Inventor of mRNA Technology Robert Malone MD on Being Banned by Twitter and Related Issues

A days earlier article explained that Twitter suspended Malone’s account to silence his truth-telling about flu/covid kill shots and related issues.

On New Year’s weekend, he called his suspension permanent, adding:

“I don’t always lose half a million followers on Twitter.”

“But when I do, I gain 50 million views on (Joe) Rogan(’s)” widely followed podcast, adding:

“People are writing, calling, texting me in support.” 

“I can only humbly say — thank you.”

“I have no words — other than offering back my support for each and every one of you who is doing their part to stop the mandates, the authoritarianism, the totalitarianism, (toxic mass-jabbing) of kids — in the face of severe adverse events, many deaths, including children and lack of data on long-term consequences.” 

“I am heartbroken for this country.”

On his, he posted a link to his lengthy interview on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Providing important information that’s crucial for everyone to know on kill shots and related flu/covid issues, he explained “how dire the situation is in the USA.”

The same reality applies throughout the West and elsewhere.

We’ve been lied to and scammed by ruling regimes with wanting maximum harm inflicted on maximum numbers of people in their home countries and worldwide.

Along with his substack, Malone is posting truth-telling information on GETTR, GAB and Linked-in, adding:

“The Telegram account also auto-tweets posts and although I don’t own that account, the person does a fantastic job.”

“(T)he fact that Twitter permanently banned me without any notice and without ANY reason given — other than (dubiously saying) I violated ‘content’ (actual violation was not defined) is shocking.”

“Yes, I do have a number of lawyers working on this.” 

“Yes, there will be action of some sort coming.” 

“I just don’t know yet what form it will take.”

In cahoots with US dark forces, “Twitter is now relying on big media such as Thompson-Reuters to provide (so-called) ‘factchecking’ regarding (fake claims of) ‘misleading’ information” about kill shots.

“Reuters is horizontally integrated with Pfizer at the board of directors level” — to feature fake news while suppressing truth and full disclosure on the most crucial issue of all-time, bar none.

Banishment bb Twitter came after Malone published indisputable evidence of “Pfizer malfeasance and data manipulation in (its) ‘Comirnaty’ (kill shot) clinical studies.”

Mincing no words, he condemned what he rightfully called “censorship. Pure and simple.”

On all things flu/covid and other key issues, that’s the disturbing new abnormal in the US, West, apartheid Israel, police state Australia and elsewhere.

On New Year’s eve, WND’s Art Moore said the following on Malone’s three-hour discussion on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Rogan’s discussion with flu/covid truth-teller Peter McCullough MD got over 40 million listeners so far.

In response to Malone’s banishment by Twitter, Rogan denounced what happened to “one of the most qualified people in the world to talk about” kill shots.

Malone stressed that “(i)f it’s not OK for (him) to be part of the conversation, even though (he) point(ed) out scientific facts that may be inconvenient, who can be allowed” to speak freely uncensored?

He debunked fake news claims that he didn’t invent mRNA technology — ignoring “patents” he holds.

By email to MND, Malone said the following:

His illegal banishment from Twitter, a flagrant First Amendment breach “is another example of the active, globally coordinated campaign to silence all dissent or discussion about the mismanagement of the (flu/covid) outbreak, safety of the gene therapy-based (jabs), and malfeasance of Pfizer, FDA, CDC, NIH and influential academics and academic journal editors in this matter.”

In early December, “Malone issued a video statement, explaining why more than 15,000 physicians and medical scientists around the world signed a declaration that healthy children should not be” jabbed for flu/covid. 

“He warned parents that the decision to inject their children is ‘irreversible…’ ” 

“(T)hey need to (know) the scientific facts about this (gene-altering jab), which is based on mRNA technology (he) created.”

Interviewed on WND in December, he expressed willingness to risk harming his eminent reputation because of the importance of explaining and challenging what’s going on.

On December 30, Newsmax reported the following:

“Dr. Robert Malone…mRNA…technology (inventor) told Newsmax… that he is focused on ‘telling the truth’ after being booted from Twitter” in late December to silence him.

Saying “(t)he data are the data,” it explains what’s scientifically irrefutable based on facts.

He called improperly and inadequately tested toxic jabs based on mRNA technology he invented “absolutely a flop,” stressing:

The jab “doesn’t (protect you) from disease or death.” 

“It doesn’t protect you from infection.”

“It doesn’t protect you from spread.” 

“It doesn’t protect you from the primary disease.” 

“It causes adverse events.”

It’s why I call flu/covid jabs by all producers kill shots.

They don’t protect and cause irreversible harm — especially to multi-jabbed individuals.

Along with irreparably harming their health, their lifespans were significantly shortened.

Commenting on Malone’s banishment by Twitter, the Epoch Times said the following:

“When attempting to access Malone’s (banished) page, it gives the boilerplate Twitter suspension message.” 

“Account suspended. Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter rules (sic).”

He was summarily banished without advance notice.

Malone provided the Epoch Times with a screen shot that contain’s Twitter’s remarks, saying:

“Specifically, for: Violating our policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to (flu/covid) (sic).” 

“You may not use Twitter’s services to share false or misleading information (sic) about (flu/covid) which may lead to harm (sic).”

According to new abnormal US/Western standards only police states could love, truth-telling on vital issues harms the public interest.

Fake news serves it.

That’s today’s upside down reality.

What’s harmful to public health and well-being, along with abolition of the rule of international and constitutional law is the new abnormal on all things flu/covid throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

On the phony pretext of what’s falsely called beneficial, countless millions were grievously already harmed by kill shots.

Hundreds of thousands perished in the US alone.

The longer what’s going on continues unchecked, the greater the catastrophic harm ahead.

That’s the stark reality that US/Western dark forces and MSM co-conspirators want concealed.

Pushing back by whatever it takes to halt the most diabolical scheme ever conceived against public health and freedom is crucial in the new year.

The options are clear.

Either kill the diabolical plot once and for all or it’ll kill us.

There’s no in between.

One thought on “Inventor of mRNA Technology Robert Malone MD on Being Banned by Twitter and Related Issues

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  1. Mr Lendman

    “there’s no in between”


    A final Solution.
    Like Cattle being slaughtered.

    Hard to fathom.

    Hard to get your mind around
    the enormity of the dilemma.

    And we even know it to be true.


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