NYT New Year’s Day Fake News Edition

Times editors, columnists, correspondents and contributors commemorated 2022’s first day with a fake news edition — like all other days of the year.

Its editors pushed the climate change hoax.

Citing notoriously unreliable unnamed sources, the Times invented a fabricated scenario of “recurring floods and droughts and fires and human misery (sic).”

It pushed the Big Lie about a “last best chance (to avoid) the greatest challenge the planet faces (sic).”

Ignoring science, it falsely claimed that “(c)limate change is already here (sic).”

Dubiously saying that recent years were the “hottest (ones) on record” ignored that throughout millennia, the so-called “hottest” ones occurred time and again.

It turned science on its head, claiming that “(w)e now live in a world of warmer, more violent weather (sic).” 

“Stronger storms, longer droughts, heavier floods, larger fires (sic).” 

“Lowlands are being lost to the oceans. Dry lands are being lost to the desert (sic).” 

“Millions of people are moving because of a changed and changing climate (sic).”

All of the above is politicized pseudo-science, not the real thing.

All of the above occurred repeatedly during earlier times.

The Times is notorious for featuring fake news over the real thing, for abandoning journalism as it should be, for being an instrument of mass deception in cahoots with dark forces on domestic and geopolitical issues.

Nothing it reports can be taken at face value. It supports special interests over the general welfare and rule of law. 

It long ago banned truth and full disclosure in daily editions.

If global warming ever becomes an issue for planet earth, it’ll be a billion or more years from now.

It may be when humans no longer exist.

Calling it humanity’s greatest threat is a colossal hoax — what the Times and other MSM are infamous for.

The phony claim diverts and distracts attention from real threats to ordinary people everywhere — what the Times and MSM co-conspirators conceal.

Operating as press agents for powerful interests, they lie, mass deceive and otherwise betray the public trust.

On 2022’s first day — like virtually all others over the past two years — the Times relentlessly pushed kill shots and other harmful flu/covid policies over truth and full disclosure about the most diabolical threat to health and freedom ever conceived by ruling authorities anywhere.

With Times and other MSM heavy lifting, they convinced millions of people to be jabbed and multi-jabbed with health-destroying toxins.

They’re complicit with planned genocide and elimination of free and open societies everywhere by heavily promoting what demands exposure and condemnation.

Pushing the omicron scam, the Times cited a never found SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus as the “biggest safety threat looming over the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square” and elsewhere nationwide (sic).

The bald-faced Big Lie and countless others like it repeat in daily editions — even on Christmas and New Year’s day.

Early Saturday, NYC’s new mayor, Eric Adams, was sworn into office. 

Succeeding the scourge of his predecessor, he’ll likely continue the draconian policies Bill de Blasio mandated.

Calling him New York’s “worst ever mayor,” the NY Post said he had to hold his last press conference inside city hall “after protesters gathered outside.”

On Thursday, Adams said he’ll leave de Blasio’s mandate for private sector employees to be fully-jabbed in place.

Saying he’ll focus more on compliance than aggressive enforcement, it’s unclear how strictly he’ll require city workers across the board to be double-and-booster-jabbed.

On day one in office, it remains to be seen what he will or won’t do on kill shots and all else flu/covid related.

On its New Year’s day front page, the Times cited unnamed “scientists (sic),” dubiously saying that (more scariant than variant) omicron “could greatly strain hospitals, especially in places with lower (jabbing) rates or…where hospitals are already overburdened (sic).”

Like earlier, the Times failed to explain that jabbed individuals comprise the vast majority of flu/covid cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

It ignored that omicron is no scarier than other strains, the same true for delta. They’re all virtually alike.

On all things flu/covid, the Times consistently features Big Lies and mass deception fear-mongering over “all the news that’s fit to print.”

It’s hard-wired editorial practice.

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