Russophobic Fake News Never Quits

On all things USA, the shame of the nation comes in many forms.

A key one is how its MSM manipulate the public mind with fake news over the real thing.

In his book, titled “The Myth of the Liberal Media,” the late Edward Herman explained that MSM “filter out news (fit) to print (or electronically report), marginalize dissent, (and assure that) government and dominant private interests” are served exclusively over the general welfare.

Americans get the best “democracy” money can buy — what Michael Parenti called “Democracy for the Few” in his book by this title.

America’s self-styled newspaper of record NYT long ago abandoned what it calls “all the news that’s fit to print.”

On virtually all important domestic and geopolitical issues, yellow journalism is featured over what everyone needs to know.

The same applies to US MSM across the board.

Operating as thought-control gatekeepers, a daily drumbeat of fake news is featured over truth-telling — especially on key issues.

Imperial wars of aggression are falsely portrayed as liberating ones, humanitarian intervention, and spreading democracy worldwide — notions abhorred by the US/Western ruling class.

On kill shots and all else flu/covid related, MSM relentlessly push what harms public health and aims to eliminate remnants of greatly eroded freedoms — instead of the other way around on both counts.

MSM are agents of wealth, power and privilege.

Proved time and again on key issues important to most people, they can never be trusted.

In print, the NYT is a national disgrace lying machine.

On all things Russia, demonizing the country is consistently featured by making stuff up.

Ignored is its democratic rule, abhorrence of belligerence, sought cooperative relations with other nations, and strict compliance with international law.

On Monday, the Times falsely accused Vladimir Putin of “violat(ing) democratic norms (sic).”

Turning truth on its head, it falsely claimed that “most Russians…see through” what it called “a charade” otherwise (sic).

Turning a blind eye to hardening US/Western tyranny that’s getting perilously close to full-blown, it maintains the myth of democratic rule in these countries that doesn’t exist.

So-called “Russian threats” it hyperventilates about are reinventions of reality about a nation that prioritizes peace and stability — confrontation with none.

Phony claims about Russian barbarians at Ukraine’s gate were debunked and discredited but persist anyway.

After falsely claiming that “Russia is planning a massive military offensive against Ukraine involving 175,000 troops (sic)” — debunked fake news — WaPo repeated the Big Lie on New Year’s weekend, saying:

“While amassing troops at (Ukraine’s) border (sic), Russia issued an ultimatum to the (Biden regime) and its European allies (sic).” 

Like all nations, Russia prioritizes national security.

Given the threat posed US-dominated NATO, Moscow seeks binding security guarantees, its legitimate right.

Russia is a leading advocate of peace and stability on the world stage — in stark contrast to US/NATO forever wars by hot and/or other means against nations threatening no one.

Over New Year’s weekend, continuing on Monday, US/Western MSM featured fake news about Russia like earlier.

National Pentagon Radio (NPR) pushed the myth of a threatened Russian invasion of Ukraine — knowing the claim is fake news.

CBS fake news defied reality by falsely claiming that “Russia made preparations for a potential invasion in early 2022 (sic).”

No such plans exist. No evidence suggests otherwise.

Undemocratic Dem extremist Rep. Adam Schiff lied, saying the following on Sunday:

A Russian invasion of Ukraine is “very likely (sic).”

US-dominated NATO “need(s) to be solidly on board (with imposing) enormous sanctions (sic).”

On Monday, CNN fake news said the following:

“As many as 100,000 Russian troops have remained amassed at the Ukrainian border (sic), despite warnings from Biden and European leaders of serious consequences should Putin move ahead with an invasion (sic).” 

It could come in “early 2022 (sic).”

On Monday as well, AP fake news said the Biden regime’s” national security team (is) prepar(ing) for Geneva talks (next week) to discuss Russia’s massing of some 100,000 troops on (Ukraine’s) border” that don’t exist.

According to Financial Times fake news, Ukrainian civilians are “training…to back up the military in event of war (sic).”

If launched, it’ll be made-in-the-USA, not Moscow, the FT left unexplained.

London Guardian fake news pushed the myth of a likely Russian invasion of Ukraine in defiance of reality.

On all things Russia and other nations free from US control, Al Jazeera’s fake news matches Western MSM.

Over the weekend, it falsely blamed Russia and Donbass for US-orchestrated and directed aggression by Kiev against the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics — ongoing since April 2014.

MSM fake news against invented US enemies is an every day thing.

Truth and full disclosure are nowhere in sight.


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