, especially online, are the only sources of truth and full disclosure on issues important to most people.

MSM consistently lie and mass deceive.

Following them assures being uninformed instead of the other way around.

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