No End to Pushing Health-Destroying Flu/Covid Policies

According to the NYT’s exposed and discredited anti-health reporter  Apoorva Mandavilli:

Kill shot boosters “increase antibody levels and help to prevent infection (sic).”

They slow “the spread of” flu/covid (sic).

So-called “experts (say) Americans should get a third (kill shot) as soon as possible (sic).”

“(T)he immunity is transient (sic).”

Boosters don’t “uniformly prevent infection with omicron (sic).”

A fourth jab should “wait for an omicron-based one (sic).”

It’s “unfair for wealthy countries to hoard (jabs and) booster shots when millions worldwide had yet to receive a first dose (sic).”

Jabs “keep hospitalizations low (sic).”

“Omicron is different…from previous variants (sic).”

All of the above and more that followed is fake news — truth and full disclosure shunned.

Following the above advice and all else like it assures irreparable harm to health.

Virtually all so-called “experts” quoted or cited by the Times and other MSM are Pharma-connected.

Relentlessly prioritizing profiteering, they’re indifferent toward irreversible harm to health.

The Times and other MSM operate the same way.

On kill shots and all else flu/covid related, they support the diabolical agenda of US dark forces for maximum harm on maximum numbers of people.

WaPo quoted Moderna’s CEO Stephane Bancel’s call for a fourth jab — on the phony pretext of waning antibody levels.

A fake news, Pharma-financed, Israeli “study” falsely claimed that a fourth jab generates a fivefold increase in antibodies.

Each jab injects toxins into bodily organs. The more gotten, the greater the irreversible harm to  health, along with no protection against infection.

The Biden regime reportedly intends sending 500 million at-home test kits to US households households.

Left unexplained is their unacceptable hazards — why they’re crucial to shun.

They contain a harmful chemical, sodium azide, that kills bodily cells by preventing them from using oxygen if gets on skin or in one or both eyes.

Along with falsely calling invalid PCR tests “accurate at identifying infection (sic),” National Pentagon Radio (NPR) endorsed hazardous-to-health at-home test kits instead of warning against their use.

MSM across the board continue pushing an invented pandemic. 

No real one exists except among the jabbed, along with an unprecedented pandemic of fake news, the real thing suppressed.

The White House imposter and fraudsters surrounding him continue spreading advice intended to destroy health.

Ignored is that most reported flu/covid outbreaks are false positives based on invalid test results or are breakthrough infections.

Instead, self-styled Pharma-linked experts called for tougher mandates than already imposed based on established thresholds of cases, hospitalizations and deaths.

On January 6 in a Journal of the (pro-mass-jabbing) American Medical Association (JAMA), they urged establishment of a “national strategy for the new (ab)normal of li(ving) with” flu-covid.

Like other so-called Pharma-linked experts, no just societies would tolerate policies they support.

They called for toughened kill shot mandates for Americans in all age groups, along with masking, invalid testing and other abnormal policies.

Virtually everything officially reported — and MSM-proliferated — about flu/covid is fake news.

Self-protection starts with ignoring it across the board.

3 thoughts on “No End to Pushing Health-Destroying Flu/Covid Policies

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  1. Mr Lendman

    People are tuning out the Covid News.

    Majority of course,
    Don’t even know it fake

    But are sick of all it.

    Wheels Coming Off the

    State Pharm
    Death Mobile..


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