Quelle Surprise: Another Invented Flu/Covid Strain

With millions more numbers unjabbed and unboosted throughout US/West than officially reported, more scariant than variant omicron was rolled out late last year after delta’s appearance months earlier.

Were they not scariant enough to get sought numbers of mind-manipulated people throughout the US/West and elsewhere jabbed and multi-jabbed? 

Were more scariant strains invented?

Have they been in the wings all along, readied to be rolled out on command if needed?

According to MSM reports, a new strain debued in France.

Dubbed IHU (of B.1.640.2 lineage), so-called researchers claimed that it contains 46 mutations — making it a more muscular scariant than omicron.

Reportedly 12 cases found near Marseilles in southern France were claimed to have originated in Cameroon.

Perhaps awaiting its debut in the US/West, the pro-mass-jabbing WHO labeled the strain a “variant under investigation (sic),” adding:

As the invented, not real, “pandemic drags on, it’s possible that new (scariants) could evade countermeasures and become fully resistant to current (jabs) or past infection, necessitating (jabbing) adaptations (sic).”

Online archive and distribution server medRxiv dubiously called the IHU strain more resistant to jabs (sic) and more transmissible (sic), adding:

Unnamed experts — likely Pharma connected — dubiously claimed that “SARS-CoV-2 variants (a virus that doesn’t exist shows) the difficulty to control (scariants) and subsequent spread (sic).”

At this time, it’s “too early to speculate on virological, epidemiological or clinical features of this (scariant) based on 12 cases.”

So far, claims about the alleged new IHU scariant haven’t been peer-reviewed.

Aix-Marseille University researcher Philippe Colson said an area resident returned from Cameroon with respiratory symptoms, adding:

His nasopharyngeal sample “revealed an atypical combination that did not correspond to the pattern of” delta or omicron.

Respiratory samples from 8 patients allegedly infected by the new more scariant than variant IHU were sent to the institute Mediterranee Infection’s hospital for genome sequencing.

According to epidemiologist Eric Feigl-Ding, new strains don’t mean that they’re more dangerous than others.

It unclear at this time how US/Western dark forces and their anti-public health handmaidens intend to play IHU.

If past is prologue, fear-mongering mass deception may come in similar fashion to what followed the rollout of delta and omicron.

Despite not a dime’s worth of difference among flu/covid strains, rolling out new ones and hyping them is part of the made-in-the USA/MSM supported plan to fear-monger maximum numbers of unwanted people to self-inflict irreversible harm.

While unclear at this time, IHU’s rollout is likely part of the diabolical plan.

If so, it won’t be long before revved-up fear-mongering follows about the newest more scariant than variant — in similar fashion to fake news about delta and omicron.

A Final Comment

Even Russia’s reliable Sputnik News expressed unjustifiable concern about the more scariant than variant IHU strain discussed above — dubiously calling it “worrying.”

Instead of debunking the SARS-

CoV-2 virus that doesn’t exist, it falsely claimed that it “cause(d) coronavirus disease (sic).”

It repeated related US/Western fake news on the mother of all health-related scams instead of debunking it.

Urging Russians to be jabbed and fully-jabbed is causing large numbers of outbreaks, hospitalizations and deaths.

Most all of the above are from jabs, not garden variety flu-renamed covid.

Why is Russia going along with the West on this crucial issue?

Why aren’t its officials going all-out to stress what protects health over what’s harmful?

It’s up to Vladimir Putin, other Kremlin officials, as well as Russian medical and scientific experts to explain why they’ve failed to do the right things so far.

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