Rupture of Russia/US Relations Likely?

Chances for improved Russia/US relations ahead are nil.

Things most likely will worsen ahead, not improve.

Hegemon USA targets all nations free from its control for regime change.

Hot and/or cold wars are its favored strategies. Both right wings of the US war party shun diplomacy as it should be.

Mass deception and betrayal on whatever it agrees to is featured instead.

As long as delusions of grandeur define US policymaking, normalized relation with independent nations like Russia are off the table.

Moscow justifiably demands legally binding security guarantees.

What all nations demand and deserve — according to international law — hegemon USA won’t provide because it interferes with its diabolical aim to control planet earth, its resources and populations unchallenged.

Vladimir Putin’s Thursday phone call with the fake Biden changed nothing.

Nor will talks between Russian and US officials in January and whatever follows.

It’s been this way for time immemorial. Nothing ahead suggests a change of longstanding US policy.

Discussing Putin’s Thursday evening discussion with the White House imposter, Kremlin aide Yuri Ushakov said the following:

Russia’s leader “outlined in detail the basic principles that were put in the documents we handed over, and stressed that negotiations on these three tracks are important for” upcoming) talks in Geneva and further ones to follow.  

What’s most important for Russia are “result(s), and we will achieve a result in the form of ensuring the guaranteed security.”

The fake Biden falsely told Putin that the regime he represents won’t “deploy offensive strike weapons to Ukraine (sic).”

The Biden and other NATO regimes have been supplying them for months with escalated aggression on Donbass in mind, perhaps to include invasion.

On Thursday, Sergey Lavrov stressed that US-dominated NATO regimes “are systematically transforming Ukraine into a military foothold against Russia, building bases there, and using its territory to conduct exercises” with confrontation against Moscow in mind, adding:

In 2022, US/NATO forces deployed to Ukraine for drills will double in size to around 64,000 — posing an unacceptable threat to Russia.

Moscow prioritizes “ways (for) settling any matters in a political-diplomatic way.”

“(I)n view of non-readiness of the West to look for taking the middle path, Russian foreign policy includes “provisions pertaining to coordination of interaction in military-political aspects and defense cooperation development.” 

The fake Biden said his regime “understands Russia’s concerns, although Washington has its own concerns,” according to Ushakov. 

Hegemon USA “is ready to continue  dialogue with President Putin, and this is what, in fact, our leaders have agreed upon.”

“(D)ialogue will continue.” 

Both sides “will not only continue to maintain dialogue but will also push negotiations that our respective interdepartmental teams will be conducting in Geneva.”

Follow-up talks will be held in Brussels and Vienna.

According to Biden regime press secretary Psaki, the White House imposter “urged Russia to de-escalate tensions with Ukraine” — it didn’t escalate, she failed to explain, adding: 

“He made clear that the US and its allies and partners will respond decisively if Russia further invades Ukraine (sic)” — knowing no such Russian plans exist against any nation.

According to an unnamed Biden regime official:

“We are not going to draw conclusions, and there were certainly no declarations as to intentions from this conversation, but regardless, our focus is really on actions and on indicators, not on words at this point (sic).”

“Over the next week to ten days, we expect to continue what’s been a very intensive period of consultations on the US side with our allies and partners, including providing an account of this conversation to those allies and partners, in particular, of course, to the government of Ukraine, as well as to NATO.”

Ahead of Thursday’s Putin/fake Biden talks, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the following:

“The goal of this conversation is crystal-clear.”

“It aims to continue discussion of items on the agenda of the (early December) videoconference” between Putin and the fake Biden.

“Any talk is held with only one purpose (in mind) — reaching a compromise with due account of each other’s fundamental position.”

Russia’s Foreign Ministry said that the “ball in on the US side” on issues relating to Russia’s sought security guarantees.

Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova slammed EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s claim that Moscow’s sought security guarantees are unacceptable.

“The form of (his) claims against us and the mode in which Brussels expressed itself over many years was extremely strange and, in many cases, impermissible,” she stressed, adding: 

“(I)t makes no sense to put forward any claims addressed to us.” 

“Nobody has the right to do so.”

“As for the statements that the diplomatic service of which Mr. Borrell is in charge has been mass-producing, they contain demands formulated in a very peculiar way.”

“For instance, ‘Russia must’ or ‘Russia is expected.’ ” 

“As if we were members of the EU or NATO and all of a sudden it has turned out that we did something wrong, or we had no right to present a draft for a joint discussion.”

“Borrell made a very telling remark that ‘it is a winner’s privilege to put forward non-negotiable written conditions to the opposite side (sic).’ ” 

“(I)t goes without saying that Brussels’ steps smack of arrogance.”  

“The (US-dominated) EU has not moved away from its uncompromising and unrealistic stance one iota.”

Ushakov stressed that if the Biden regime imposes more (illegal) sanctions on Russia, this action “could cause a total severance of relations between our countries and most serious damage will be done to Russia’s relations with the West in general.”

Is that where things are heading?

Despite Russia’s best efforts for improved relations with the US-dominated West, is it inevitable ahead?

Is unthinkable confrontation between the world’s leading nuclear powers coming?

Will “the scourge of (global) war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind” repeat a third time?

Is it inevitable because of US rage for smashing nations free from its control and abhorrence of peace, stability and the rule of law?

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