Moving the Goal Posts Toward Forever-Jabbing

There never was any doubt.

Forever-jabbing once, twice or more often annually was planned long before seasonal flu was renamed covid two years ago.

Since that time, the made-in-the-USA, MSM supported, scheme has been accompanied by a daily drumbeat of fear-mongering mass deception to scare maximum numbers of people worldwide to self-inflict harm from kill shots designed with this aim in mind.

According to NYT fake news, since more scariant than variant omicron was invented and rolled out, “what it means to be fully” jabbed became a moving target.

At this time, it means being double-jabbed and boosted.

New York’s draconian Kathy Hochul regime is on the cusp of requiring boosters to be considered fully-jabbed.

Other US cities and states are moving in the same direction. So are some employers.

Outgoing NYC mayor de Blasio said “(p)eople need to get (jabbed) right now…Get that booster right now.”

Fraudster CDC director Walensky urged boosters for everyone over age-18.

She’s on the cusp of pushing them for children aged-12 and older — to be followed by jabs and multi-jabs for everyone, including infants.

On Wednesday, fraudster Fauci went further, saying the following:

Looking ahead, “we might need (a 4th) shot, but right now, we are hoping that we will get a greater degree of durability of protection from that booster shot (sic).” 

“So we’re going to take one step at a time” — on the road to forever-jabbing that’s all about pumping enough toxins into enough people to finish them off.

Jabs destroy health on the phony pretext of protection not gotten.

Millions of casualties and hundreds of thousands of deaths in the US/West attest to their toxicity.

Reported daily flu/covid outbreaks omit what’s most important to explain.

Nearly all based on PCR tests were false positives.

Jabbed individuals account for the vast majority of those ill from flu/covid.

Phony claims otherwise are based on state-approved propaganda to get maximum numbers of people irreparably harmed by multi-jabbing.

Blaming widespread outbreaks on omicron is fake news.

Outbreaks are greatest in areas where most people are jabbed because they’re shedding and spreading toxic droplets to others they come in close contact with.

In early December, Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla said “we will need a fourth dose” 12 months after the 3rd one, maybe sooner, followed by annual jabs.

Fraudster Fauci pushed the same thing in September, saying:

“Time will tell if periodic boosting is needed…What happens in the next 8 to 10 months — or sooner — is going to be telling.”

Sticking with triple-jabbing for now, a 4th one will likely be pushed early in the new year with forever-jabbing in the wings to be called for at a time and on an invented pretext to go this far.

Crucial to understand is that everything promoted is with destroying public health and what remains of free and open societies worldwide.

Claims about protecting health and well-being are fake news.

In late December, apartheid Israel began administering a 4th jab after a so-called health advisory panel recommended it for individuals aged-60 and older, as well as others with compromised immune systems.

It’s just a matter of time before what began for above segments of Israeli society will be mandated for all others — to be followed by forever-jabbing one or more times annually.

It’s just a matter of time as well before what’s going on in Israel becomes official policy in the US/West and elsewhere.

Left unexplained is the irreversible harm from toxic jabs. 

The more gotten, the greater the harm to health — why they’re crucial to avoid.

One thought on “Moving the Goal Posts Toward Forever-Jabbing

Add yours

  1. Mr Lendman

    And I watch them all day long
    Peddling their drugs

    And Scary reports about this new Scariant



    Two Years later telling how and why to wear masks

    Imagine that.

    There’s a dualism

    It’s Excellent in some ways
    It’s Sensory Overload..!

    People tune out

    People become more entrenched band recalcitrant to get Jabbed

    We’re gonna win.
    It’s Media


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