Draconian Australia v. World’s No. One

In late October last year, an email by the World Tennis Association (WTA) said Tennis Australia will let unjabbed players compete in the January 9 – 30, 2022 Australian Open.

At the time, World’s No. One-ranked Novak Djokovic said the following:

“I will not reveal my status, whether I have been (jabbed) or not.”

“It is a private matter and an inappropriate inquiry” to be asked.

“People go too far these days in taking the liberty to ask questions and judge a person.”

“Whatever you say – ‘yes, no, maybe, I am thinking about it’ – they will take advantage.”

On playing in the Australian Open, Djokovic separately said:

“Of course I want to go.” 

“Australia is my most successful grand slam tournament.” 

“I want to compete. I love this sport and I am still motivated.”

“I believe there will be a lot of restrictions just like this year, but I doubt there will be too many changes.”

“My manager, who is in contact with the Australian tennis federation, tells me they are trying to improve the conditions for everyone – both for those who have been (jabbed) and those who have not been.”

After Australia’s Scott Morrison regime granted Djokovic a visa to play in and seek to win his 10th Australian Open this month, it was arbitrarily and unacceptably cancelled.

On arrival in the country, he was detained and mistreated like a criminal.

Appealing what happened, he’s quarantined with refugees and others in a filthy Melbourne hotel “full of fleas and maggots,” according to his mother.

Morrison unacceptably tweeted:

“Mr. Djokovic’s visa has been cancelled.”

“Rules are rules, especially when it comes to our borders. No one is above these rules (sic).”

Last week, Australia’s anti-health minister Greg Hunt unacceptably said that Djokovic failed to provide “appropriate standards of proof” for his exemption to border officials (sic).

Straightaway, his lawyers appealed to overturn the decision against him.

During a hearing last week, he was allowed to remain quarantined in the country, pending a full Monday hearing.

Presiding over his case, Judge Anthony Kelly said he won’t be rushed to rule swiftly, adding:

“If I can say with the respect necessary, the tail won’t be wagging the dog here (sic).”

The above remark isn’t encouraging for Djokovic.

As a former tennis playing enthusiast, never rising above duffer status, I stand with Djokovic.

International law is clear and unequivocal. All things health related require voluntary consent.

What’s mandated in Australian and elsewhere on kill shots is flagrantly illegal.

On Sunday, Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley forthrightly called for letting Djokovic “play in the Australian Open.”

On Monday, a virtual hearing on his appeal to reinstate his visa will be held in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.

According to TennisConnected.com:

The Morrison regime “has to say that the decision was about rules or legal requirements.” 

“The fastest way for Djokovic to win his legal case is if the government admits it was a political decision to deny his entry at the border.”

“Djokovic’s lawyers applied for judicial review of” his visa’s cancellation. 

“They have to show that the (ruling) decision was unreasonable.” 

“Or they can show it was procedurally unfair or that it was biased.” 

“The key question is, based on the information that was before the officer at the border, was the officer’s decision reasonable?”

“Courts are typically deferential to an immigration officer’s decision so it will not be easy to show that the officer’s decision was unreasonable.”

“(G)overnment lawyers defending the decision do not have to refer to the examples of other tennis players coming in or justify those other decisions to let in other tennis players.” 

“Djokovic’s lawyers will likely refer to that, of course, but those decisions involve private information of other individuals and are not relevant to the officer’s decision in this case.”

Still in limbo, Djokovic’s status could be decided on Monday or shortly thereafter for or against him.

Given draconian Morrison regime practices on kill shots and all else flu/covid, even the world’s No. One tennis star, an all-time great, may be denied the right to compete in the country and summarily deported.

A Final Comment

The pro-toxic mass-jabbing NYT once again disgraced itself.

Citing a “pandemic” that doesn’t exist, it deplorably asked:

“What’s worse than an anti-(jabber) (sic)?”

“An anti-(jabbing) star athlete (sic).” 

“That paragon of physical health, cloaked in a cape of defiance, declares to the world by example that you don’t have to follow public health policy after all — as long as you win (sic).”

Mass-jabbing is all about destroying public health, not protecting it.

What the Times knows, it conceals with elimination of unwanted segments of society in mind.

Similar rubbish followed in its unacceptable Djokovic hit piece.

Like other MSM, the Times heavily promotes kill shots with diabolical aims in mind.

Everyone jabbed is irreparably harmed. There’s no reversing of damage done.

Jabs killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, likely millions worldwide.

What the Times should explain, it suppresses.

What it supports is the most diabolical, state-sponsored, plot against public health and freedom in world history with no end of it in


Djokovic did the right thing.

No one should have to sacrifice their health to conduct their lives and affairs normally.

Shunning kill shots is crucial.

Djokovic’s refusal to disclose his status on this issue, his likely remaining jab-free, is an example for millions of others to follow.

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