Flu/Covid News Unfit to Print or Read

On Wednesday, NYT fake news reported what it called a “US record for daily (flu/covid cases that) topped 267,000 on Tuesday (sic).”

Left unexplained is that nearly all reported positive cases based on PCR tests are false. 

What doesn’t detect flu/covid because of how administered and never should have been used is being abandoned in the new year because it doesn’t work.

Unexplained as well by the Times is that jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of real flu/covid outbreaks.

Along with natural immunity, staying unjabbed is significantly safer than the alternative.

Acknowledging it would destroy the fabricated official narrative so what should be widely reported is suppressed.

Like other MSM, the Times operates as a virtual press agent for health-destroying toxic jabs.

Its reports consistently feature fear-mongering mass-deception — based on state-approved talking points.

Real news, information and analysis “that’s (most) fit to print” on all things flu/covid —especially about kill shots — is banned in its daily editions.

Propaganda rubbish is featured instead — and not just on flu/covid, on all major domestic and geopolitical issues.

On December 28, the Times reported that the (Pharma-controlled) CDC shortened its suggested isolation and quarantine period for asymptomatic individuals declared positive for flu/covid from 10 to 5 days.

Symptoms accompany illness.

If asymptomatic, individuals declared positive for flu/covid are highly likely to be well, not sick.

So it begs question. 

Why are healthy individuals falsely declared positive told or ordered to be isolated from society in quarantine at all when posing no health risk to others?

The Times declined to explain, supporting the diabolical scam since rolled out two years ago instead of exposing and debunking it responsibly.

Truth and full disclosure isn’t what it considers fit to print if diverges from the fabricated official narrative.

Sticking to the latter is official editorial policy.

The same goes for other MSM on virtually all major issues — especially what relates to bashing invented US enemies and the flu/covid mother of all state-sponsored scams.

Last week, outgoing NYC mayor de Blasio said flu/covid jabbing teams are coming door-to-door to inoculate “the whole family,” adding:

“(T)eams that come to your home have the ability to provide whatever help you need.”

They’ll offer a $100 bribe “for every family member” — willing to sacrifice their health for a few bucks, including children young as age-5.

Last month, he mandated toxic jabs for access to public transportation — for riders and transit workers.

Mandating kill shots for city workers, refusenik cops, firefighters, healthcare staff and others are being suspended or fired.

A private sector mandate is effective on January 3.

It requires around 185,000 city businesses to mandate proof of full inoculation for employees.

Everyone aged-12 or older must show proof of being fully jabbed for access to city restaurants, bars, fitness facilities and entertainment venues.

Draconian mandates in NYC, Chicago, San Francisco and other US cities have nothing to do with protecting public health.

They’re all about pushing health-destroying kill shots and tyrannical social control.

Separately on Tuesday, the Gateway Pundit published a scathing letter of condemnation about what’s going on by Fayetteville VA Medical Center nurse Jerry Bledsoe, saying the following in a shortened version of his lengthy remarks:

“I write this letter to explain the reasoning behind my refusal to comply with the protocols and guidelines set forth by the VA in performing my duties as a registered nurse as it pertains to” flu/covid.

This letter will provide insight to my position, as well as solutions that I believe to be reasonable and appropriate actions. 

Actions that, I believe and hope you will agree, provide improved patient outcomes and the best possible solution to defeat” flu/covid.

As an employee of the Fayetteville VA, I have placed the safety and wellbeing of my patients and coworkers often ahead of my own. 

In times of active shooters or mental health crisis’s I never questioned doing the right thing to protect those around me and at this time.

I feel that my actions are needed to ensure that we do the right thing for our families, patients, and peers.

I believe that by complying with the (VA’s flu/covid) guideline I would be participating in terrorism. 

The guidelines set forth, create an environment of fear or terror through faulty PCR testing, withholding of or limiting prophylactic or early treatment, the use of harmful medications for inpatient treatment and vaccine mandates to compel or coerce the population into taking experimental” jabs. 

This is a violation of the Nuremburg Code, and I believe it to be terrorism.

I believe that by participating in the (flu/covid) protocols, I will be intentionally doing harm to those individuals who will be placed in my care, and it will prevent me from practicing a primary duty of advocating for my patients. 

It is my belief that by forcing my coworkers and I to participate in the (flu/covid) protocols, the VA” is breaching international and US laws. 

I know many Americans are living in a state of confusion and fear, fear from dying of (flu/covid), fear of (jabbing) mandates, fear of dying from (jabs), fear of losing their jobs/ livelihoods, fear by employers of losing workers and an overall fear of an uncertain future.   

I would ask of anyone who is able to read this to consider what is going on around you at this moment in time as compared to the events leading up to the atrocities in history and what actions could we take to prevent those atrocities from recurring.

We as a people can stop this from happening. 

Not through violence, hiding or trying to manipulate the system but through civil disobedience. 

If we were to come together as healthcare workers stop complying with the current (flu/covid) guidelines and instead provide accurate information and effective early treatment, would we not be providing the best care to our patients and peers with transparency, honesty, and integrity?

But when have we ever mass vaccinated the entire population of the earth with an experimental (jab)? 

Many may believe that this would never happen but that is what is taking place now. 

The (fake Biden) stated, and I am paraphrasing, that the new normal is for “everyone” to be (jabbed).

I believe the universal mask-wearing, the PCR test, and the (jabs) are all experimental and cannot be mandated and at this time. 

The mandates are now being contested through the judicial system.  

I believe the current protocols are a failure in preventing infections or transmissions and the primary reason for the protocols is to create an atmosphere of terror for which the only solution given is an experimental (jab). 

“This is terrorism, coercion to force patients to participate in an experimental treatment, and in direct violation of the Nuremburg Code. 

I believe the mask mandates are ineffective to the prevention of the spread of (flu/covid) and the reason for the masks is to create an environment of fear (terror) and the only option given (coercion) is an experimental vaccine (terrorism).  

I do not believe there is any way of testing the efficacy of masks / or face coverings being worn by staff and patients. 

Social distancing is impossible based on the size of our work environment and patient and employee population, and I can tell you personally I know of no one I work with who universally always wears a mask and practices social distancing while at work.

The PCR test is being misused to create false positives.  

I believe testing every individual regardless of symptoms, for (flu/covid) with the PCR test, provides a false picture of mortality rates.  

I do not believe that the (jabs) should be mandatory for the patients or employees.

I believe that our patients should be offered various treatment options to include the encouragement of a healthy immune system through the use of Vitamin D, C and Zinc, the increased use of monoclonal antibodies, as well as medications such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. 

I believe these are knowingly being withheld from the population.  

If frontline workers in healthcare and emergency medical services came together, refused to comply with the current (flu/covid) guidelines and implemented the five changes listed above we could change the direction of our current situation and have a better chance to defeat” illness.

Patient advocacy is an integral part of the nursing profession, and one that I have practice through my 20 years of nursing. 

My personal actions are not only to ensure that safety and transparency are provided to our patients, but to our peers as well.  

It is my hope that this letter can serve as a call to action for every person, not only to evaluate the current environment and their participation in current practices, but to re-evaluate practices and policies that will provide the best possible outcomes to the Covid 19 crisis. 

We could make change if we come together and demand better practices and implement these changes. 

We have the power as the people.


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