MSM Reinvented Reality About Made-in-the-USA Kazakh Violence

MSM never met a US war of aggression, color revolution attempt, or other flagrant breaches of international and constitutional law they didn’t wholeheartedly cheerlead.

Ignoring US dirty hands all over days of violence in Kazakhstan to destabilize, weaken and gain unchallenged control over the nation bordering Russia, the NYT defied reality as follows, saying:

“Kazakh President Tokayev has overseen a ruthless crackdown on protesters (sic), adding:

“For support, (he) turned to another autocrat (sic), Vladimir Putin.”

“Moscow has a history of sending ‘peacekeeping’ forces to countries that never leave (sic).” 

“Tokayev’s decision to welcome (CSTO peacekeepers) could further erode public trust (sic).”

“(R)ioters were (likely) organized by proxies for feuding factions of (Kazakhstan’s) political elite (sic).”

The above is typical Times trash reporting, reinventing reality at its discretion about invented US enemies and their allies.

Vladimir Putin is a preeminent world leader.

Democracy in Russia is the real thing — in stark contrast to US/Western fantasy versions.

Well-planned in advance by US dark forces, the high cost of fuel was a convenient pretext to pursue its hegemon aims in Kazakhstan.

The Times quoted National Defense University Russophobe Erica Marat’s reinvention of reality, saying:

Tokayev “traded his country’s sovereignty to Russia for his own power and the interests of kleptocratic elites (sic).” 

According to WaPo’s reinvention of reality, Kazakh authorities “have not furnished any concrete evidence of foreign involvement (sic).”

WaPo quoted truth turned on its head by neocon-infested Atlantic Council, saying:

“(C)laims (of foreign interference in Kazakhstan) are beyond thin (sic).”

“These claims are ludicrous (sic).”

A “foreign boogeyman (is a Russian) textbook” move (sic).

A separate fake news quote called US-orchestrated violence a “popular uprising (sic).”

Deployment of Russian and other CSTO peacekeepers in response to President Tokayev’s request was falsely called a “power grab (sic).”

According to WSJ fake news, made-in-the-USA violence “vent(ed) popular frustration with the economy and closely controlled political system (sic).”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR) quoted Russophobe Senator Ben Cardin’s reinvention of reality, saying: 

“When Russia sends troops, they rarely remove those troops (sic).” 

“(I)t’s not what the Kazakhs need (sic).”

Russophobic analyst Emma Ashford ignored US dirty hands all over violence in Kazakhstan, saying:

“Vladimir Putin…see(s) American fingers in every pot…American action in every (post-Soviet space) protest…even though that’s not true (sic).”

According to AP (fake) News, “unrest in Kazakhstan changed the calculations of…Vladimir Putin as he weighs his options in Ukraine…on whether to attack (sic),” adding:

“(I)nstability in Kazakhstan may even add new urgency to Putin’s desire to shore up Russia’s power in the region (sic).”

AP also called Nazi-infested tyrannical rule in Ukraine “an aspiring democracy (sic)” — what hegemon USA opposes everywhere, especially at home and in nations it controls.

Reuters quoted former Kazakh official Mukhtar Abkyazov’s call for the US-led West to pull the country out of Moscow’s orbit.

“The West should tear Kazakhstan away from Russia (sic).”

“Russia has already entered, sent in troops. CSTO is Russia (sic). This is an occupation by Russia (sic).”

Granted refugee status (sic) in France, Ablyazov is wanted in Kazakhstan for fraud, embezzlement and murder.

CNN’s reinvention of reality called US-orchestrated violence in Kazakhstan a “Cold War-style power grab (with) help from Moscow (sic).”

Separately on Saturday, Kazhak President Tokayev “informed Vladimir Putin about the developments in the country, noting that the situation is stabilizing,” the Kremlin explained, adding: 

“Tokayev also thanked Kazakhstan’s partners from the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) and especially the Russian Federation for assistance being rendered.”

CSTO leaders will participate in a Monday videoconference to discuss events in Kazakhstan.

They’ll cover ongoing operations in the country by CSTO peacekeepers to combat international terrorism, restore order and protect Kazakhstan’s citizens.

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