Futility of Russia/Biden Regime Security Talks

Russia knows that hegemon USA demands everything in return for hollow promises to be broken at a time and for phony reasons of its choosing.

It knows that informal talks begun Sunday night to continue formally on Monday will be a colossal waste of time.

So why did Moscow agree to participate in an exercise of futility — knowing that dominant Biden regime hardliners reject its justifiable security demands?

Is it one last dance before implementing tough actions with teeth after tough talk?

Hegemon USA has no intention of withdrawing its Eastern Europe combat troops near Russia’s borders.

Nor will it cease provocative land, sea and aerial military exercises with NATO and other vassal states — regional rehearsals for war on Russia.

It rejects the notion of no further NATO expansion eastward.

Nor will it cease waging war on Russia by other means that could turn hot if things are pushed too far.

Asked on Sunday if drawing down numbers of Pentagon troops from Eastern Europe and ruling out NATO expansion to include Ukraine will be discussed in Geneva, interventionist Blinken said the following:

“None of (the above) is on the table,” adding:

“I don’t think we’re going to see any breakthroughs in the coming week.”

Once again, he falsely accused nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia of “aggression (sic),” adding:

“(I)t’s hard to see…progress…when there’s an ongoing escalation (sic), when Russia has a gun to the head of Ukraine with 100,000 troops near its borders (sic).”

The Big Lie and related ones repeat with disturbing regularity, including by Biden regime MSM press agents.

Despite fooling no one, they repeat anyway as part of forever US war on Russia by other means — as well as against other independent nations free from its control.

Blinken further turned reality on its head by falsely accusing Vladimir Putin of wanting to “restore the Soviet Union (sic).”

Claiming it’s one of his “objectives” is a bald-faced Big Lie.

He slammed Russia and other Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) countries for responding to Kazakhstan’s call for help against made-in-the-USA violence — orchestrated and unleashed to destabilize, weaken and topple its leadership.

“We’re asking for clarification on that,” he dubiously said.

There’s no ambiguity about longstanding US aims.

It wants former Soviet republics allied with Russia transformed into pro-Western vassal states.

It’s pursuing the same objective against all nations free from its control.

It seeks unchallenged control over planet earth, its resources and populations — by whatever it takes to achieve its diabolical aims, including brute force where other tactics fall short.

It wants the world community of nations transformed into ruler/serf societies controlled by its ruling elites.

It wants millions and billions of unwanted people exterminated.

It wants what remains of greatly eroded freedoms eliminated entirely.

It wants what no one anywhere should tolerate.

Security talks this week by Russia with Biden regime hardliners, as well as with officials from NATO and OSCE vassal states were doomed to fail before begun.

Over the weekend, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov warned that they could end on Monday, saying:

“I can’t rule out anything. This is an entirely possible scenario and the Americans…should have no illusions about this,” adding:

“Naturally, we will not make any concessions under pressure” or yield to unacceptable threats.

Heading Russia’s delegation, Ryabkov also stressed the following:

Moscow’s priorities include:

“NATO non-expansion, the liquidation of infrastructure that has been created, the west’s unilateral withdrawal from (its hostile) actions.”

“(R)equirements of the US and other NATO countries on our implementation of certain de-escalation measures on our territory are out of discussion.” 

“This is non-starter in the literal sense of the word.” 

“If the Americans want to discuss our changing the approach to the Minsk set of measures, for example, or even mention something like that on the Crimean issue, it has no chances to be discussed either.”

On Sunday night, Ryabkov met with his Biden regime counterpart, Wendy Sherman, saying:

“The conversation was difficult, but businesslike.” 

“We went straight to the matter of the upcoming talks.” 

On Monday, “we will not waste time.”

Biden regime “demands…that we carry out some ‘de-escalation measures’ on our territory are out of the question.”

“We will explain persistently our logic and present arguments in support of our position.”

“Whether or not (the) American(s) will be inclined for such a conversation, I have my doubts, based on signals we have heard over the past few days.”

“(D)emanding concessions from Russia in a situation where NATO has been striving throughout the past decades to ‘drive back’ our country and turn it…into a subordinate (or) secondary role in European and international politics — and do (it) with direct damage to our security, will no longer work.” 

“This is all in the past. NATO needs to collect up its belongings and go back to the borders of 1997.”

Noting reality, Ryabkov said that Moscow is not “naive” enough to believe that talks this week will show immediate progress toward achieving its security aims.

Throughout the post-Soviet Union period, US regimes aimed to transform all its republics into pro-Western vassal states — the Russian Federation most of all.

At long last, Moscow drew a red line that it won’t permit the US-led West to cross.

Knowing that dominant Biden regime hardliners reject its security demands, will Russia back tough talk with tough actions?

The ball is in its court. Nothing less will work.

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