Israel’s Solution to Record Numbers of Flu/Covid Outbreaks: More Jabs Causing Them

Based on peer-reviewed science, not politics, jabs cause health-destroying outbreaks.

As mass-jabbing increases, outbreaks rise proportionately.

Israeli hospitals overflow with patients ill from kill shots.

The Naftali Bennett regime’s solution turned science on its head over the other way around.

It approved a fourth kill shot for Israelis aged-60 and older, as well as for others considered immunosuppressed.

Flu/covid jabs have nothing to do with protecting health.

Their aim is irreversibly destroying it to cull unwanted segments of society.

Authorizing a fourth jab in Israel is all about eliminating the above-designated segments of its population quicker than what three kill shots can accomplish.

Thousands of Israelis are reportedly lining up for them like lemmings to the slaughter.

According to Channel 12, nearly 100,000 Israelis got a fourth jab so far after they were authorized at yearend.

A Bennett regime statement called the above a “great success (sic),” adding:

Kill shots “protect us from serious illness and needing to quarantine (sic), and the public understands that (sic).”

Millions of Israelis are as mind-manipulated to self-inflict harm as their Western counterparts.

Claimed protection from jabs is polar opposite what they’re designed to do.

On Tuesday, Israeli MSM reported that outbreaks are at around an all-time high.

With a population of 9.5 million, the Bennett regime’s anti-health ministry claimed that nearly 6.6 million Israelis were jabbed at leased once, over 5.9 million twice, and nearly 4.3 million boosted.

The Jewish state is the world’s first to push four kill shots.

Beginning with its unwanted elderly and immunosuppressed, authorization for four jabs will likely include other segments of its society ahead.

As what’s likely coming in the US/West this year, forever-jabbing one or more times annually is surely in the wings to be announced in Israel at a time and for whatever pretexts are used to push what’s crucial to shun.

Like fraudsters Fauci and Walensky et al, Israel’s anti-health ministry head Nachman Ash — aged-60 — faked getting a fourth jab on Tuesday — in similar fashion to his earlier fakery.

Defying science like countless times before, he falsely expressed “confidenc(e) that (multi-jabbing) will help the country deal with (widespread) outbreaks” — at a time when they’re at around a record high caused by toxic jabs.

A likely Pharma-financed study with pushing for greater multi-jabbing than already in mind dubiously claimed that a fourth kill shot increases antibodies fivefold (sic).

Virtually everything claimed about jabs and all else flu/covid related was refuted by peer-reviewed science.

Inventor of mRNA technology Robert Malone MD effectively debunked MSM spread flu/covid Big Lies based on state-approved talking points.

On Tuesday, he said the following:

“(T)he largest experiment on human beings in recorded history has failed.”

An unparalleled “human tragedy” is happening in plain sight in real time.

Heavily promoted gene-altering jabs are responsible for “a massive, avoidable loss of life.”

What’s going on unchecked is state-approved mass murder by any standard — the highest of high crimes against humanity throughout the US/West and elsewhere.

We’re “also…living through the most massive, globally coordinated propaganda and censorship campaign in the history of the human race,” Malone stressed.  

“All major mass media and the social media technology companies have coordinated to stifle and suppress any discussion of the risks of” DNA-altering jabs, as well as about known safe and effective protocols for treating and curing flu/covid.

“George Orwell must be spinning in his grave,” said Malone.

Last week, he called state-approved, MSM-proliferated fear-mongering produced hysteria “mass formation psychosis.”

The term is now banned by social MSM and gatekeeper Google in cahoots with US/Western dark forces.

On January 23, a rally against health-destroying mandates will take place in Washington.

According to Malone, “(p)eople from every walk of life, every party, every religion, every ethnic background” will likely be there. 

“The thing that we can agree on is personal liberty and the right of people to make their own choice.”

The rally will take place on the same day as others worldwide.

They’ll express opposition to unacceptable flu/covid mandates and others likely in the wings to be rolled out in the new year.

Everything flu/covid related is all about eliminating unwanted segments of societies worldwide and freedoms too precious to lose.

It’s high time that millions in the US/West and elsewhere rose up, refusing to put up with what’s going on any more. 

It’s crucially important to end state-sponsored/MSM supported horrors since seasonal flu was artificially reinvented as covid.

Based on a SARS-CoV-2 virus that doesn’t exist, the mother of all state-sponsored scams is with the worst of diabolical aims in mind.


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  1. Mr Lendman

    Apparently the Chosen People have chosen to annihilate themselves.

    Oye My Touchas..

    I feel terribly saddened by that..
    Along with all of Humanity.

    We’re in real trouble.
    ( I guess you’re aware)


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