Heightened Tensions on Eve of Talks on Russian Security

On Monday, talks between Russian and Biden regime delegations will take place in Geneva on Moscow’s sought security guarantees.

Heading them for his country, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Rybakov stressed the following:

“We will, of course, make no concessions under the constant pressure and threats coming from the (US-dominated) Western side of the upcoming negotiations.” 

Concessions under duress are “entirely impossible. This would mean going against our own interests, our security interests.”

On the eve of talks, Moscow is “very disappointed” by unacceptable US-dominated NATO signals.

“(T)hey reflect a lack of understanding of what we need.” 

“(W)e need legal guarantees that NATO will not expand further.”

Moscow seeks “elimination of everything that the alliance has created driven by anti-Russian phobias and all sorts of misconceptions about the essence of Russian policy since 1997.”

Dominant Biden regime hardliners unacceptably demand unilateral concessions by Moscow.

This approach cannot be the basis for talks.

For weeks, Russia “ha(s) been hearing all kinds of (Biden regime remarks) about what (it) must do and what steps it must take.” 

“We have repeatedly reacted to such statements at all levels,” stressing that they undermine “a productive discussion” before begun.

Following bilateral Monday talks between Russian and Biden regime delegations, a Russia/NATO Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, then a Russia/OSCE one on Thursday.

Ahead of talks, interventionist Blinken and his subservient German counterpart falsely accused Moscow of posing “an immediate challenge” to regional security — a typical US/Western bald-faced Big Lie.

Last week, Blinken repeated the Big Lie claim about a Russian “challenge to peace and stability in Europe” that doesn’t exist.

He lied “condemn(ing) a (nonexistent) Russian military build-up on Ukraine’s borders.”

He falsely accused Moscow of “harsh rhetoric” against Ukraine.

He lied claiming that Russia occupies Ukrainian territory, that it’s fueling conflict in Donbass, that it seeks “to subjugate its neighbors (sic).”

All of the above and much more applies to hegemon USA and European vassal states it controls.

Russian actions on the world stage are polar opposite US forever wars by hot and other means.

Wherever conflicts and/or crisis conditions exist on the world stage, chances are that US dirty hands are all over them directly or indirectly.

Yet its ruling regimes time and again blame Russia and other invented enemies for their own crimes of war, against humanity, atrocities and other dirty tricks.

Last week, Biden regime OSCE envoy Michael Carpenter turned truth on its head, saying:

“Our intention is to have an open, sincere and serious dialogue about European security with the Russians at the table (sic).”

Over the weekend, international affairs analyst Mark Sleboda said the following:

“I don’t believe in the coincidence of the timing of the attempted armed insurrection in Kazakhstan that hijacked and used legitimate social protests for cover,” adding: 

“The scale, scope, organization and obvious planning all point to the likelihood of some degree of foreign direction and backing.” 

“It seems specifically timed to present Russia with the distraction of political instability on both ends, in bordering states both east and west, precisely when Russia is going into tense, high state security negotiations with the US and NATO.”

Moscow clearly understands the history of US dirty tricks.

It knows what it’s up against in dealing with a nation that’s hellbent for dominance over the world community of nations.

CSTO peacekeepers and Kazakh security forces are swiftly crushing made-in-the-USA violence.

Events in the country won’t be a distraction when security talks begin on Monday.

Russian officials will be well-prepared to discuss their legitimate security demands.

What happened in Kazakhstan over the past week is added incentive for Moscow to yield nothing to the US-dominated West on what relates to its security.

Russia is serious about what it seeks.

At the same time, there’s virtually no chance that hegemon USA-dominated NATO will turn a page for improved relations with Moscow.

Looking ahead, its only viable option is tough talk followed by tough actions with teeth in dealing with the US/West.

It’s the only thing their ruling regimes understand.

Diplomacy is a waste of time when undertaken — most often achieving nothing, at all times nothing durable in relations with the US/West.

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