MSM Dirty Business as Usual Fake News on Kazakhstan

Operating as virtual press agents for wealth, power and privilege, MSM invent reasons to bash invented US enemies.

Big Lies and mass deception are their stock and trade, journalism as it should be banned on key domestic and geopolitical issues.

As expected, Russophobic MSM ignored what appears to be externally orchestrated and directed violence in Kazakhstan by thousands of armed hooligans.

Instead of explaining it, MSM reinvented reality to bash Russia.

According to NYT fake news on Friday, Vladimir Putin “seize(d) on unrest (in Kazakhstan) to expand (Russian) influence (sic).”

Falsely accusing Putin of “send(ing) troops to (the country) to reassert (Russian) influence in” the former Soviet republic was typical Times managed news misinformation and disinformation.

In response to Kazhaz President Tokayev’s request for help against rampaging armed gangs, peacekeepers from Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) countries are being deployed to help Kazakhstan’s security forces restore order — including from Russia.

What’s going is for a limited time until likely externally orchestrated and directed violence is quelled.

Deployed peacekeepers have nothing to do with expanding Russian influence.

Their presence complyies with Article 4 of the 1992 Collective Security Treaty.

It stipulates that “in case of aggression…against any (CSTO) member state, other member states shall immediately provide necessary support and aid, including military assistance, at the request of said member state.”

What the Times suppressed is what’s crucial to report.

It’s typical malpractice by the self-styled newspaper of record, including the following bald-faced Big Lie, claiming:

“(O)nce Russian troops arrive, they seldom, if ever, go home (sic),” falsely adding:

“Putin delights at unrest in Europe (sic).

The above remarks apply to how US-dominated NATO operates — waging forever wars by hot and other means against invented enemies — including at home against ordinary Americans.

Prioritizing peace and stability on the world stage, compliance with international law is longstanding Russian Federation policy.

It’s in stark contrast to hegemon USA’s rules-based order — operating by its own rules extrajudicially.

On all things Russia and other invented US enemies, Times reports consistently feature fiction over facts.

Like countless times before, it turned truth on its head, falsely claiming that Putin seeks to “restor(e) Russian dominance over much of the former Soviet sphere (sic).”

It lied saying that Moscow “turn(ed) (once friendly) Ukraine…into a sworn enemy (sic).”

Since the Obama/Biden regime transformed democratic Ukraine into a Nazi-infested tyrannical hellhole, the Times and other MSM reinvented what happened by whitewashing history and rewriting it.

They have a disturbing habit of falsely blaming invented US enemies for high crimes committed by Washington and vassal states it controls.

WaPo used what’s going on in Kazakhstan to maintain a drumbeat of Russia bashing.

It quoted National Defense University associate professor Erica Marat’s Big Lie.

Defying reality, she falsely claimed that Kazakhstan “surrender(ed) its sovereignty to a Russian-led military force (sic).

Ignoring highly likely US-led external intervention, she dubiously claimed that days of violence in the country “are domestic.”

What WaPo (and other MSM) ignored is what’s most important to explain.

What’s gone on in Kazakhstan since January 2 very much appears to have been made-in-the-USA. 

Events are similar to what it orchestrated against numerous other countries targeted for regime change.

WSJ fake news accused Putin of “spend(ing) two decades trying to reassert Russian dominion, one way or another, over former Soviet republics (sic),” adding:

“His deployment…of…troops to quell unrest in Kazakhstan represents a short-term victory for his revanchist foreign policy (sic), but it also exposes the fragility of his ambition (sic).”

In stark contrast to hegemon USA’s revanchist aims on a global scale, Russia — and Vladimir Putin personally — seek cooperative relations with other nations, confrontation with none.

According to neocon-infested Atlantic Council fake news, Putin aims to “restor(e) Russian influence (throughout) the post-Soviet space (sic).”

Kazakhstan President “Tokayev’s invitation gives Moscow the chance to do just that in (the) country (sic).

On all things related to nations free from US control, MSM, extremist think tanks, likeminded organizations and analysts consistently support what demands condemnation.

What’s important to explain is suppressed.

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  1. Thank you. Truth is always beautiful.
    It does appear that Russia is done trying to “dialog” with satanists/talmudic cabalists. About time. China is involved here too because there is at least a secondary U.S. purpose here of wanting to cut the northern “silk road” trading with Europe.


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