Ignore Fraudster Fauci to Protect Health

Fauci is an anti-public health bioweapon in human form.

Virtually everything he pushes aims to harm public health and benefit Pharma profiteers.

Since the 1980s he’s served Pharma’s interests and his own in Washington — at the expense of public health and well-being.

Now he’s their main man as Biden regime chief advisor on destroying public health, eliminating maximum numbers of unwanted people worldwide, and more greatly benefitting Pharma profiteers than already.

On his watch, the US became the world’s most unhealthy developed country.

Americans have shorter lifespans, more illnesses and injuries — despite around double the per capita amount spent on healthcare compared to other developed nations.

In cahoots with Pharma, large hospital chains, and insurers, US ruling authorities prioritize profits at the expense of health.

Sickness is prioritized over wellness because the latter is unprofitable.

Unaffordable for millions, high-cost US healthcare is a leading cause of untreated illnesses and death.

The world’s richest country ranks 79th in health outcomes because its system is based on the ability to pay for what’s around double the cost in other developed countries.

US children have never been sicker with chronic illnesses than since Fauci arrived in Washington.

Affecting one in 10,000 children decades earlier, autism now harms on in every 34 kids.

Unheard of when I was growing up long ago, food allergies today are at epidemic levels.

It’s because of franken-foods, toxic additives, chemical pollution, and other so-called scientific innovations with profits in mind at the expense of health.

Instead of researching sources of chronic, allergic and autoimmune diseases to help curb them, Fauci’s pro-Pharma agenda let them increase to epidemic levels. 

In 2000, he partnered with genocidist Bill Gates to develop toxic jabs designed to destroy the health of countless millions in the West and elsewhere.

More monster than man, Fauci has gone all-out to suppress and demean information about and use of ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and other known safe and effective protocols to treat and cure flu/covid.

He’s a mortal enemy of what public health should be all about, notably by relentlessly pushing kill shots to destroy it.

Senator Rand Paul — who’s also a physician — justifiably slammed him many times, on Monday saying the following:

“(T)housands of people die in our country every month now from (flu/covid jabs) because (Fauci) deemphasized the idea that there are therapeutics” in favor of kill shots harming millions.

He ignores “natural immunity…because it foils his” mass-jabbing agenda in cahoots with Pharma.

He wants everyone in all age groups from infancy to old age forever-jabbed annually.

He favors making kill shots mandatory.

No reason exists not to conduct our daily lives normally, including by publicly commemorating the yearend holiday weekends by gathering with friends and family, dining out and/or partying.

Not according to Fauci’s fake news, saying:

“(W)hen you’re talking about a New Year’s Eve party, we have 30, 40, 50 people celebrating, you do not know the status of their (jabs) (sic).

“I would recommend strongly stay away from that this year (sic).”

Ignore him. If weekend plans include partying and/or related activities, go for it unrestrained. 

Enjoy the holiday weekend in similar fashion to earlier ones.

Enjoy the upcoming one anyway you wish.

Urging otherwise is part of pushing state-sponsored social control.

Its aim is destroying what remains of free and open societies worldwide.

It’s about transforming things to ruler/serf rule.

It’s what Fauci and co-conspirators against public health and fundamental freedoms support.

Conducting our daily lives in polar opposite fashion to what he and others like him push — notably by shunning kill shots — is safest to physical and emotional well-being.

Following their advice is self-destructive.

A Final Comment

Like too few others in Washington at a time when many more are needed, Rep. Louie Gohmert called for Fauci “to be held responsible for deaths (caused) by (what) he’s foisting on the American people.”

“Everything (he) talked about has not been effective. It’s not working.”

It’s irreparably harming millions, killing hundreds of thousands in the US alone.

Jabbed individuals account for over 80% of flu/covid related deaths.

Toxic jabs are “do(ing) irreparable damage (to) the brain, (other) organs, and…the reproductive system.”

Jabbing children alone is a high crime against humanity.

Gohmert stopped short of calling for use of ivermectin, HCQ and other known protocols able to safely and effectively treat and cure flu/covid — in lieu of toxic jabs.

Still, maybe Fauci criticism by him, Rand Paul, Ron Johnson and few others will encourage more congressional members to demand that he be held accountable for crimes against humanity too outrageous to ignore.


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