Putin and Fake Biden to Speak Thursday Evening

According to a Wednesday White House statement:

Vladimir Putin will “discuss a range of topics (with the fake Biden), including upcoming diplomatic engagements with Russia” next month in Geneva.

Both right wings of the US war party shun diplomacy.

Hegemon USA doesn’t negotiate. It demands.

Vladimir Putin and other key Russian officials decided that enough is enough.

They’ll no longer tolerate hostile US-dominated NATO actions that threaten Russian security.

Commenting on upcoming talks between Russian officials and US-led NATO ones in Geneva next month on Moscow’s sought security guarantees and related issues, Sergey Lavrov stressed the following:

The time of “empty talk” is over. Talks scheduled to begin on January 10 “must yield results.”

They “must be achieved within a determined timeframe.”

Talks will be held with Biden regime officials. Other NATO countries involved are subservient to US interests.

Representatives they send to Geneva will have no say over US policy.

Putin and Biden will “discuss a range of topics (by phone on Thursday), including upcoming diplomatic engagements with Russia.”

It’s time for Russia’s leader to make the fake Biden understand that Russia’s security demands are nonnegotiable. 

They include no further NATO expansion eastward, removal of nuclear weapons from Eastern Europe, and no Pentagon bases in former Soviet republics or Warsaw Pact countries close to Russia’s borders.

The Wednesday White House statement repeated the Big Lie claim about “Russia’s military build-up on the border with Ukraine (sic).”

On Thursday evening, Putin needs to mince no words in debunking the phony claim.

He needs to demand a pullback of menacing US-led NATO forces close to Russia’s borders.

He needs to stress the firmness of Russia’s resolve on issues relating to its security.

He needs to make clear that he’ll he’ll do whatever it takes to protect Russia’s borders, its territorial integrity and rights under international law.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed that Putin’s discussion by phone with (the White House imposter) is scheduled for late Thursday evening Moscow time.

They last spoke by video link on December 7, accomplishing nothing like earlier when met face-to-face in Geneva last June.

Looking ahead on matters relating to Russia’s security and fundamental rights, achieving nothing no longer is tolerable.

When Geneva talks are held in January, Russia will be represented by diplomatic and military officials.

According to the Biden regime, its delegation will include national security council, state and war department representatives.

An unnamed senior White House official said the following:

Putin and the fake Biden won’t likely go over the same ground they covered earlier this month.

They’ll “discuss upcoming dialogue (in January) on a range of security and strategic issues…”

They’ll “include bilateral talks through the Strategic Stability Dialogue as well as the NATO-Russia Council and the OSCE Permanent Council meeting, all of which will take place the week of January 10.”

The Biden regime is “prepared to provide Ukraine with further assistance” for escalated aggression on Donbass — on the phony pretext of “defend(ing) its territory” against a nonexistent Russian threat.

Instead of easing tensions by stepping back from possible confrontation with Russia, the Biden regime intends “to reinforce NATO’s force posture” near its borders.

Putin should make clear to the fake Biden that he’ll no longer tolerate hostile actions like the above — that he’ll counter them militarily, that the days of being Mr. nice guy in dealings with hegemon USA are over.

Days earlier he said that Russia’s response will be “different” from earlier if Biden regime hardliners reject its security demands.

He’ll be forced to retaliate against “unacceptable” US-dominated NATO actions that threaten Russia’s security.

What he should have said long ago is better late than never.

The only language that hegemon USA understands is toughness.

It’s long past time for Russia to give its ruling authorities a bellyful in language and actions they understand.

On Tuesday, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Moscow won’t back down from its unwavering position, stressing: 

“Our leadership has repeatedly said we can no longer tolerate the situation that is developing in the immediate vicinity of our borders.” 

“We cannot tolerate NATO expansion.” 

“We will not just prevent it. We will put a stop to it.”

It’s put up or shut up time!

2 thoughts on “Putin and Fake Biden to Speak Thursday Evening

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  1. Excellent Reporting.
    This is like a template for an honest Newspaper.

    When did we have those?

    Peter Zenger
    NYC in 1756..?

    Gotta laugh,

    “The Vassals have no say
    Of course..”

    Neither does Joey
    Or Joey’s Dummy


    Bottom Line

    Give em Vladie


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