Russia Bashing in the New Year with Fake News Over the Real Thing

The common thread of invented US enemies is their freedom from its control, their unwillingness to bow to a higher power in Washington.

They also prioritize peace, stability, cooperative relations with other nations and compliance with international law.

In stark contrast to US-dominated NATO’s forever hot and cold wars in pursuit of global hegemony, they’re nonbelligerent and threaten no one.

Because of its growing prominence on the world stage — notably by  heading toward becoming the world’s largest economy, its technological advances and military strength — nonbelligerent, nonthreatening China is Washington Enemy No. One longterm.

Nearer-term, Russia tops the list of US invented enemies — in spite of prioritizing peace and cooperative relations with all nations, threatening none.

Is unthinkable war between the world’s leading nuclear powers likely ahead?

Will hegemon USA stage a false flag like many times before?

They’ve been a US tradition since the mid-19th century against Mexico, a pretext for stealing half its territory. 

Numerous others followed to unjustifiably justify militarism, preemptive wars, occupations, the national security state, domestic repression, and pouring trillions of dollars down a black hole at the expense of vital homeland needs.

On the world stage, the US smashes nations to own and exploit them.

It’s been longstanding US policy for most of the last two centuries — notably against nations perceived easy to roll over.

Since the mid-19th century north/south conflict, war hasn’t touched US soil — only on the territory of invented enemies.

If hegemon USA stages a pretext for war on Russia — perhaps by something exceeding the 9/11 mother of all false flags to that time, they’ll be nowhere to hide in America from Moscow’s retaliatory power with super-weapons exceeding the West’s best.

Following Vladimir Putin’s talk with the fake Biden by phone last week, Sergey Lavrov stressed the following:

“If a constructive response does not follow within a reasonable time and the (US-dominated) West continues its aggressive line, then Russia will be forced to take all necessary measures to ensure a strategic balance and eliminate unacceptable threats to our security.”

Moscow’s sought security guarantees “are aimed at creating and legalizing a new system of agreements based on the principle of the indivisibility of security and abandonment of attempts to achieve military superiority, which was approved unanimously by the leaders of all Euro-Atlantic states in the 1990s.”

“I would like to emphasize that what we need is legally binding guarantees since (hegemon USA-dominated Europe) systematically failed to fulfill political obligations, not to mention assurances and promises given to Soviet and Russian leaders.”

Moscow wants quick resolution of and agreement on its security issues.

It won’t tolerate dragging things out, other delaying tactics and false promises to be breached at Washington’s discretion for invented reasons.

Time and again, US-dominated NATO betrayed Russia.

The West “cheated, just brazenly tricked us,” Putin stressed, what Moscow won’t tolerate any longer.

For nearly eight years, Pentagon/CIA orchestrated and directed aggression by US-colonized Ukraine was been ongoing against Donbass along Russia’s border.

The US-installed Kiev puppet regime doesn’t intend diplomatic resolution, Lavrov stressed — on orders from its higher power in Washington.

According to NYT fake news, Russia poses a “serious military threat to Ukraine (sic).”

The US installed and controlled Kiev regime poses a serious threat to regional peace.

The Times falsely claimed that Vladimir Putin is undecided about invading Ukraine — knowing that Russia threatens no other countries in stark contrast to how US-dominated NATO and apartheid Israel operate.

A whopper of a Big Lie followed.

The Times reinvented history by falsely accusing Russia of “foment(ing)” a 2014 “uprising” in Kiev “and continuing to fight on the anti-government side, while Moscow arms and finances what Ukrainians refer to as a combined separatist and Russian force (sic).”

Ignored by the Times was the late 2013/early 2014 Obama/Biden regime Maidan coup in Kiev.

Nazi-infested fascist tyranny replaced democratic rule.

Both right wings of the US war party use Ukraine as a dagger threatening Russia’s heartland.

Thousands of Pentagon/CIA forces and their Western counterparts are based in Ukraine to train and direct its forces for endless aggression in Europe’s heartland.

What the Times and other MSM suppress is most important for everyone to know.

What they report is Russia-bashing fiction.

Much the same thing defines their fake news against other invented US enemies. 

Their daily reports read like bad fiction — making stuff up in lieu of truth and full disclosure they shun.

In all the years I’ve been following, writing about and commenting on Russian/US relations, I never recall a time that Moscow reacted to unacceptable US-dominated NATO actions with toughness until now.

Did what’s been long overdue finally  arrive?

Better late than never, Moscow hopefully understands that traditional diplomatic outreach to the US-dominated West is a colossal waste of time.

With protecting its security and sovereign rights in mind, the Kremlin should know that the only language hegemon USA and its subservient partners understand is tough talk backed by tough actions.

It’s high time that Moscow gave their ruling regimes a bellyful of what’s long overdue — with teeth showing it means business.

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  1. Mr Lendman

    I’ve been thinking about

    Remember Justin Wilson
    The Cajun

    ” I gar ‘run tee ”

    No doc will work will work with USA

    They’re shameless
    Inveterate liars

    Paper is worthless.

    Russia could demand be kept in escrow.

    Russia put up..x
    USA put up…x

    But USA doesn’t have any
    Ft Knox is Empty.


    They Embezzled that also.


    Fantastic Article
    Simply Fantastic

    Warmest Regards


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