Colonized Police State Ukraine: US-Occupied Territory

Occupied by forces of US-dominated NATO countries, colonized Ukraine masquerades as a nation-state. Its illegitimately installed regime serves US/Western interests at the expense of its exploited people and regional peace. If made-in-the-USA global war 3.0 erupts, its epicenter may be along the border between Russia and colonized Ukraine. The risk of things unfolding this way... Continue Reading →

No End to US Big Lies About Russia

Time and again, duplicitous US/Western politicians and their subservient partners lie and mass deceive. So do their MSM press agents and spokespersons. At her Tuesday White House propaganda briefing, Biden regime spokesperson Psaki — a long ago exposed serial liar — was at it again. Defying indisputable reality — again — she lied by falsely... Continue Reading →

Whom the Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad

The above is with attribution to Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his poem, titled “The Mask of Pandora,” saying in part: “Ruin and desolation. All the walks Are strewn with shattered boughs; the birds are silent The flowers…lie dead The swollen rivulet sobs with secret pain The melancholy reeds whisper together As if some dreadful deed... Continue Reading →

If Words Were Weapons

MSM operate as virtual extensions of US domestic and foreign policy. They’re allied with the Biden regime’s diabolical aim to eliminate maximum numbers of unwanted people at home and abroad, along with replacing what remains of free and open societies with social control tyranny. Geopolitically, they support US hot and cold wars on nations free... Continue Reading →

A Nation Off the Rails Gone Mad

Who could have imagined a state-sponsored new millennium mother of all false flags to that time that would launch one war after another against nations threatening no one? Who could have known about the diabolical state-sponsored mother of all scams to destroy public health and what remains of free and open societies worldwide — before... Continue Reading →

Latest on the Omicron Scam

Latest on the Omicron Scam by Stephen Lendman Since garden variety flu was renamed covid over two years with the worst of diabolical aims in mind, the the US/West public and elsewhere has been assaulted by a daily diet fear-mongering mass deception to scare people into self-inflicting harm from kill shots and by going along... Continue Reading →

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